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Air traffic (local & int.): Airports, Airlines, Cuba, Private planes, Codes
Water (local, to-fro US-coast, cruises): Ferries, Mailboats, Cruises
Land: Taxis, buses, car rentals, scooters, driving in the Bahamas etc.

Air traffic - local & international



Nassau Airport NIA (ICAO: NAS) LPIA Lynden Pindling International Airport
Expedia, explore the airport, go into town etc.
! MSN/Expedia "Stuck at the Airport" by Harriet Baskas:
Airlinequality/Skytrax - customer opinions about NAS

YVR Airport Services (YVRAS) "YVR Airport Services (YVRAS) has signed a 10-year management contract for the development and management of Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) in Nassau, The Bahamas.[...]"

18.09.07 "New terminal for LPIA" Nassau Guardian

Grand Bahama Airport GBIA (ICAO: FPO)
new airport is open, see below, article of 20.5.04
++Discussions: search for "From the Freeport News", message from Danny and others, starting 3/17/04 9:21:00

11.11.03 "Sparks fly over NIA status" Nassau Guardian
26.01.04 "Phase III on hold"(Atlantis) Nassau Guardian
27.01.04 "Kerzner's NIA rap 'surprises' Christie" Nassau Guardian
28.01.04 "No 'overnight fix' for NIA" Nassau Guardian
30.01.04 NIA "Bahamasair revamp needed to promote Bahamas" Nassau Guardian
29.03.04 GBIA "Expanded airport will be in full operation by June 2" Nassau Guardian/Freeport News
04.05.04 NIA "Company proposing first-world airport" Nassau Guardian
17.05.04 NIA "Govt secretive about NIA revamp" Nassau Guardian
18.05.04 NIA "NIA 14/32 runway repair pact inked" Nassau Guardian
20.05.04 GBIA "Visitors get warm greeting on arrival at new airport terminal" Nassau Guardian/Freeport News
16.10.04 "NIA shaping up - Nassau International Airport redevelopment to be completed in 12 months says Minister" Nassau Guardian
28.10.04 "NIA - Management of airport" Nassau Guardian
02.12.04 NIA "$40M needed for runway repair" Nassau Guardian
08.02.05 NIA "Govt selects airport management company" Nassau Guardian
15.02.05 NIA "Back on track - Work on NIA runway progressing " Nassau Guardian 
25.02.05 "Marsh Harbour Airport is number one topic of U.S. citizens' talk, Rood says [Abaco]" Freeport News


Airlines - misc.

see here for Nassau to Eleuthera - by air or by ferry?

for international airlines, got to website 1639
Geographia list of airline services

06.07.04 "Travel agents cut Bahamasair" Nassau Guardian
24.08.04 "US Airways announce new non-stop flights" Nassau Guardian
20.01.05 "Continental begins Andros service in Feb. - round trip services between Andros Town, Andros and Fort Lauderdale," Nassau Guardian
21.02.05  "Direct flights from America to Andros [Continental]" Nassau Guardian

Air Charter Bahamas
SCC Abaco Air
SCC Airtran, Atlanta > Grand Bahama
SCC Charter in Abaco, George Major in Tarpum Bay, or use this gmajor.1 at
SCC Take Flight Air Charters (to Out Islands etc. incl. price list)
SCC Twinair, Ft Lauderdale > Eleuthera & Abaco
SCC Island Helicopters

Bahamasair The Bahamas national airline
see also overview below

14.12.04 "Near riot erupts in Miami - Fed-up passengers become violent after Bahamasair flight experiences delays " Nassau Guardian
01.02.05 "Examining the privatisation of Bahamasair" Nassau Guardian

Representation in Europe Majestic Enterprises Ltd.

On October 01, 2003 Majestic Enterprises Ltd. was appointed the official G.S.A. for Bahamasair on the European Market, taking over the responsibilities of Aviareps for sales, promotion and ticketing of Bahamasair for Continental Europe.


Do Bahamasair really suck ?

Q From Milan, 24.04.04 QA-Source: Bahamas-mon
I have heard nothing but bad words about Bahamas Air, constant delays, bad service, everything. But is it only myths or are they really so bad ? I am flying them on a short 1,5 daytrip MIA-NAS in the beginning of June. I can take a two hour delay but not more :-P My theory is that it is only based on a few bad experiences, so I would like to know yours !
A From: Bob 27.4.04 It's not good :) I have only been delayed once but they are not particularly organized. You'll get there.. eventually. 
A From:  Russell Mack 12.5.04 I have flown BahamasAir many times and always had fine service. Not once were they late more than 20 minutes. They did lose my wifes luggage once for two days but being a seasoned Bahamas traveler we just lived with it. Other airlines have lost our luggage also so draw your  conclusions.

Airlinequality/skytrak - passenger opinions


Overview - Airline connections within Bahamas / Bahamas-US / Bahamas-Caribbean / Intercaribbean

Nassau-Freeport, Nassau/Freeport>US, Nassau>Turks and Caicos 

Overviews/Bahamasair Flight Schedules (as far as I can see, there is no such table on the Bahamasair-website...?!)
Bahamas > USA
Nassau > Freeport / Abaco
Nassau > San Salvador / Eleuthera / and Exuma
Nassau > Long Island, Cat Island, Acklins & Crooked Island, Mayaguana and Inagua

Air Jamaica
Nassau > Jamaica and intercaribbean flights

BA British Airways
Nassau > Turks and Caicos / Nassau > Caymans
Nassau > London - BA Route Network

AA American Airlines / American Eagle oder Schweizer Vertretung
Caribbean Destinations

Nassau > Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Orlando und andere
Freeport > Miami
Miami > George Town/Exuma / Marsh Harbour/Abaco

Western Air (Andros, Bahamas)
Flight schedule:
Nassau > Freeport
Nassau > Andros / Bimini
"A good alternative to Bahamas Air is Western Air. They are listed as a charter operation but have scheduled regular flights between Freeport and Nassau. They have a much better reputation than Bahamas Air and is the prefered choice for many Bahamians. They are $80 one way and $150 round trip."
source: Jerry, 19.10.04 Geographia/GBI board
Abaco - Sandy Estabrook's list of Scheduled Air Carriers and Charters

Lots of connections via Miami

MIA Miami Airport
connection overview: MIA Miami Airport Real Time Flight Info

Ft Lauderdale Airport (Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) Broward County, Florida) 


Airlines for inter-caribbean flights
BWIA West Indies Airways - Routemap:
Leeward Island Air Transport Limited (LIAT)

for Out Islands: check hotel/resort websites - they often have a section "how to get there / travel info" 
see here for Cuba
Air Canada flies from Montreal-Dorval YUL (via Toronto) to Nassau (Freeport?)
San Salvador - Club Med Charter "Star Airlines" route Paris - Punta Cana > San Salvador - Paris - review (en francais)


XX under construction:
other US airlines that fly directly from some US cities to Freeport, Nassau, other ? (Laker/BG airways: x to Freeport no more?)
Canadian airlines that fly directly to Freeport or Nassau ?
Air Transat, Montreal > San Salvador (other destinations?) > flight schedule > right frame: choose "south" > Bahamas (seasonal flights only - ?)
US Airways is presently under "chapter 11", so are other US airlines > useful FAQ by "the practical nomad"

There are charter flights to Havana. Travel agent telephone number in Nassau:
Destinations (ex Mundytours)<> - 001 242 393 6900
Platinum Travel Ltd. – 001 242 356 5395 or 325 7680 / 81 or 326 0270 Fax 356 6150

Flights from Nassau to Cuba
Travel to Cuba Fact Sheet (US State Dep)
Center for Cuban Studies - Travel to Cuba
17.03.03 "Weekly freight service to Cuba" Nassau Guardian
06.01.04 "President's Interpreter in Fight on Cuba Ban" Los Angeles Times, but found here
++Discussion "Illegal US Travelers To Cuba Get Judicial Notices" Virtual Tourist Message Board

Miscellaneous (private planes, codes, etc.)

see also maps - charts & communication -

see here for "Fly the Bahamas" - great aerial & satellite photos of the Bahamas along the infamous Bermudas Trianlge - more about the latter see also here

500 Leagues of Sea -  from corner to corner, Saragossa Sea etc. > use link page bottom
Fantastic Journey, tunnel clouds, white waters” or “glowing waters” of the Bahamas
Bermuda Triangle & Bimini Road

Aviation Online
ALPA Caribbean Airline Pilots' Association
ICAO and IATA Codes

Min. of Tourism, Private Plane, Bill of Rights, Customs Forms, Checklist etc. website 26030
Min. of Tourism, Inward declaration and cruising permit for private aircraft entering the Bahamas, pdf-file
Flying to the Bahamas checklist / Ports of entry / island diagrams
Flying the Caribbean, by Philip Greenspun (Jan 2003)
Kitfoxes (experimental aircraft) to the Bahamas
see here for "To Bimini by experimental airplane"

World Aero Data - Airports in the Bahamas
Air Charter Bahamas - lots of info about airports1, airports2, sunset, airport codes,  bahamas_airport_info
FAA Federal Aviation Administration - especially
Flying by Private Aircraft in the Bahamas (unofficial notes)
Private Pilots' Info (unofficial notes)
AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (most info for members only)
International Yacht & Jet Show (April 25th-27th 2003)

Especially about Abaco/Treasure Island
Eleuthera Private Pilots' Page
SCC San Salvador Flight

Information of the Bahamas High Commission in London regarding Swiss flying with private aircraft from the U.S. to the Bahamas (Dec 02) :

(valid for Swiss Citizens only) The Bahamas High Commission is not aware of an official website that lists “ports of entry”, but a person entering the Bahamas by private aircraft would the High Commission assume be landing at an international airport, be it in Nassau, Freeport, or one of the Family Islands. They would all be classed as “ports of entry”, and the immigration and customs authorities would be present for the formalities. Anyone flying over Bahamas airspace, whether they land or not, would first have to obtain the necessary flight clearances from the US (as in flying over Bahamas airspace they undoubtedly would have to touch US airspace as well) and the Bahamas authorities, i.e., the Civil Aviation Department. The Bahamas High Commission would assume that they would be aware of this requirement, which is universal. As for visas: The Bahamas' visa regime does not change, regardless of how a person enters The Bahamas. Therefore, if they are Swiss citizens, they would not require visas They should, however, have the necessary flight clearances as mentioned above, and other relevant licenses/permits for the aircraft.


"Good news for private pilots"

Source: Eleuthera Message Board / Author: Kimberly Date:   5/23/2003
The Honourable Obie Wilchcombe, Bahamas Minister of Tourism recently launched a new concept to make flying from The Bahamas easier for pilots. Currently, there are fifteen ports of entry that offer to the pilot community complimentary telephones with a direct connection to the United States thanks to a new partnership with the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (Batelco).
Pilots now have the benefit to close their flight plan after landing in The Bahamas. Telephone communication to the United States from all ports of entry will be available. Before heading home ward bound pilots can obtain a weather briefing by calling 800-WX BRIEF, or calling the local flight service. Pilots can file an International Flight Plan and notify US customs, which is required one hour prior to departure back to the United States.
The first of these phones was available in Bimini, one of the closest destinations in The Out Islands for private planes, and all ports of entry are expected to be equipped within the next few months. Plans are also being made to have cell phone service available throughout The Bahamas as well as AT&T and MCI calling card service, making it more convenient for pilots to get customs clearance.
The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism continues to spread the word that with multiple airports of entry as close as 46 nautical miles from the East Coast of Florida, The Islands Of The Bahamas, particularly the Out Islands, are a perfect destination for tourists and U.S. pilots with a taste for adventure. For more information on The Islands Of The Bahamas, please visit (new website:) 26221
The Briland Modem  /


Water - local, to-fro US-coast, cruises

Overview - Ferries, Mailboats
Florida to Bahamas ? see here

Florida-Grand Bahama:
CloudX (Palm Peach - Freeport) started in October 2004
Discovery Cruise (a "cruise ferry")
The Cat (Ft Lauderdale-Freeport)out of operation

Bahamas Fast Ferries
Bo Hengy: Nassau to Spanish Wells, Harbour Island and Governor's Harbour - see here for "Bo Hengy, a Harbour Island Legend"
Sea Link: Nassau to Exuma, Andros and Eleuthera
Sea Wind: Nassau to Andros, Eleuthera and Abaco

Abaco - Albury's Ferry Service
Abaco - Green Turtle Ferry

Ferry from Florida to Nassau?! see here
Ferry from Freeport to Nassau ? see here
see here for Nassau to Eleuthera - by air or by ferry?
see also comment about one way and (non-existent) ferries here
Grand Bahama - overview
By sea from USA (overview) and website 1639
Captain Clark: Bahamas, about ferry services (1999)

Inexpensive way to out islands QA-Source: MoT-Board (not available anymore)

Q From: Joey stone Date: Thursday, May 8, 2003
Is there an inexpensive way to get from new providence island to some of the out islands for a day trip, maybe a couple of days? Thanks much for any help.
A From: Stefan Date: Thursday, May 8, 2003
Best trip for you would be to take the fast ferry to Harbour Island and stay at a place like Tingum village for the night. Get a golf cart, explore the island. Much fun. Travel is safe, fast, and comfortable. Other option is to take Bahamasair to Abaco (marsh harbour) to explore Hope Town, ManOWar Cay, stay in a small hotel there. Or fly To Treasure Cay in Abaco (, they have a beautiful beach, marina, golf course there.


Fiesta Mailboat, detailed schedule and infos about other mailboat services
Geographia Mailboat schedule (brief)
+++Article  03.08.04 "Holiday mailboat travel brisk" Nassau Guardian

Mailboat & Sandflies QA-Source: MoT-Board (not available anymore)

Q From: susan Date: Monday, March 24, 2003
.....- we'd like to hit some outer islands that are not serviced by the fast ferry. How reliable is the mailboat and how do I find out its schedule?
- What the deal with sandfly stories ... do the out islands have a lot of sandflies?
A From: Scubagirl Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2003
. . . in Nassau, take a trip to Potter's Cay dock and check the mailboat schedules. They are quite uncomfortable, and a bit unreliable. (My last trip left 1 1/2 days late). Some islands are 16-24 hours, or longer depending on the seas. Not very comfy with nowhere to sleep or sitting on a folding chairs. But this could be quite an adventure. There are other ferries. (see Check out Sea Links which is also located at Potters Cay.
As for sand fleas.. they are pretty seasonal, and are more apt to appear on uncleared beaches and areas with underbrush. Take along a good repellant, especially on the outisland. Deet products are a must. Have a wonderful trip.


From Freeport to Nassau?

How to get from Freeport to Nassau?

QA-Source: / Q From Jessie 9.12.03 What is cheapest way to get from Freeport to Nassau? 
A From Scubagirl 10.12.03: Flying is still the most economical way to travel to and from Nassau/Freeport.
Bahamasair runs several flights daily. There is, however a mailboat that makes the trip 2x a week. The trip is a bit cheaper, but takes 9-10.5 hours and arrives in the middle of the nite. (a bit inconvenient for those without family or friends picking them up). Passage costs $57 per adult, and children under 12 are half price. The Mail. Boat Company's regular schedule: Fiesta Mail Departs Nassau Monday at 6:00pm / arrives Freeport Tuesday at 3:00am; departs Freeport Tuesday at 9:00pm / arrives Nassau Wednesday at 6:30am; departs Nassau Wednesday at 6:00pm / arrives Freeport Thursday at 3:00am; and departs Freeport Friday at 9:00pm / arrives Nassau Saturday at 4:30am.
Q From: Ray Date: 4.2.04 What is the best way to get from Freeport to Nassau.I'm not sure if I'll have a rental car.
A From: Scubagirl 4.2.04 The two cities are on different islands which are 100 miles apart. Nassau is on New Providence, Freeport is on Grand Bahama. The best way to get to and from, is to fly. There's a mailboat that travels 2x a week, and takes about 9 hours each way.
Ray:  I saw info about high speed ferry service between the main islands. I am staying at Freeport for one week in June, and then a week on Paradise Island and I'm trying to figure the best way , and cheapest way to plan the trip. I'm traveling with 3 kids (11,8,4) Any help would be appreciated. I've never been to the Bahamas, so I didn't know how far apart they are. We like to fish and Snorkel/scuba
Scubagirl: There are some high speed ferry services between some of the outislands and Nassau, but there are NONE that connect Nassau and Freeport, even in a round about way. Your best bet is by air ( - - there may be others). Unless the mailboat Fiesta's schedule coincides with your dates. Check for details. The boat leaves Freeport on Tuesdays and Fridays.
QA-Source: / Q From: Jeff, 21.4.04 / Is there an inexpensive ferry that runs dialy between nasseau and freeport?
A From: Cal 21.4.04 / No, there is no ferry. the distance is 90 miles. BahamasAir is the main airline that flies the route.
A From: trea1s, 22.4.04 / From what I understand the CAT is going to be doing a daily run from Freeport to Nassau very soon. I just heard this when I was in Freeport this past weekend. I am not sure if it will be the CAT out of West Palm or Ft. Lauderdale. You can go to the website and there is a toll free # you can call and check to see if what I heard is true.
A From: Cal, 22.4.04 I called the Corporate offices of the CAT. They have applied for a permit to expand their service to include a Freeport to nassau trip. They are waiting for approval from the Bahamas Government. If approved, they hope to have the service running by Late summer. It it occurs, it will be posted on their WEB site.


From Florida to the Bahamas

CLOUDX (= Cloud 10) -  New Ferry Service from Palm Beach to FREEPORT
CloudX website or
Port of Palm Beach (home port of CloudX) (e.g. port map, driving directions etc.)

12.10.04 "Good tourism news" Nassau Guardian/Freeport News
15.10.04 "Ferry service to West Palm inaugurated" Nassau Guardian/Freeport News

From KathyP 08.10.04 Geographia/GBI board
... the CloudX  (pronounced Cloud 10)  is a high speed ferry from Palm Beach to Freeport. While it's purpose is to provide transport for tourists and Bahamians alike, they are currently operating under a different time schedule as their service is limited to ferrying Grand Bahama residents back and forth to do after-hurricane shopping for supplies, etc. According to the ticket reservationist I spoke with today, they resume services on their regular schedule open to ALL travelers on Oct. 14th. At that time, the service will depart Palm Beach every day (EXCEPT Tuesdays) at 9:00am and docks at GBI 3 hours later. It departs GBI daily (EXCEPT Tuesdays) at 6:30pm. Discovery's cruising time is 6 hours each way. Cost for RT non-weekend transport is $99.00 plus $36.00 departure and port taxes or $135.00 each. RT passage on weekends is $129.00 plus $36.00 departure and port taxes. We just purchased our tickets for Thanksgiving, so if you're interested, call them toll-free at 1 866 463-3779 or contact them online from Oh, yeah, another thing.. please be aware that their phone system has a small glitch since being restored after the hurricanes.. if you call during normal business hours and get a message that says their office is closed.. most likely it is NOT. She said that they are still having brief power outages over there and when that happens, thats the message a caller receives. The system also gives out that erroneous message when a call comes in and all reservation lines are busy! Hang in there .. and call back!
From KathyP 29.09.04 Geographia/GBI board
Hi, I just had a call from Isabel at CloudX regarding their daily service to Freeport from S. Florida. She advised that round-trip service resumes Friday, Oct. 1st 2004 and they are taking reservations at this moment. During the early trips, she said that departure time from Freeport back to Florida (normally at 6:30pm) will be moved up to a 2:30pm departure to enable them to extend a humanitarian assist for Bahamians needing to travel to US and shop for hurricane relief supplies, etc. For additional information and reservations, you may contact Isabel toll-free at 1-866-GO FERRY (1-866-463-3779) and locally at 472-9860. E-mail her at if you wish. Happy trails..
From Isabella 29.09.04 
This service is fine for tourists with two suitcases (their limit) but they don't allow cargo so it is doesn't work for anyone living on the island wanting to go "big" shopping in Florida. Karen 

From: Trea Date: 2/25/04
Just found out starting in April there will be ferry service from Palm Beach, FL to Freeport. It is a CAT service. They already have a web site: They say it takes 3 hours, no firm schedule yet, price advertised $99+port charges($34, I think). 1-866-GO-FERRY. I enjoyed the one from Ft. Lauderdale over so I hope this one is as good. Anything is better then Discovery! Just wanted to toss that information out there.
From: brian Date: 2/25/04
I just talked to Stacy at Party Line Cruises. Thy plan to start service in mid-March and are waiting on final approval from the USCG. Fares will be $133 TOTAL RT (inc. $34 port fee). It runs everyday EXCEPT Tuesday. Leaves Palm Beach at 9:00AM arrives GBI Noon. Leaves GBI at 6:30pm arrives Palm Beach 9:30pm. For Reservations Call: 1-866-GO-FERRY. Party Line Cruise Company, 301 Broadway, Suite 142, Riviera Beach, FL 33404, Fax. (561) 841-0472 IS GREAT! NOW ANOTHER CHOICE TO GET TO PARADISE!
From KathyP 06.09.04 Check this website:
GOOD NEWS! That ferry service between Palm Beach (I think) and Freeport is to resume 9/8/04. It takes 3 hours rather than Discovery's 6+ hour sail time. 

First review by Expat 20.10.04 source: Geographia/GBI Board
Rode Cloud X this week. Pros: Smooth, comfortable and cheap. Cons: 6 hours total travel time (3 at sea), prefer Lauderdale.


Discovery Cruise Ft Lauderdale > Freeport, same day roundtrip

!! search this page for "Discovery" as it is mentioned in a number of comments in connection with the CAT

05.10.04 "Discovery to go on dry dock [Oct 19 to Nov 2, resuming service to Grand Bahama on Nov 4]" Nassau Guardian/Freeport News
21.06.04 Trip Report Discovery Cruise by texfrank, Bahamas-mon
26.10.04 started by Geogia Geographia/GBI board
29.01.05 started by SouthernGal "Discovery cruise or fly? [it's not like the Disney Cruise Ship!
1/2 h flight or  pay less for 6-7h by boat?] Tripadvisor

!! see also I won a free trip

The Cat?! Schedule & Reservation
Watch it: the URL http:// (bahama instead of bahamas) will take you to another ferry service but which is not in operation yet...

++Discussion the Cat (St Lauderdale-Freeport) is out of operation, see long discussion Grand Bahama Newsgroup, thread starting 12.5.04
- are they coming back? when? why are they really out of business? rumours or facts? other ferries?
04.05.04 "Bahamas Florida Express prepares new vessel for operation" Nassau Guardian
12.05.04 "The Cat 'on hold'" Nassau Guardian (FreeportNews)

Alternatives to the CAT (QA-source Bahamas-mon)
Cat (St Lauderdale-Freeport)  is presently out of operation

Q From: Grant 15.05.04
As many of you know the CAT canceled all of its reservations for much of the summer.... To my dismay, because I already booked a flight to Ft. Lauderdale and a hotel in GBI.Anyone know of any alternatives to the Cat?
A From: Carrie 15.5.05
Hi Grant, Continental Airlines (through their Gulfstream/Continental Connection) - just look up Continental Airlines - has flights out of Fort Lauderdale to Freeport, 
Grand Bahama Island. You can either look up the flights through Continental/Gulfstream at: -
American Eagle (part of American Airlines), Continental Airlines (Gulfstream/Continental connection) and Bahamasair have flights from Miami to Grand Bahama Island - I don't think they have flights out of Fort Lauderdale but you can check with the airline.
If you do not want to fly, another alternative to the CAT would be the Discovery Cruise. Their toll free number is 1-800-866-8687. Their websites are: - - The Discovery Cruise takes several hours to get to Grand Bahama Island as opposed to about 40-55 minutes flying from Florida (depending on what airline you take). If you take the Discovery Cruise, it takes considerable time to get off the boat, especially when you get back to the US. You literally lose a full day in the Bahamas, if you take into consideration the late arrival time and the early departure. The Discovery ship departs from Port Everglades, Florida to go to Grand Bahama Island.
ADDENDUM1: reading my above posting, in the paragraph about Miami, I mention that there are no flights out of Fort Lauderdale. Continental/Gulfstream (Continental Connection) DOES have flights out of Fort Lauderdale as I mentioned in first paragraph of my posting.
ADDENDUM2: In addition to my above postings, it should be noted that, as well as Continental/Gulfstream (Continental connection: or, that also Falcon Airlines through Grand Bahama vacations offers air inclusive packages or air and hotel packages ( from Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama Island (toll free tel: 1-800-545-1300).

28.07.03 "The Cat is back (almost)" Nassau Guardian

Cat (St Lauderdale-Freeport)  is presently out of operation
CAT & Trip report (Ft Lauderdale-FREEPORT)

Source: by: Trea Date: January 13, 2004 / Hi Everyone, Got back from GBI Sun. Jan 4th and am just now recovering after a 2 week stay. I had a great time as usual. Wanted to let people know about the new CAT service out of Ft. Lauderdale. It was GREAT!! I was very surprised they were pretty together for a new service. It was a good thing I did catch the CAT because the airport was a mess in Ft. Lauderdale. No problem with the CAT. I was there an hour prior to departure checked my bags outside the terminal and then checked myself in inside. I had someone drop me off but there is plenty of parking for $12 a day (same as the airport)Not sure if there is off-site parking for the ships. The seats are just like airplane seats. They also have tables with seating if you want to play cards or eat with a few people. There is a mini slot casino and 3 snack bars that serve pretty good food, breakfast, lunch and snacks, and of course alcohol. The times were pretty good also. It leaves Ft. LauderdaLe at 4pm and leaves Freeport at 10am everyday. The prices were also very reasonable and packages can be booked. The staff was VERY friendly at the dock and on the boat. You can book excursions on the boat for when you arrive in Freeport. They show 2 movies, on one side they show a movie for the kids and on the other side they show an adult movie. They have TV monitors all over the boat also. There is an area in the back of the boat so us smokers can go outside and light up. The boat is enclosed in glass so the view is fabulous. You really don't realize how fast you are going until you go out back and also realize you just made it to the island in under 2 hours. The boat left on time and arrived on time. Talking to others on and off the boat this is the norm unless there is a weather problem. Getting off the boat in Freeport was fairly quick...unlike the Discovery. Customs came on board after about 15 mins and cleared us passengers, while they were clearing us ALL the luggage was being unloaded. Once all was unloaded everyone got off at the same time. It took less then 45 mins total. Coming back US customs took a little longer to clear us, why, I have know idea. but still the total time to get cleared, get luggage and go thru US customs was about 1 hour. The only irritation I had was getting on the boat in Freeport. They move you thru a very cramped area and they were disorganized as far as were lines were and going thru the x-ray machine. Hopefully that will be straightened out. The experience was overall excellent and I will be using the service again. I hope things continue to go in a good direction because this is a great alternative to flying and the Discovery. They do have a web site www. Also the boat can hold 900 passengers!! Went to the new Casino......LOVED IT!!! Most of the dealers came from the Royal Oasis and they seem very happy!
Posted by: Kim 2.4.04 Subject: Trip Report 3/28-3/31 - The CAT Service / Just returned from GBI. Beautiful island and friendly people. Some friends and I booked a package through The Cat. It included roundrip service via The Cat and a 3-night stay at the Sheraton @ Our Lucaya. The ferry service is great if you have the time to spare. Our trip was a little over 2 hours both ways, but Customs/Immigration at Freeport took a little while and we ended up spending about 3 1/2 hours on board. Our luggage was tagged only with a piece of tape and a handwritten number and upon our arrival we discovered it thrown amongst everyone else's luggage in a warehouse. It was a bit of a madhouse trying to locate our bags. The package we purchased included roundtrip bus service from port to the hotel. It was nice not to have to worry with a taxi, but we did have to battle with 50 others to check in once we got to the hotel. The bus was there to pick us up on wednesday morning. Our luggage was tagged with pre-printed labels this time, though we were 15 minutes late departing. Overall, we were pleased with The Cat. It is nice and clean with more than enough seating and perfect opportunities to view the ocean. There is a gift shop, snack bar, casino and a bar on board. The sandwiches were fresh. Take cash if you plan to spend on board. Credit cards nor travellers checks are accepted. One major flaw of the ferry service is that it leaves Ft. Lauderdale at 4:00 p.m. Return service from GBI is at 10:00 a.m. Essentially, we only we got two full days on the island. One of The Cat agents told us they weren't sure why the service functioned that way and that many travellers had expressed concern. So perhaps they will change this. If anyone would like to know more about the service, please email me. 
A From Cal, 2.4.04: Good report. I can tell you why the Cat functions on the hours it does. The CAT is a Bahamian owned Service and in addition to Tourists, it offers affordable transportation to Florida for Bahamians that need to shop for items that are not available on the Island. Grand Bahama Island has a small population (50,000), so many items are not available and the selection is often limited. By leaving Freeport at 10, arriving in the U.S. at 12, and departing the U.S. at 4 PM, it allows Bahamians to travel to the U.S. have 1.5 days for shopping and only spend 1 night on hotel lodging. If it departed the U.S. in the morning and came back in the evening, it would cause them to spend two nights in a hotel. Also, with this timing, Bahamians can depart Freeport on Saturday Morning, shop, and return on Sunday afternoon, and not have to miss work. It is a great ferry service for tourists, but Bahamians provide a lot of their passenger bookings. (the 3 1/2 hours should be total time for customs, boarding, and the trip. The ferry time (time on water) is only about 2 hours.)


Cat (St Lauderdale-Freeport)  is out of operation

Cat/Boat//Ferry/Cruise connection between Florida and NASSAU?

31.12.03 "New Nassau-Florida 'cat' service coming" Nassau Guardian
30.01.04 "Cat service stalled" Nassau Guardian

Q From: Bailey January 14, 2004 QA-Source
Subject: Ferry from florida to Nassau???????? -I have looked through this whole entire page and nothing has really been posted recently about a ferry service from miama or ft. laud to nassau. could some please contact me and tell me if such a thing exists or will be up and running by early march of 2004, please i'd appreciate it so much. thank you.
A From: scubagirl January 15, 2004
There is currently no ferry service between So. Florida and Nassau. They have been talking about this for years, but it hasn't happened yet. Since part of the problem is finding or building a U.S. Customs house to process visitors, it will be quite a while before we see this come to fruition. The U.S. gov't has not agreed to any proposed site thus far. In the meantime, Imperial Majesty cruise ships allow passengers to return on subsequent crossings, if you make prior arrangements. But this can be quite pricey.
Q From Ron Guerra Date 3.3.04 QA-Source
Re: boat roundtrip from miami to nassau - Does anyone have a website I can go to see about boat fares from Miami to Nassau and back. We're going to Nassau in April and was wondering if it would be cheaper and more scenic, if we took a boat.
A From Scubagirl, Date 3.3.04
There are no ferry services between Miami and Nassau. There is a cruiseship, Imperial Majesty, which sometimes allows passengers to disembark and return on
another voyage. This depends on how booked they are. The imperial Majesty is NOT a luxury ship. It's small and old and looking it's age. You can find them at
Q From: JOHN F PROBST Date 6.4.04 QA-Source:
A From: scubagirl Date 6.4.04 / There is currently no ferry service from Florida to Nassau. They have been talking about it for years, and at one point the Cat was a reality. The same company that runs the Freeport Ferry is interested, but the US/Bahamian Governments can't agree on a site, staffing and solution to the Immigration/Customs issues that arise from such an endeavor as well as other security issues.Several solutions have been put forth.. but the U.S. has not yet agreed to any. Until that happens, there will be no ferries into Nassau from Florida or anywhere else in the states. 



+++Article 22.12.03 "Tourism director: Bay Street to compete with cruise ships" Nassau Guardian

see also tours, shore excursions reports - message boards and cruise forums

Cruiseweb Bahamas Cruise Packages
Geographia - Cruise Service to the Islands of The Bahamas
Cruiseclues - Links to Cruise Packing Lists (and lots of other cruise related info)
WebMD "Sailing Into Sickness?"

Disney Cruise Line
e.g. Sensible Orlando Vacations
"Disney Vacations Are Not Sensible! And why should they be? Disney vacations are meant to be full of fun memories that last a lifetime."
Wikipedia about...


SCC Windjammer Barefoot Cruises
SCC Bahamas Cruises (Carnival, Princess, RCCL etc.)

Private islands
, owned by cruise lines (overview:

- Great Stirrup (NCL Norwegian Cruise Line) Cay see Berry Is.
- Coco Cay (RCCL Royal Carribean)) see Berry Is.
- Castaway Island (Disney Cruise) see Abaco Is.
- Half Moon Cay (Holland American Line) see San Salvador Is.
- Princess Cays (Princess Cruises) see Eleuthera

How to get from the cruiseship harbour to Port Lucaya / Our Lucaya area (Freeport), QA-source: Geographia/Grand Bahama Board

Q From: Michael 21.5.04: I am taking the discovery cruise to the GBI. What is the most cost-effective way to get from the port where Discovery docks on the GBI to the Sheraton Lucaya where I am staying?
A From: Carrie 21.5.04: You'll have to take a taxi. It will cost approximately $22-$24 for a taxi from the cruiseship harbour to the area of Port Lucaya Marketplace/Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort and Isle of Capri Casino at Our Lucaya for 2 people - add about $3 for each additional person). Please note you will be charged extra if you have luggage and golf clubs(about $1 for each piece of luggage and about $2 for each golf bag). If you intend to rent a car, I'm not sure whether there is pickup from the cruiseship harbor or not. 
A From Tom 21.5.04 (re rent a car): You can e-mail K.S.R. Rent-A-Car at http://www.KSRRENTACAR.COM.


What to do if you have just a short time (Freeport)....Only a few hours on Grand Bahama QA-Source Bahamas-mon board

 Q From: Connie, 16.07.04 .... We are going on the Discovery Cruise next week on a Sunday. We will not be : spending the night, in the short time we have on GBI, what suggestions do you : have for getting the most out of our short visit. Recommendations on what to definatley see and what we could afford to miss this visit would be so helpful. Can't wait to get some ideas so we can plan accordingly. Thanks.
A From: Kate, kate, 19.07.04 I would say go to Port Lucaya lots of shopping and the beach is across the street and you can check out the Our Lucaya resort. It is very beautiful. They don't mind if you stroll the grounds and look at it. There are many places to eat at The square. There is a straw market also. They will give you info on the ship. I think someone said it is like $22- $254 to get there from the cruise port. Have fun!! get in vacation mode no hurry to do anything.
A From: Liz, 19.07.04 After you disembark you will only have about 2 - 2 1/2 hours to spend on GBI before having to return to the ship. Depending on what you want to do you can take a taxi to either Freeport or Lucaya. Each has a casino and straw market, shopping and restaurants. I would probably suggest Lucaya (shopping is better). If wanting to see both you could spend an hour or so in Lucaya and then take the Public Bus for $1.00 per person into Freeport and spend an hour and then take the taxi from Freeport back to the ship. 


Suggested activity for Freeport - Kayaking Source: cruisecritics-board

Before our cruise, I scanned this board for good advice about excursions in Freeport, but got very little info. We had only until 2:30 in port so I was a little leary of making independent arrangements for fear of missing the ship (which 2 of our passengers did) so we went with the Kayaking & Lucayan Park excursion thru the ship. We had visited Gold Rock beach previously (which is in Lucayan Natl Park) & knew we'd like the beach. We were picked up at the pier by bus & driven to the kayak outfitters location - maybe 20 mins. We were then broken into groups of 8 & boarded a van with our guide, Cosmo. We then drove about half an hour to the launch point for the kayaking. The van was shuttled to our ending point so when we arrived, it was already there. The kayaking was about 60 - 90 mins of easy paddling thru mangrove swamp. It was often shaded & there was basically no current. After kayaking, we were offered lunch of ham & cheese or PJB sandwiches, fruit, cookies, tea or water. We then had about 90 mins at the beach which is lovely. We then had about a 30 - 40 min nature walk thru the 5 ecosystems of the Bahamas & visited 2 caves. We were delived by Cosmo directly back to the ship with about 15 mins before "all aboard". Since we were on a ship tour, I was not concerned about being left, but I would have liked a bit of time for shopping. Be advised there are very few shops at the pier, but I didn't have time to even browse them. We thought this was a reasonably priced excursion at $84 pp. Before we sailed, I could not find any info about rental cars at the pier. I did see a sign that said car rental at the pier, but I didn't have the chance to verify there was an actual location that was open there. Driving is on the left so it is probablly just as well someone else did that for us. Also, if you choose this tour, be aware that there are no bathroom facilities at the beach nor is there any type of commercialization. It is just sand and ocean with the tree line extending down to the shore so there is quite a bit of shade if needed. It is my favorite beach anywhere I have visited. So, this is my suggestion for anyone looking for something to do in Freeport. FYI - we were on RCCL Grandeur of the Seas. Debbie


International Travel Documents and Health Information (source:

It is the passenger's obligation to obtain a valid passport, visas and public health documents for all applicable ports of call and overland tour destinations. Consult your travel agent for advice on such requirements.
Passengers will be sent preliminary cruise documents approximately three months prior to departure. These will contain a visa application package from an independent visa service agency so passengers may avail themselves of this service.
Vaccination/immunization requirements vary considerably depending on the area of the world visited, and are subject to change at any time. We suggest that passengers travelling outside of their country of residence consider immunization against Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Polio, Diphtheria and Tetanus. An international certificate, approved by the World Health Organization, is the best medium for verification that inoculations and vaccinations have been satisfactorily performed, and is accepted by health officials at all ports of call. We strongly recommend that all passengers contact their personal physician, the Department of Public Health or the Centers for Disease Control to obtain expert medical immunization recommendations for their intended itinerary and travel plans and to specifically address
Malaria and Yellow Fever requirements in time to receive any necessary vaccinations/immunizations and for them to take effect.


Q:Why would they keep back your passport on the ship when you leave the cruise ship in Nassau while on a 1-day-cruise to Bahamas?

QA-Source: MoT-Board (not available anymore) >Bulletin Board
Q From: Cerise Date: Monday, April 7, 2003 I've been looking for sea passenger ferry transportation from Florida to the Bahamas but, can't find anything. This makes no sense, since it's only about 100 miles why isn't this service provided? Anyone have any ideas/
A Stefan Date: Tuesday, April 8, 2003: Different companies have tried this but failed. Main reason is, air travel only takes 30-55 mins and is much easier than going on a boat which is usually an all day affair. On top of it, weather conditions can frequently interrupt the service, especially in the winter and spring (the tourist season). Additionally, the expenses of running and maintaining a large, fast boat, are enormous. A From: beekman Date: Tuesday, April 8, 2003 Two ways that I know of: One is Millennium Fast Ferries at: I called them about 3 weeks ago and they were not yet in operation. Their site is a little strange, too. Other way is You'll have to bail out in Nassau and then pay the full price ($179. minimum) to return. They leave Ft. Lauderdale odd days at 6 and get to Nassau next morning at 9. Good luck. A From: tamara Date: Tuesday, April 8, 2003 Not as easy as it sounds. Imperial Majesty does not allow you to get off in Nassau, then return on another trip. So you will NOT have a return trip. They used to hold your passport also, so if that is still the case, you won't get back into the US. A From: Scubagirl Date: Tuesday, April 8, 2003 The Ocean Breeze (part of Imperial Majesty's line) allows you to disembark and return on another cruise, subject to availability. (off season). The rate is a bit higher, of course. info at or call 800-394-3865.A From: beekman, Date: 6/2/03 I recently travelled to Nassau via Imperial Majesty's "Ocean Breeze". We only went one way, bringing a small boat back. We boarded about 3 pm one day and were able to disembark in Nassau at 9 the next morning. $180. The food was OK and the room was nice. We were taking the Bo Hengy to Gov Harbour that evening at 7:30 so we wanted to stay on the ship for a while. They only allowed us to stay aboard until 1:00, for some reason, so we had to kill a few hours in Nassau. Would be more convenient to stay aboard until 5:00 when the cruise passengers reboard. They could make it easier for one-way passengers, but, all in all, I'd do it again. It's a very civilized way to travel and you don't have to deal with the airports.


Beaches for Cruise Passengers QA-Source

Q From Alex on Fri - Nov 7, 2003
Hi, our cruise ship will dock in Nassau for a day. I've heard that the cruise line transports passengers to some hotel/resort that does not let tem access the beach (!?). Strange... Does anyone know how to get to the beach as soon as possible after we disembark? Thanks
A From  Scubagirl on Fri - Nov 7, 2993
You are probably thinking of the Atlantis tour, which allows you access to the casinos and shopping as well as the indoor aquariums, but not the use of the pools, beaches etc. There are several beaches that are available to cruise guests. Cabbage Beach (Atlantis Beach) on Paradise Island can be accessed by taking the ferry boat ($3) from the dock area to Paradise Island, and walk along the walkway past the Sheraton Grand to the pathway. Beaches are all public, so you can plop yourself down anywhere along the stretch of beach. Or, you can pay $15 pp to enter the British Colonial Hilton and use their small beach. It's just a few steps from the cruise dock, you can't miss it. The BCH is a very quiet, serene property, very low keyed. Or, you can walk west along Bay Street for about 1/4 mile to the public beach. No amenities, but a great stretch of open beach. Or, you can take the #10 jitney ($1)from downtown Nassau to Cable Beach, and use the facilities at Nassau Beach Hotel or the Radisson. Of course, they expect that you will spend a few buck on food/drinks etc. It's about a 10 minute jitney ride. Just as the driver to stop at either hotel.

for more comments & info about beaches see here


Land Transportation (Taxis, buses, car rentals, scooters etc.

! Nice summary (taxi, ferry, jitney, scooter etc. - Nassau (Golden Pages)
Geographia List Travelling within the islands - taxi, buses, car rentals etc.

Taxis - see also comment here

List of auto rentals (incl scooter in Nassau)
BVG Bahamas Vacation Guide, links to car rentals

Grand Bahama
SCC car rental companies on Grand Bahama: - (look here for e-mail address)

18.03.04 "Sen. Gladys Sands calls for roads and traffic upgrades" Nassau Guardian
06.10.04 "Cab drivers want restaurant shuttle bus operations terminated" Nassau Guardian

About Bike & Scooter / Moped Rentals

Q From Brenda 16.05.03 QA-Source Bahamas-mon
Can anyone give me the scoop on scooter/moped rentals? What type of rates and where's the best place to rent from in Freeport....
A From Carrie 22.05.03
Prices are about $50 per day and up for a single seater scooter, not including insurance, plus about $100 for deposit, about $60 per day for a double seater scooter, plus about $100 for deposit. You usually have to present a major credit card and valid driver’s license. There is a scooter rental stand in the parking lot of Port Lucaya Marketplace. There are other places on the island that rent as well. Check the condition of the scooter before renting and remember to WEAR A HELMET. It is the Bahamian law that helmets must be worn; they are supplied FREE. PLEASE BE CAREFUL DRIVING. Driving is on the left like the British. I think you can also rent motor scooters from Ocean Motion Watersports (they are located on the beachfront of Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort) for about $15 for the first hour and $5 for every hour thereafter. Please note that I believe that they do put an approximate $200 hold on your credit card which is cleared after you bring the scooter back. I just think it is a bit dangerous and I do NOT really advise rental of scooters or mopeds but that is just my personal opinion - but tourists do rent them. Realize your limitations. Stay away from the busy congested areas. Be responsible and wear your helmet at all times. Driving on the roads can be hazardous especially away from the major tourist areas since you'll encounter potholes and fast drivers. I would NOT recommend mopeds for teenagers, drinkers or the easily distracted!! So just drive cautiously if you do decide to rent a moped or scooter. 

Q From mary  23.08.04 QA-Source C-O-L Board
I want to rent a moped in Nassau, HELP
A From Lou 30.08.04 My son and his friend rented scooters on Paradise Island next to Atlantis Beach Tower, just past Comfort Suites. 4 hours for $40. Very reasonable as compared to other alternatives. Scooters seemed in good condition. Minimum age of 17. 
Q From Tristan 29.07.04 QA-Source cruisecritics
Has anyone parasailed or rented mopeds in Nassau?? There doesn't seem to be much to do, so we're thinking of these two activities. Any comments or advice would be MUCH appreciated, as we leave in 2 weeks. This would be for 2 adults. Thank you.
A From Kaj2870 02.09.04 My husband and I rented a scooter while in Nassau on 11/30/2002 and it was about $50.00. It's located acorss the street from the Straw Market. We rode over to Paradise Island and had a ball. Make sure you get helmets from the scooter rental because they are a must! We didn't know since they didn't give us any. Well, a police officer questioned us about our helmets and we told him the scooter rental attendant didn't give us any. He told us to tell the place of business that if they continue to rent scooter to customers without helmets, they will be fined.
! From LDaneen 07.09.04 source: Bahamasguide
 Old Town Scooter Rentals, Sandyport, Nassau, Bahamas, Telephone: (242) 327-2633 or 558-6778, Email: adventuresonwheels at, Open every day, 8am-5pm or Downtown Scooter Rentals, Festival Place, Prince George Dock, Nassau, Telephone: (242) 356-5739 or 556-3280, Fax: (242) 324-6001, Email: fathiainvestmentsltd at (Nassau's oldest and most reliable scooter rental service)

Q From kissyfurr 18.11.04 QA Source: Bahamas-mon/Nassau board
Can my 14 yr old have his own scooter? 
My family will be traveling to the Bahamas via Carnival Cruise Line. We will have 2 days in Nassau and want to do some self exploring. Scooter rental seems the coolest and least expensive way to travel. It will be me, my husband, our 2 kids ages 5 and almost 14. Can the 14 yr old ride/drive his own scooter or would he have to piggy back with one of us? It would sure make it easier and more fun for him to drive his own. He is a wonderful driver already and will be with us the entire time.
A From Scubagirl 18.11.04 
Your 14 year old will not be allowed to drive his own scooter. You'll need a drivers license to rent one. Although this may seem like a fun way to see the island, bahamians are CRAZY drivers, and of course, they drive on the opposite side of the road. Roadways are in disrepair, huge pot holes, stray dogs, no sidewalks and no street signs are the norm. Every day, there is a serious accident with these scooters.. driving with your young children onboard would NOT be a good idea. 
SCC Grand Bahama organized biking tour - more detailed reviews?
Biking tour offered by HAL (might be the same as the above, but +20$)
SCC "Shore trips" seems to be the same but also somewhat more expensive

Most biking or scooter riding is done either on New Providence Island (Nassau) or on Grand Bahama Island; both have relatively flat terrain. Biking is best on Grand Bahama Island because it's bigger, with better roads and more places to go. Getting around New Providence Island is relatively easy once you're out of the congestion of Nassau and Cable Beach. In Nassau many hotels will rent you a bike or motor scooter. On Grand Bahama Island, you can rent bikes at most big hotels. You can also rent motor scooters starting at about $35 per day. The tourist office at Freeport/Lucaya will outline on a map the best biking routes.In the Out Islands, roads are usually too bumpy and potholed for much serious biking or scooter riding. Bike-rental places are almost nonexistent unless your hotel has some vehicles. Source Frommers
If you're renting a car , Avis has four locations in Nassau and Paradise Island, including one office at the airport, while Budget, Hertz and Dollar have two each and National has one airport location. Local operator Orange Creek Car Rentals is located on West Bay Street. Most hotels offer bike rentals , though you can also rent a scooter at Knowles Scooter and Bike Rental, located just outside the British Colonial Hotel , or take a 25-minute surrey ride . Surrey masters congregate near the wharf gangway at Rowson Square and, for US$10 per person, will take you on a horse-drawn tour past the Bahamian Parliament and other major sights of old Nassau. Source: Webtourist



! Taxi fares in Nassau - scubagirl's list

Taxi prices QA-Source:

A From: Stefan Date: Thursday, March 27, 2003
... There are set rates but most taxi drivers will try to rip you off wherever they can. International airport to Atlantis should be about $28-35, not sure what the published rate is. They also like to add ridiculous fees for 3rd and 4th persons (like it costs more gas with the extra 150 Sometimes they will try to charge you even for 2nd person. I have found the best thing to do is to ask the taxi what the published fare is before you get into taxi, and you usually get the right price. This way they know that you are aware of published rates and they are caught off guard with quoting a price before, not after, they drive you. This works 99% of the time to get honest rate.


Driving in the Bahamas

interesting website about driving on the left side of the road (historical, lists, tips) 

+++Article 24.05.04 "Seat belt law under review, motorists still being warned" Nassau Guardian

... don't miss: "Drew's basic rules for driving in the Bahamas" ;)

Driving on the "wrong side of the road" QA-Source:

Q From john Date: 3/9/04: To experienced drivers only. I really like the independence of having a car but I am a little nervous about driving on the left side. A lot of you on the newsgroup are from Boston so you are used to the wrong side; Up here in farm country in albany, N.Y. we're a little laid back. Just how heavy is the traffic ? Just kidding about Boston, nice town. Thank you, Nervous john // A From: brian Date: 3/9/04 You'll have no problem. Traffic is NOT a problem on the island at all...even in Freeport at 9:00AM..UNLESS you're near the school and the kids / buses are in motion! Even then it's only a few minute delay! A From Renee O'B Date: 3/9/04 I'm from DC, so the traffic on GBI seems nonexistent! :-) As for driving on the left, it takes a little getting used too, but it's not very hard. Just be extra careful in the roundabouts (there are a few traffic circles on the island) and when making right turns, and you should be OK. One failsafe tip: before proceeding, always look BOTH ways... TWICE! // A From: Mugsy Date: 3/9/04 Driving on the left is quite easy. The only time you may encounter a problem is the left turn. I have a friend who claims that you "keep your [left] shoulder to the dirt" and you will never forget. Coming home and driving on the right can be troublesome...I have found myself driving on the left in parking lots or turning to the left when entering a 2 way drive. Go for it! Rent a car and explore the island. // A From: Dianne, Date: 3/9/04 Yep. That's it. Left shoulder to the dirt. You got it Mugsy. BTW, missed you on the beach over the weekend. A From: Larry S, Date: 3/9/04 The only problem I had when I was there was on the two lane highway it was difficult to see around the car in front of you when you wanted to pass with the left side steering wheel. I just let my girlfriend do the looking for me.. "Hey hun, is there any cars coming" ??? LOL

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