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Economy, Industry, Development
Financial Institutions, Regulations etc.
Doing business in the Bahamas: National investment policy, Chambers of Commerce etc., internet presence
Living, Working, Residence: Government and other info sources, stories, find a job
Schools, Education, Teaching
Hospitals, Medical info

Economy, Industry, Development

see here for statistics
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Bahamas Government: Economy of the Bahamas etc. > About the Bahamas > The Economy !! sometimes only the links in the pop-up-menu will work. The direct link might work, too:
The Washington Times reports 20002003 - articles about various topics
!! lots of details !! US Dep. of State: State Post Report 2002 (no more available on Embassy website - copy of report available here )
US Dep. of State: Background Notes Bahamas

(XenuErr)Wikipedia overview "Economy of the Bahamas"
US State Department 2001 Country Commercial Guide
(also other years are available!)

+Books (more books) - articles see below
Laing Zhivargo, Who Moved My Conch? Understanding the Implications of Free Trade Agreements for the Bahamian Economy - about the author

Regional and International Organizations, Institutions, Unions etc.
ACP states - Introduction
ACP-EU Relations with Bahamas
ACP-EU Courier Dez99/Jan00: Bahamas - The great outdoors
ACP-EU Courier Dez99/Jan00: Bahamas - Carl Bethel, Min. for Economic Development
AOSIS (SIDSNet) Alliance of Small Island States
BECon Bahamas Employers Confederation
BIS Bank for International Settlements > search result "Bahamas"
CARICOM Caribbean Community
CSME CARICOM (or Caribbean?) Single Market and Economy
CAIC Caribbean Ass. of Industry and Commerce
CANTO Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations
CARTAC Caribbean Technical Assistance Cooperation
CHA Caribbean Hotel Association
CTO Caribbean Tourism Organization
EIA Energy Information Administration (US Gov) - Caribbean Fact Sheet
EIA more data about Bahamas
EU Country Strategy Paper and National Indicative Programme - Bahamas - 2003-2007
EU Regional Strategy Paper and RIP Regional Indicative Programme - Caribbean - 2003-2007 (page IV: Abbreviation list)
FTA Free Trade Areas of the Americas
GCFI Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute
IDB "Bahamas and the IDB"
IDB Country Paper 2002-2002
IDB "Economic Development in 2001"
IMO International Maritime Organization see also BMA
+++Article 07.06.04 "Port facilities ISPS-ready" Nassau Guardian
JA Junior Achievement (Economic Education)
Lloyd's Register Fairplay search for Bahamas or port (Nassau, Freeport etc)
US Gov MAC Market Access and Compliance > CBI > Bahamas
MDG Millennium Development Goals - UN document
OAS Organization of American States - search for Bahamas
OAS for children
19.3.04 broken PROMALCO International Labour Organisation to promote management-labour cooperation
SIRC Seafarers International Research Centre
SIRC Flag State Audit 2003 > press release
SIDSNet Small Islands Developing States Network
UN Sustainable Development
UN Sustainable Development, National implementation of agenda 21 (other layout, data?) (for freshwater see e.g. under Chapter 18)

WOCCU International Credit Union Leadership Institute and the World Council of Credit Unions, Inc.
August 2004 WOCCU Conference in Nassau
+++Article 03.08.04 "Bahamas to host 1000 at WOCCU Leadership Institute" Nassau Guardian

"Historical Industries ... but some of them are not history at all" (under construction)

Piracy, Slavery, Wrecking, Blockade Running (during US Civil War), Whisky/bootlegging (during US Prohibition), Stevedores (Hafenarbeiter)

Sponges, Salt (Inagua)
Cotton (e.g. see Exuma history), Citrus Fruits, Pineapples, Sisal, Tomatoes

14.02.05 "A bridge to the past – the Tsakkos' and sponging " Nassau Guardian 

10.03.05 "Sand business - an expensive enterprise to operate" Nassau Guardian
11.03.05 "Sponging - a thriving industry in Mangrove Cay" Nassau Guardian




Economy general

Financial Industry, Regulation, FATF


02.10.03 "Ideas to help stimulate the economy" Nassau Guardian/Freeport
07.10.03 "The Bahamian economy — a historical backgrounder" Nassau Guardian
29.11.03 "Productivity and privatisation in The Bahamas" Nassau Guardian
01.12.03 "Mitchell sees discussions on trade bodies as 'confusing'" Nassau Guardian
03.12.03 "$40-million Christmas target for customs" Nassau Guardian
25.05.04 "Preparing for the Basel II Capital Accord" Nassau Guardian
03.06.04 "'Economic surge' forecast" Nassau Guardian
24.06.04 "Financial position stronger than perceived" Nassau Guardian
09.07.04 "$175K More! Govt. gets additional funding from European Commission" Nassau Guardian
14.07.04 "The Changing Face of the Bahamas Capital Market - Part 2" Nassau Guardian
20.07.04 "The Bahamas, Globalisation and FTAA 2005" Nassau Guardian
21.07.04 "FTAA may be on track for 2005" Nassau Guardian
30.09.04 "EU ponders offering Bahamas assistance - Bahamas failed to access previous EU funds granted" Nassau Guardian
20.01.05 "People not identified as assets - The Bahamas like other countries in the Caribbean may have overlooked its more valuable human resource" Nassau Guardian
31.01.05 "Major GB projects, Unprecedented level of development announced by Prime Minister Christie" Freeport News
04.02.05 "Convergence theory Bahamas/China cooperation praised" Nassau Guardian
21.02.05 "Sixty-thousand-ton ship expected to enhance export/import[ Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)]" Nassau Guardian
10.03.05 S&P publishes full analysis on The Bahamas -  Cites inefficient tax structure as economic weakness "" Nassau Guardian

17.11.03 "U.S. would bring Bahamas 'to knees' over money laws" Nassau Guardian
09.12.03 "Financial laws overhaul in 2004" Nassau Guardian
12.12.03 "No 'watering down' of money-laundering laws" Nassau Guardian
18.12.03 "Ingraham disagrees with FTRA amendment" Nassau Guardian
16.03.04 "No competition for Bahamas if enacts Foundations Bill" Nassau Guardian
14.04.04 "Francis: Regulatory regime in the works " Nassau Guardian
30.04.04 "Tax Evasion - Pinder calls for Bahamas-led Int'l Financial Centres Organisation" Nassau Guardian
03.05.04 "Bahamas can gain edge through strong laws" Nassau Guardian
04.05.04 "STEP urged to step up" Nassau Guardian
05.05.04 "OECD isolates small countries -Central Bank Governor rejects 'harmful tax haven' label" Nassau Guardian
25.05.04 "Investing in Mutual Funds" Nassau Guardian
08.06.04 "Sears touts financial services sector at IMF seminar" Nassau Guardian
15.06.04 "Seminar on Financial Services Sector Business Development" Nassau Guardian
28.06.04 "Independence is Bahamas' strength" Nassau Guardian
16.07.04 "The FATF strikes again - The body snubs The Bahamas' financial services" Nassau Guardian
15.07.04 "Financial legislations being gazetted" Nassau Guardian see also 14.07.04 "FATF Statement On The Bahamas Criticised"
29.07.04 "Int'l banking sector more lucrative" Nassau Guardian
30.07.04 "FIPs fight for local institutions - Reuters looking to re-establish itself in The Bahamas" Nassau Guardian
09.08.04 "Bahamas Financial Services to hold annual retreat" Nassau Guardian
10.08.04 "Continued monitoring unfortunate - Sears argues against decision by the FATF to continue monitoring The Bahamas" Nassau Guardian
19.08.04 "Financial forum to present proposals" Nassau Guardian
20.10.04 "An extremely private person with a high profile position - Ms Wendy Warren, CEO of BFSB" Nassau Guardian
20.01.05 "Central Bank investigating fraud scheme -  'Banco de Paribas,' purports that the Caribbean Central Bank or the Caribbean Financial Authority requires an International Guarantee Bond be taken out with the Central Bank of The Bahamas" Nassau Guardian
31.01.05 "Committee still not finished with BISX report" Nassau Guardian
08.02.05 "Bahamas credit ratings affirmed - S&P says country's outlook stable -  'A-' long-term and 'A-2' short-term sovereign credit ratings on The Bahamas. " Nassau Guardian
10.02.05 "Bahamas leading private wealth management centre in the region" Freeport News
15.02.05 "Changes to financial legislation in June - Government seeking to complete groundwork in 90 day" Nassau Guardian

tax, latest news about Bahamas jurisdiction

01.11.03 "Tax information Act 101" by Nassau Institute Nassau Guardian
06.11.03 "There is nothing to fear about a Value Added Tax" by Hayden Boyce Nassau Guardian
11.11.03 "Tax reform - a necessary imperative" by Hayden Boyce Nassau Guardian
13.11.03 "An analysis of VAT in the Caribbean" by Hayden Boyce Nassau Guardian
17.11.03 "Tax reform – a necessary imperative: Part IV" Nassau Guardian
25.11.03 "FTAA may not force tax reform, Miller says" Nassau Guardian
08.12.03 "IRS probing tax evasion in Bahamas" Nassau Guardian
09.12.03 "Bahamas to maintain QJ status" Nassau Guardian
11.12.03 "TIEA will 'boost tourism' " Nassau Guardian
23.12.03 "Tax info exchange coming Jan 1st" Nassau Guardian
07.01.04 "Agreements allow for IRS subpoenas" Nassau Guardian
12.05.04 "Study on tax regime winding up" Nassau Guardian
28.07.04 "The Bahamas' tax situation faces major problems" Nassau Guardian
18.01.05 "International organisations recommends VAT for The Bahamas" Nassau Guardian

  <>"BAIC/Korean Fishing Venture"-affair (more soap than economy related):
20.11.03 "Gray posts 'No Fishing' sign for nonBahamians" Nassau Guardian
27.11.03 "Stubbs 'Jumps Ship'" Nassau Guardian
28.11.03 "Fishing boat venture a rip off?" Nassau Guardian
01.12.03 "Sidney Stubbs tells all" Nassau Guardian
08.12.03 "Frank Smith to head BAIC" Nassau Guardian
09.12.03 "Those Korean boats" Nassau Guardian
11.12.03 "PM: Boat issue 'under control'" Nassau Guardian
11.12.03 "Koreans seeking new pastures " Nassau Guardian
11.12.03 "Boats 'will go' " Nassau Guardian
08.01.04 "Gray: Korean boats must go; Rolle: Not necessarily" Nassau Guardian
20.01.04 "Gray - "Unfortunate" Korean boat issue has not tarnished ministry's image" Nassau Guardian
30.01.04 "MP wants status on Korean fishing boats" Nassau Guardian
05.04.02 "Righteous indignation" Nassau Guardian
16.03.04 "Customs Comptroller says Korean boats 'not for sale'" Nassau Guardian
07.05.04 "Korean boats report 'surprises' legal official" Nassau Guardian
08.09.04 "Let Korean fishing boats stay - Wells" Nassau Guardian
19.08.04 "Six Korean boats leave, nine to go" Nassau Guardian
31.03.05 "Status of vessel hinders licence [the presence of the vessel has raised concerns reminiscent of the 2003 Korean Boat situation. ]" Nassau Guardian 


Financial Institutions & Industry, Regulations etc.

see also economy - press articles re economy, taxes etc.


Central Bank of the Bahamas
+++Article: 02.06.04 "Central Bank launches electronic payment system - BISS" Nassau Guardian
SCB Bahamas Securities Commission of the Bahamas
Bahamas Development Bank
BIA Bahamas Investment Authority  (from time to time, the opm-website will be off-line, just try again later...)
Investourism - "Investourism Ltd. represents an innovative creation by the financial services and tourism industries and agents of the Government of The Bahamas to present The Islands of The Bahamas as an attractive international investment center."
Bahamas Compliance Commission

FIU Financial Intelligence Unit
Description, Guidelines Gov-Website
The FIU Act Central Bank Website
The FTRA (Financial Transaction Reporting) Act Central Bank Website
19.12.2003 "Ingraham disagrees with FTRA amendment" Nassau Guardian
15.04.2004 BFSB Article  re Memorandum of Understanding with AUSTRAC
14.06.2004 "Quality of reports to FIU improved" Nassau Guardian

Other institutions
see also here for more institutions / sources of information

BFSB Bahamas Financial Services Board
!! BFSB brochure (pdf, in English/French/Spanish) and information sheets

FATF/CFATF see also articles
CFATF Caribbean Financial Action Taskforce
2004 FATF Report

Money Laundering Report CH (d/e)> Money Laundering > Reports
Riser Report - March-April 2001 special report on legislative and regulatory changes in the Bahamas, act for download

ACAMS Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists
BACO Bahamas Association of Compliance Officers
BISX Bahamas International Securities Exchange
+++Article 07.01.04 "BISX to become more useful " Nassau Guardian
BSFA Bahamas Society of Financial Analysts
CICAD document "Bahamas legal provisions / draft / in force / proposed", in connection with money laundering (exact context of the document?)
SPGI Security Policy Group International

List "Public Banks and Trust Companies licensed in The Bahamas" > publications > use [Search Publications] function > search for "Bank Supervision Notes", Keyword "Banks and Trust Companies Licensed in The Bahamas"

List "Authorized Dealers and Agents" > Bank Supervision > Notes & Notices > Regulated Entities - click on the pdf-icon of the latest list
(search with " publications > use [Search Publications] function > search for "Bank Supervision Notes", Keyword "Authorised Dealers and Agents" " doesn't bring up the latest list anymore.....)


Warning Notices of the Central Bank > Bank Supervision > Warning Notices

maybe try quick search with google: [name of the bank] bahamas warning

btw: Some info about fake banks ...

Some websites of Banks and Financial Institutions
SCC Royal Bank of Canada
SCC Overview and News re Offshore places
! SCC Landfall Centre (sector news, infos)

Acts and Legislation - related to Financial Industry
other laws & acts, see here

1st Source: "Bahamas Compliance Commission" 
go to or > Business, Finance > Compliance Commission
click on "legislation" > click on one of the links for pdf-document, e.g. " International Business Companies Act 2000"

2nd Source: "Central Bank of The Bahamas" Legal Framework


Doing business in the Bahamas

03.03.04 "Grand Bahama Business Outlook 2004" by Zhivargo S. Laing BahamasGuideForum

in German Auf der Webseite des Honorarkonsulats der Bahamas in Berlin findet man eine Übersetzung eines Teils der weiter unten erwähnten Informationen betr. Investieren auf den Bahamas 



- welche Informationen der Projektvorschlag enthalten muss, den man bei der BIA (Bahamas Investment Authority) einreichen muss und
- Liste der Geschäftsbereiche, die Bahamesen vorbehalten sind



National Investment Policy
(from time to time, the opm-website will be off-line, just try again later...)
Introduction to The Bahamas
Economic Policy
The Investment Environment
International Financial Centre
Preferential Trade Incentives
Administration of The Investment Policy

Establishing A Business In The Bahamas
(from time to time, the opm-website will be off-line, just try again later...)
Project Proposal Guideline
Areas Especially Targeted for Overseas investors
Local Partners in joint Ventures
Areas reserved for Bahamians
pdf-documents with detailed info about investing

Requirements, License, Acts and Laws etc.: Government Main Site
go to > Business, Finance and E-Commerce > Establishing a Business in the Bahamas > e.g. "Nature of Business and Their Requirements"
Business and Company Registrations and Incorporation, Corporation Act, IBC Act
18.03.04 "IBC "fee order" coming shortly " Nassau Guardian
14.06.04 "'Govt sneaks in new taxes - Business License" Nassau Guardian

Chambers of Commerce & GB Port Authority
Bahamas Chamber of Commerce 

GBCC The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce (Freeport-Lucaya, Bahamas schools, health services, history) off-line try GBPO Grand Bahama Port Authority
18.01.05 "Chamber of Commerce group headed to Florida"
Freeport News
25.02.05 "Chamber establishes economic council" Freeport News
Grand Bahama Port Authority - see also here

Abaco Chamber of Commerce



Other institutions / sources of information
see also overviews especially overview by US State Dep.

see here for yellow pages phone directory

BAIC Bahamas Agricultural & Industrial Corporation - quasi-government agency
BAIC > List (directory) of SME's ! (large file)

ITIO International Tax and Investment Organisation
STEP Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (Bahamas)
AIBT Association of International Banks and Trusts - Bahamas
BIFS (and ABIFS Associate of BIFS) Bahamas Institute of Financial Services
BICA Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants
CIPE Centre for International Private Enterprise
CBC Commonwealth Business Council
Internet presence

.bs - Top Level Domain The Bahamas Network Information Centre (BSNIC)
"The BSNIC is responsible for the registration of Internet domain names under the BS (Bahamas) Top-Level Domain. We do not require applicants to have a physical presence in The Bahamas. Registrants must agree to be bound by all Terms and Conditions, and must accept the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy."


Web hosting, web design, e.g.:

Thyme Online Ltd

Bahamas b2b



Living, Working, Residence



16.6.2008  Bahamian Yellow Pages / Bahama Journal 
The government hopes to boost its revenue collection this upcoming budgetary year by hiking the price of work permit fees; funds that will be poured into training Bahamians. Come July 1, work permit fees, which ranged between $10,000 per annum at scale 1 will increase to $12,500 per annum. As it stands, work permit fees for labourers brought in at scales 10 through 12 – gardeners, housemaids, etc - are now pegged at $650. Registered farm labourers pay a reduced fee of $350. According to Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, work permits for labourers in scale 8 will now be hiked to $1,000. As far as the government is concerned, the hike in work permit fees would translate into the country reducing its dependence on foreigners. “The Free National Movement has always believed that Bahamians ought to be given preferential treatment as regards employment in our country so long as they are suitable and qualified for the employment contemplated,” the Prime Minister said while leading off debate on the 2008/2009 budget in the House of Assembly Wednesday. “We also accept that there are occasions when special skills and expertise may not be available or not available in sufficient numbers to meet the requirements of our economy.” Mr. Ingraham said in such cases work permits ought to be granted in a clear and transparent way and at a fee to cover the cost of the application process and to contribute toward the government’s revenue. During its first term in office back in 1993, the Ingraham administration increased immigration fees by 50 percent in some scales. Those fees were again increased in 1999. “Having not been increased during the tenure of our predecessors in office, it has been left for us to once again increase immigration fees,” the Prime Minister reasoned. An increase in immigration fees is not the only hike reflected in the 2008/2009 fiscal plan. [...] Source: Bahama Journal

26.10.2007 Press Release "Minister Campbell Addresses Work Permit Issues"


Government info
opm-website (still) not available (anymore) .... Sept 2008

Work Permits 
International Owner of Second Homes
Annual or Permanent Residence

Other sources of  information

Work permit - as a summary

Employment Employment in the Bahamas for non-Bahamians is extremely difficult! The best possibility is if your employer arranges to transfer you to a branch in the Bahamas and pays for your work permit. This usually happens with bank and insurance company employees. Another possibility is if a foreign man/woman marries a Bahamian man/woman and acquires Permanent Residency status. The Bahamas is geared towards hiring mainly Bahamian people. Unless you have special skills i.e. speak several languages, etc. employment in the Bahamas is almost impossible. Work permits are quite costly, therefore businesses in the Bahamas hire 99% Bahamian people.


Bahamas High Commission, London

Fact Sheet No. 14 "Residence" (dated?)

BFSB Bahamas Financial Services Board 

[...] Immigration
Immigration laws and regulations allow non-Bahamians to reside in The Bahamas under several scenarios.
A Permanent Residence Permit provides accelerated consideration to applications from major international investors and owners of residences valued at a minimum of $500,000. There is a one-time government fee of $10,000 and $100 for spouses and dependent minors.
There also is an annual Residence Permit that does not require the applicant to purchase a 'second home'. The government fee for this permit is $1,000 for the head-of-household and $25 for each dependent.
Under terms of the International Persons Landholding Act, non-Bahamians who own homes in The Bahamas may apply for an annual Home Owners Card, which entitles the owner, spouse and any minor endorsed on the owner's card, to enter The Bahamas and reside here for the validity of the card. The government fee for this Card is $500.00 per annum. Home Owners Cards facilitate entry into The Bahamas; for example, there is no need for a return ticket and entitles the holder to stay up to one year. [...]


Living and Working in The Bahamas 
The Bahamas Investor July 2008 

Reprinted from the 2008 edition of the Bahamas Handbook
Renowned as one of the most politically stable countries in the western hemisphere, The Bahamas has enjoyed uninterrupted parliamentary democracy for 276 years since its introduction in 1729. The Bahamas, a former British colony, gained its independence on July 10, 1973. The government is committed to an immigration policy aimed at ensuring the reasonable security, well-being and economic progress of The Bahamas and its people.
The government gives consideration to citizenship, permanent residency and work permits for non-Bahamians provided there is compliance with the immigration laws of The Bahamas and policies of the government. Accelerated consideration is given to applications for annual or permanent residence by major international investors and to “fit and proper” owners of residences valued in excess of $500,000.
As The Bahamas is a major tourist resort, every effort is made to keep visitors’ immigration formalities to a minimum. Non-Commonwealth citizens should inquire at the Ministry of Tourism for entry requirements, as they vary from country to country.
Visitors must have a return ticket to their homeland or to some other country where they would be accepted.
Visitors may visit The Bahamas for up to eight months, provided they can indicate means of financial support for this period. Visitors are not allowed to engage in any form of gainful occupation while in The Bahamas.

Obtaining an annual residence permit People who wish to reside in The Bahamas on an annual basis may qualify under one of four categories, subject to a formal application and approval process:
1. Spouse or dependent of a citizen of The Bahamas. If an applicant is married to a Bahamian citizen, a resident spouse permit may be issued, provided the marriage has existed for less than five years. The resident spouse permit is issued for up to five years. An application can be made for permanent residence or citizenship after five years or more of marriage.
2. Spouse or dependent of a permit holder. In addition to the usual application process, a copy of the sponsor’s work permit, permit to reside, certificate of permanent residence or other lawful authority to reside in The Bahamas must be included.
3. Independent economic resident. As part of the application process, a financial reference is required from a reputable bank verifying economic worth, and two written character references are required. For an annual residence permit, a head-of-household pays $1,000 and each dependent, $25.
4. Resident home owner, or seasonal resident home owner.

Under this category, non-Bahamians who own second homes in The Bahamas may apply to the director of immigration for an annual home owner’s residence card. This card is renewable annually and entitles the owner, spouse and any minor child/children endorsed on the owner’s card when travelling with the owner, to enter and remain in The Bahamas for the validity of the card. The fee is $500 per year and is intended to facilitate entry into The Bahamas with minimal formalities, entitling the holder to visit for a stay of up to one year.
Successful applicants in any of the above categories are not permitted to engage in employment.

Procedures for obtaining a work permit 
An inflexible principle of The Bahamas government is that no expatriate may be offered a position that a suitably qualified Bahamian is available to fill.
Employers with vacant posts are required to advertise locally and consult the Bahamas Employment Exchange. If unsuccessful in fulfilling their requirements by these methods, they may apply to the Dept of Immigration for permission to recruit outside The Bahamas, following a formal application process. Normally an application will not be processed if the prospective employee is already in The Bahamas, having entered as a visitor.
Work permit fees range from $350 to $10,000 per year depending on the category. The Bahamas Immigration Bahamianization Policy, which is critical to the granting of work permits, provides that:
1. A Bahamian who is qualified to fill a position should be given the position in preference to anyone else.
2. The Bahamian must be given that job on the same terms and conditions as any expatriate counterpart.
3. Where the company has a career structure, whether here or abroad, the Bahamian employee must be given the same opportunities for advancement as would be afforded other employees.
4. The Bahamian employee must be helped whenever possible to broaden skills in a chosen field of endeavour by constant exposure to further training at home and abroad.
Where work permits have been granted, each employer will be required to identify a suitable Bahamian to understudy the expatriate so that the Bahamian trainee will fill the expatriate’s position within a reasonable time frame. Genuine investors usually have little difficulty in complying with these requirements.
Employers may obtain permits for longer periods than the standard one-year period in respect to certain key personnel on contract. Such contracts should indicate their renewal would be subject to obtaining the necessary immigration permission, and they may be endorsed to the effect that the employee is expected to train or be replaced by a suitable Bahamian within a stipulated period.
Each permit issued by the Immigration Board relates to a specific post. Permits are not altered by the director of immigration to reflect change of employment or residence. However, a person holding a work permit may make application for a new one (his new employer having been unsuccessful in recruiting a qualified Bahamian to fill the post) without having to leave the islands.
The renewal of a permit on expiration is not automatic. Generally, no expatriate may be continually employed in the country in any capacity for more than five years. However, there are likely to be cases where hardship will be caused by rigid implementation of this policy; according to government, this factor will be kept in mind in applying the regulations.

A bond is required for each person granted a work permit, if necessary, to repatriate the employee and his dependents and to pay any public charges, including medical expenses, incurred by the employee.

Sales representative permit 
Travelling sales representatives planning to do business in The Bahamas must obtain work permits from the Dept of Immigration, and a licence from the Licensing Authority.

Business Licence Fee 
The Business Licence Act, 1980, made it mandatory for anyone operating a business aimed at obtaining a turnover to apply for and obtain a licence.
Annual licence renewal applications and payments are due every Jan-Apr, and expire on Dec 31. Fees are based, for most businesses, on their annual gross receipts less the direct cost of producing the turnover. They range from zero for a petty business to 11?2% of turnover or $500,000 (whichever is greater) for a very large business with a high profit.
Companies designated non-resident under the Exchange Control Regulations Act pay an annual fee of $300.
Companies licensed under The Banks and Trust Companies Regulation Act, 2000 (which imposes separate fees), do not pay for a business licence. Gas stations pay a fixed fee of 1?5 of 1% of turnover (a business with a turnover of $250,000 per year or more).
The Act’s definition of “business” includes all types of manufacturing and commercial undertakings, and covers professions such as law, accounting and medicine. Where a business consists of separate and distinct undertakings, a separate licence must be obtained for each.
A non-Bahamian or a company not 100% Bahamian-owned must first obtain approval from the National Economic Council and then wait for the licence application to be approved before commencing operations. Renewal of a non-Bahamian business licence is at the discretion of the Minister of Finance.

Permanent residence 
Applicants for this status of residency must be of good character and prepared to show evidence of financial support. Such an applicant must also state that he intends to reside permanently in The Bahamas.
Persons may apply for permanent residence in any of the following categories provided they satisfy statutory requirements of The Bahamas:
1. As the spouse of a citizen of The Bahamas, and in the case of a male, he must have been married for not less than five years. Women married to Bahamians may apply at any time after marriage.
2. As an economic applicant; that is, one who seeks to permanently reside in The Bahamas because of:
• Investment – business or home, or 
• Established roots through family ties.
People who held valid certificates of permanent residence prior to the Immigration Act, 1975, continue to hold such status automatically.

Business investors 

A business-sensitive legal framework and investor-friendly climate encourages non-Bahamian investments, supported by the Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA), Ministry of Financial Services and Investments.
Although an investor is granted a licence by the Licensing Authority, a work permit must still be sought to be resident and an employee of/or operating the business.

KPMG Bahamas - Taxation of Internation Executives 


Discussions about procedures for obtaining a work permit see here
!!! very detailed US Dep. of State: State Post Report 2002
tourism/activities overviews about the Bahamas here

US Embassy in Nassau Background notes 
! Callenders (large law firm) about immigration

Labour Standards in the Bahamas
Immigration - Bahamasguide
Immigration - BVG Bahamas Vacation Guide
Rainbow Property Owner Association (Eleuthera)
YBIZ Young American's Business Network
ISSA International Social Security Association, June 2002 "Recent developments in Health care, selected experiences in Central America and the Caribbean"

Wichtige Informationen für Schweizer / informations importantes pour citoyens Suisses

u.a. über Sozialversicherungen / entre autres concernant Sécurité sociale

d "Im Ausland leben"

f  "S'établir dans un autre pays" 


!! Cost of living> browse through the advertisements in the online-(pdf-)version of The Nassau Guardian
Import a car? see here
I'm a resident / have a working permit, what about my girlfriend/partner/husband/wive? here

03.11.04 started by jp "Retirement on Abaco" Abaco board - about "annual residency permit" (sometimes called the "Home Owners Permit") and "Permanent Residency", costs, time etc.

Buy a house, apartment

find an apartment, see here
Real estate companies etc. see here

19.07.04 "Moving personal items to the bahamas" Geographia/GB board
30.07.04 "Buy /invest in a property, pro and cons" Geographia/GBI board
03.11.04 "buying a holiday/retirement home on GB" Geographia/GBI Board

Excerpt from the above thread: Slow down! (Jeff)
The agents do not have open listings and so each agent has only the listings for their agency. Most of the listings are for completed dwellings and are in the Freeport Lucaya area. There may be a few out island, but mostly out island you will find lots to build on, rather than completed houses. I don't know of any condos excepting Old Bahama Bay and they are actually hotel rooms sold as a condo. Getting clear title is impossible in many of the native settlements.I suggest you rent a condo for 3 months or even a year. Finding a home can be an extended process. You can establish a bank account, get a phome, get a car, and look at your options. First you will need to decide which area and what is available. You will need a lawyer. I suppose that it is possible to come down for a week or two and do it, but that would be the exception. It is the islands, so don't be in too much of a hurry, mon. source Geographia/GBI Board

+++Articles re "Work Permit Policy" Situation
22.09.03 "Immigration tightens up on fees, expatriate hiring" Nassau Guardian
05.12.03 "Immigration goes after work permit 'facilitators'" Nassau Guardian
19.04.04 "Second home market touted" Nassau Guardian

Stories, articles and discussions about living/working in the Bahamas
see also Books - trip reports - overviews

Under the Dillie Tree - from an american's perspective
+Book: Under the Dillie Tree - "Moving to the Bahamas", David Reeve (& Andria) , and other books which can be bought (as PDF file download) over the internet, another description
Real Post Reports/Tales from a Small Planet
Matthew Stories
see also here: Biscottiland (Bruce Scott) - Bahamas updates

1987 "Easy Living: My Two Years in the Bahamas" Mark Skousen
09.2002 "The Bahamas - the tax-free alternative to Florida" Henly Global

Looking for a job?
see also comment here
- !!! Nassau Guardian on-line > Online PDF pages > Classifieds
- Message Boards, some have job/classified sections
- Guides/Portals
- !! JITS Job in the Sun, with forum > Job Seekers > Current Vacancies > pick [Bahamas] > search (further seach parameters
-> enter Bahamas (10.6.03: 1 entry)

Business and Relocation Service

Au pair
English for Foreign Learners (03/03 3 offers for Bahamas) (03/03 1 offer for Bahamas)



es gibt keine besondere Institution (wie z.B. in der Schweiz), die Schüleraustausche in den Bahamas organisiert, d.h. nicht, dass es nicht vorkommt, es muss einfach mehr selbst organisiert werden.


St-Andrews (siehe Link unten, Privatschule) hat ausländische Studenten (z.B. aus Deutschland), z.B. für ein Semester. Die Schüler wohnen z.B. bei den Lehrern


Ministry of Education / Special Services / Student Affairs > Student Exchange 

Contact details: 



Schweizer Organisation 

Deutsche Organisation (mit Forum)

noch ein Forum 



Schools, Education, Teaching


"The Ministry of Education provides free pre-school, primary and secondary education to all residents of The Bahamas. Private school education is also available. Secondary education offered by the government is run on the British examination system. The Ministry of Education in consultation with The University of Cambridge Local Syndicate introduced The Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) in 1993. Private Schools vary between the British and US education format. Four government operated institutions in the Bahamas offer higher education: The College of The Bahamas, The University of the West Indies (Regional), The Bahamas Hotel Training College and the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute." (source:, text not available anymore)


23.01.04 "Daphne Barr's education formula Northern District education..." Nassau Guardian/Freeport News
31.01.04 "Three peat " (Spelling Bee contest) Nassau Guardian - more about Spelling Bee: Bahamas - US Spelling Bee (lots of details)
04.01.04 "Foreign Language Cadets Launched to Tap New Tourism Markets" Nassau Guardian
02.03.04 "Nat'l Spelling Bee officially launched" Nassau Guardian
30.07.04 "Eight Bahamians get OAS scholarships" Nassau Guardian
19.08.04 "Two get scholarships to study medicine, finance in China" Nassau Guardian
09.11.04 "Teaching language to minority students" Nassau Guardian
04.02.05 "Significant changes for Government schools in GB" Freeport News 
17.02.05 "Moore's Island [Abaco] has limit on education - stops at the ninth grade [...] so does their high school education. " Freeport News
23.02.05 "Creole classes for Carmichael Primary School staff" Nassau Guardian
23.02.05 "Forum to address education and skills gap begins Thursday" Nassau Guardian
02.03.05 "Do boys learn differently? - Finding an alternative to male underachievement" Nassau Guardian

17.07.07 "College costs discourage many" Nassau Guardian
The rising costs of education and the minimal returns are possibly the reason some new graduates are opting not to attend college, says a recent high school graduate, however, this is a problem that Labor Minister Dion Foulkes wishes to address. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Minister Foulkes said that the shortage of students receiving tertiary education is a growing problem for both the government and the nation. [] According to recently-released reports from the College Board, most students and their families in the United States can expect to pay, on average, from $90 to $1,238 more than last year for this year's tuition and fees, depending on the type of college. In The Bahamas college fees are also expected to increase. With some 6,300 students expected to graduate this year, this issue is truly a concern for many parents, says Michael Rolle, the parent of a recent Temple Christian graduate. "I have four children," he said. "One is in college now, one just graduated and I have two more to worry about. Whenever I hear that college expenses are increasing I get upset but I know that I have to find the money to help my children to get ahead in life. It's just something I have to do, but it's hard to do it all." [] "I don't want to attend COB. I would have liked to have attended college in Canada, but I know we cannot afford it, and the banks aren't that willing to assist persons like us. We have too many bills for me to get a college loan, so I really don't know what I will decide. Plus, most people I know with a degree either do not work in their field or their pay still sucks." Recently Minister Foulkes pointed out that a significant number of graduates will still go on to get tertiary education at the College of the Bahamas or other institutions of higher learning. "In terms of those returning from college, most of them — with their degrees and qualifications will get a job," said Foulkes. Pointing to the "significant developments in Nassau and Grand Bahama," Foulkes said that there are many ongoing and upcoming opportunities. Adding that the government is "confident" that these developments will provide jobs for many young adults, Foulkes said that he would like to see as many students as possible get a college degree. 



!!! Bahamas Ministry of Education (opens veeery slowly)
US Embassy in Nassau - description of school system > sroll down to Education
Description by Bahamianguide
List of schools with denominations (as most are private and church oriented)

!! various course outlines of Queen's college (history, religion etc.)
examinations at Bahamian schools (example Queen's college)

Higher Education
College of the Bahamas
+++Article 20.05.04 "TUC wants industrial studies division at COB" Nassau Guardian
UWI University of the West Indies,
Campuses: Cave Hill Barbados (Faculties) - Mona, Jamaica (Faculties) - St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago (Faculties)

The University of the West Indies is an autonomous regional institution supported by and serving 15 different countries in the West Indies - Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Lucia, St.Vincent & The Grenadines, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. The University was founded in 1948 at the Mona campus in Jamaica, as a University College in a special relationship with the University of London. The University achieved independent status in 1962. The St. Augustine campus, in Trinidad, which was formerly the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture, was started in 1960. The Cave Hill campus, in Barbados, was established in 1963. The University has three main campuses. They are: Mona - in Jamaica, Cave Hill - in Barbados, St Augustine - in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. In addition to the three main campuses, the University has centres in all of its non-campus Caribbean countries. The Bahamas is a contributing country. Although not the site for a full-fledged UWI campus, the Centre for Hotel & Tourism Management is located in Nassau and the first year of the Law degree is administered at the College of the Bahamas in Nassau. Source:

Centre for Hotel and Tourism Management at UWI
The COB School of Hospitality Tourism Studies (ex the Bahamas Hotel Training College)
Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute

Public & Private Schools (Nassau / Freeport)

St Andrew's School (private school)
    Located on the East side of New Providence. Grades Pr-reception – Twelve (corresponding U.S. years are Nursery – Grade Eleven)
Lyford Cay School (private school)
    Located on the West side of New Providence.  Grades Nursery – Twelve (corresponding U.S. years are the same)
Tambearly Private School
    Located on the West side of New Providence.  Grades Reception 1 – Nine (corresponding U.S. years are the same)
Meridian School at Unicorn Village (private school)
    Located on the West side of New Providence, Grades Pre-School – Year Three
(see also US Embassy info)

IBO International Baccalaureate, - list of schools in the Bahamas which offer IB programms

Carmichael Primary School
St. John's College (private school)
Queen's College (private school)
Lucaya International School, GBI (private school)
Montessori Bahamas (private school) - Montessori general info
Saint Augustine's College (private school) (Benedictine)
about CSB/SJUCollege of Saint Benedict Saint John’s University press release

Kingsway Academy Uniquely Bahamian (history, souvenirs etc.) (Born Again Christians)
Oakesfield Primary School (7th Day Adventists)
Galilee College
XX 19.3.04 broken Discovery Anglican Primary School Freeport
Freeport Anglican High (brief info)
+++Article 01.12.04 "The little school that can [Cyber Learning Centre, Marsch Harbour, Abaco] Freeport News

Miscellaneous, other institutions (other Bahamian schools, Out Island Schools, Caribbean etc.)
Study abroad, search result

English as a Foreign Language
Grosvenor Academy, Nassau (not with Eurolingua anymore 02.2005)
offers also courses such as "English and Scuba Diving"
Cactus Language (seems to refer to Grosvenor Academy)
College of the Bahamas see also  Overview Golden Pages - I couldn't find info on their webseite about "foreign students" and "English as a Foreign Language", but this seems to be possible, one might have to call and ask, also private schools offer courses (semester), e.g. St. Andrews

Internship at CMRC (CMRC see also here)

Famulatur (in German) see here

Success Training College (Tech / Health / Business / IT / Social&Humanity)
+++Article 14.01.04 "Success Training College" Nassau Guardian
Institute of Business and Commerce
Eugene Dupuch Law School
McHari Distance Learning Online Education
Island School, Cape Eleuthera, Eleuthera
+++Article 18.12.03 "The Island School to award an environmental scholarship " Nassau Guardian
Academybahamas Albania Christian Academy
Paper re: Distance Education Bahamas 2000
(Eleuthera) Harbour Island All Age School

Samana College (Samana Training Center), Frank Minaya y Willmore, (Aug 03: planned) "First United States, Caribbean-Based Higher Education Study Abroad Center, on Samana, Dominican Republic, - updates

!!!Caribbean Education on-line
COL Commonwealth of Learning (intergovernmental organization)
Educator Bahamas Yahoo Group
Teaching in the Bahamas - private website
ACE American Council on Education

Homeschooling in the Bahamas

12.11.04 birdy41: I homeschooled my children here for four years. Although they are presently going to the Lucaya International School (Check Google) they had a wonderful experience homeschooling in this environment. Although there are no laws in the Bahamas as yet in regard to homeschooling, the law states that all children must be schools. What I did was ensure I had good documentation of curriculum and also tested my children once a year with online testing services...that gave me and "if anyone asked" a feeler as to how my kids were doing. And of course they did very well! The beauty of homeschooling here is that within a small community my kids were able to meet lots of other kids at local events and functions. source:  bahamasguide board

 Schüleraustausch ? siehe oben


Hospitals / Medical info / Famulatur (deutsch)

29.07.04 "Barraduca accounts for over 76% of fish poisonings in The Bahamas" Nassau Guardian
30.07.04 "'Not a playground [for experimental medical research],' says Minister" Nassau Guardian
30.07.04 "Stem cell info 'misleading' -Researcher says public needs clarity on issue" Nassau Guardian
17.01.05 "Critical need for a CAT scanner" Nassau Guardian
25.01.05 "Is Abaco about to lose its only ambulance service?" Freeport News 

24.07.07 "Govt moving to reduce waiting time"  Nassau Guardian 

11.09.07 "PMH to cut down on patients' waiting time" Nassau Guardian


Vaccinations are not required for visitors to The Islands Of The Bahamas, unless arriving from an infected area. Travellers should ensure that their routine (childhood) immunizations are up-to-date (e.g.. tetanus, diphtheria, polio, measles) .


Bahamas Ministry of Health / National Health Insurance / UWI School of Medicine:
go to > Contacts > Agencies > go to "Health, Ministry of" (direct link )
+++Article 01.11.04 "Better staff-to-customer relations for Ministry of Health" Nassau Guardian

see also here for NHI National Health Insurance

School of Medicine UWI (Campus St Augustine, Trinidad)
Clinical Programme, Bahamas
see above for more info about UWI University of West Indies

Medical institutions

Website of US Embassy in Nassau:

List of Hospitals and Clinics 

List of Doctors 


Overview by Bahamasguide 
Overview by US Department of State  - Bahamas Post Report > > scroll down to [Health and Medicine]

DHHS Doctors Hospital
DHHS Newsletter
+++Article 21.05.04 "New scanner improves care for patients" Nassau Guardian

Dialysis in the Bahamas at New Providence Dialysis Unit
Bahamas Diabetic Association
The Department of Anaesthesia, Princess Margaret Hospital, Nassau, Bahamas
Women's Health and Birth Centre
The Impact of Early Pregnancy...and in the Caribbean
Bahamas Crisis Centre
Cancer Society Bahamas

Diving Medicine
Scuba.doc great resource for diving medicine
Scuba.doc - Bahamas Dive Accident Facilities

Insects (No-seeums, noseeums, no-see-ums, sand flies, sand gnats,  midges, mosquitos)

Sometimes called no-seeums (You don't hear em and you don't see em), but you'll know when you're being attacked as you'll feel lots of itchy bity things on your scalp, arms, legs, etc. They are tiny, easily go through window screens, and love to bite. Again tend to be bad at sunset - take the same precautions as with dealing with mosquitoes. source gotocayman > scroll down to sand flies
scuba.doc, about insects
bohard museum about no-see-ums > Insects and Arachnid Information Sheets > No-see-ums 


... (lots of interesting postings are lost because of new location of the best of the Bahamas forums, new postings will be added as soon as possible)

CATIN The Caribbean AIDS Telecommunications and Information Network
5.3.04 XXX broken 01.12.03 "Drop in HIV rate claimed" Nassau Guardian
05.03.04 "Bahamas lauded for decline in HIV/AIDS " Nassau Guardian
29.11.04 "AIDS figures 'misleading' Bahamas may not be #1 in Caribbean" Nassau Guardian
04.02.05 "Bahamas winning the fight against HIV/AIDS" Nassau Guardian
16.02.05 "HIV/AIDS nutrition workshop, book launched" Nassau Guardian
16.02.05 "AIDS super strain in the region - 3-DCR HIV 'alarming and disquieting,' says Gomez " Nassau Guardian


(Praktikum) auf den Bahamas, 1998 (deutsch)

Ciguatera (form of human poisoning caused by consumption of sea food) search page for "Ciguatera"

GEIRS Global Ethnomedical Information Research System
NHS Scotland (official) - Immunisations Advice Bahamas
CDC US National Center for Infectious Diseases - for Caribbean:
travmed Disease Risk Analysis - Bahamas
mdtravelhealth vaccinations
Medical Emergencies while cruising
Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC)
WHO health info sources Bahamas
WHO, various information, choose country etc. 
WHO Environmental health risks e.g. aquatic animals page 14

PAHO Pan American Health Organization  click on Bahamas to get the latest country factsheet
LACHSR Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Health Sector Reform Initiative
PAHO  Pan American Health Organization Analysis of Health Sector Reform in the English speaking Caribbean Countries

Bush medicine
Bush Medicine (re: Laurel Richey)
A Bahamian Diet for What Ails You:

Paw Paw Milk used for getting rid of worms, usually given with a dash of sugar on a spoon. Cancer Bush usually used by women because it heals the "insides" especially after having a baby. Blue Flowers used to bring up the cold of the chest. Pepper Leaf is very good for boils. Milk from Fig Trees used to slow the heartbeat and calm the nerves. Sour Sop Leaf calms the nerves. Crab Bush used for stomach pains. Hibiscus causes diarrhea and can be used to lose weight. White Sage used for itches on the skin. Sailors' Flowers are used for high blood pressure. Castor Oil Leaf is used for menstrual trouble. Pond Bush is used for arthritis. Fever Grass is used for the flu. Bonavas is good for ring worms. Earth Remover is a mixture of bushes that causes women to become fertile; also brings down high blood pressure and cures ulcers. Source:


Search this site (e.g. school*):


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