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Tourist info is subject to frequent change and budgets, needs & expectations of tourists are very individual. Therefore, tourist offices, travel agencies and of course frequent travelers to and people who live in the Bahamas are the best sources for up-to-date and detailed information about "what-to-do, where-to-go, what-it-the-cheapest, etc.." in the Bahamas. There are a few useful links in this section but don't hesitate to post specific questions on one of the message boards!

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!! Local daily weather > look at the weather page in the online-(pdf-)version of The Nassau Guardian, more about weather here
!! Detailed weather of all islands, click on island for 5-day-forcast

27.10.03 "Neglected Queens Staircase" Nassau Guardian
20.11.03 "A tourist mecca" Nassau Guardian
27.11.03 "Tourism launches 'Jump' campaign " Nassau Guardian
12.12.03 "PM announces $1 billion investment for Cable Beach" Nassau Guardian
08.01.04 "Tourism industry sees competition from neighbours" Nassau Guardian

10.01.04 "Tourism forum expected to strengthen sector" Nassau Guardian
27.01.04 "PM's wake-up call" Nassau Guardian
27.01.04 "Cruise ship act to boost spending" Nassau Guardian
30.01.04 "Tourism to launch domestic campaign" Nassau Guardian
02.03.04 "$500 million offer for Cable Beach - Calstar deal would include Radisson, Nassau Beach & Wyndham " Nassau Guardian
02.03.04 "Bahamian beaches get rave review " Nassau Guardian

04.03.04 "GB headed for tourism recovery " Nassau Guardian
05.03.04 "Miracle, the new ship in town" Nassau Guardian
28.04.04 "Bahamas sizzles as 2004 Hot Destination" (Conde Nast Traveller's "Hot List" May issue) Nassau Guardian
07.05.04 "Ministry seeks improvement in horse and carriage rides" Nassau Guardian
07.05.04 "Hot List is Bahamas' "Priceless" Treasure" Nassau Guardian
17.05.04 "Solomon lauds Kerzner $1 million 'gift' for Bay Street" Nassau Guardian
21.05.04 "'The Visitor's Voice' returns with data for the latter half of 2003" Nassau Guardian
25.05.04 "Kerzner's $1m sets off Bay St. redo" Nassau Guardian
07.06.04 "Bahamas second to Jamaica for honeymooners" Nassau Guardian
14.06.04 "Admission fee charged to visit forts - $1 for Bahamians, $5 for tourists" Nassau Guardian
15.06.04 " Kerzner share offer 'ill-timed' - Dupuch 'curious' over Cable Beach decision impact " Nassau Guardian
21.06.04 "Bahamas nearing tourism carrying capacity" Nassau Guardian

30.06.04 "Sustainable tourism touted" Nassau Guardian
09.07.04 "Tourism not appreciated - Parle gives startling overview in study" Nassau Guardian
19.07.04 "Tourism forecasting essential to national strategy" Nassau Guardian
26.07.04 "Bahamas leads region in cruise arrivals -  However, local revenue generated insufficient" Nasssau Guardian
17.08.04 "Let's 'brag' about Tourism jobs - Director General says tourism jobs deserve prestige" Nassau Guardian
23.09.04 "Cable Beach deal imminent" Nassau Guardian
28.10.04 "Jobs from Cable Beach deal far away - Construction may not start until mid 2005 " Nassau Guardian
01.11.04 "Cable Beach revitalisation good for economy" Nassau Guardian

21.12.04 "Visitor count grows in 2004"
Nassau Guardian
22.12.04 "Tourism Minister eyes expansion in Family Islands" Freeport News
10.01.05 "Ministry of Tourism official says Grand Bahama is back" Freeport News
11.01.05 "Eleuthera developments on schedule - PM touts Family Island projects on radio show " Nassau Guardian
11.01.05 "'Sealed' Cable Beach deal close - PM predicts announcement will come next week " Nassau Guardian
18.01.05 "GB to host tourism conference - "Making it Better in The Bahamas Again."" Freeport News
01.02.05 "Ongoing plans, Ginn Company still producing development proposals for GB" Freeport News
07.02.05 "Kerzner's Marina Village ahead of schedule - Set to open in summer instead of late fall" Nassau Guardian
16.02.05 "Bimini to re-establish itself as "gateway" to The Bahamas - With the construction of the controversial upscale Bimini Bay Resort, project developer Geraldo Capo..." Nassau Guardian
16.02.05 "Guana Cay residents protest development [Abaco]" Freeport News
21.02.05 "Cable Beach deal off - A lot of hype but no money produced to seal it" Nassau Guardian
31.03.05 "$1BN deal advances - New Cable Beach agreement; Baha Mar puts up $10 million, says source " Nassau Guardian
31.03.05 "Lawyer out to repel Guana Cay 'invaders'" Freeport News
11.09.07 "Renewal of passport suspension unlikely" Nassau Guardian "Suspension of new passport requirements for Americans flying to the region won't likely be renewed past expiration this month, a U.S. decision likely to prolong economic woes for a Bahamian industry already hit with visitor declines. The number of tourists who came to The Bahamas in June fell off 9.6 percent from a year previous, according to new numbers from the Ministry of Tourism. That came despite a U.S. suspension of new passport requirements for Americans flying to this country. But the country's number one industry is set to lose even that tenuous buffer by the end of the month. [] Late last week the U.S. passport office indicated it had finally sifted through the bulk of some three million applications for the crucial travel document. That sizeable backlog stemmed direct from introduction of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative last Jan. That first half of the new regulations fundamentally changed the way U.S. residents travel to countries in the region by requiring them to hold passports when flying back home. Next year the government will take it a step further, mandating they also produce passports when travelling by land or sea. It's then, worry Comito and others, that U.S, passport offices will return to the same kind of inundation they've only now worked their way through"

30.04.04 "Downtown facelift planned - Study group submits redevelopment plan" Nassau Guardian
XX 30.04.04 so far nothing on the internet: "... last year the government charged a broad based committee from members of the private and public sector to respond to the challenge of redeveloping Bay Street and give advice on the approaches that should be taken. The committee, known as the Nassau Economic Development Commission is co-chaired by prominent businessman Norman Solomon and former parliamentarian George Mackey. ..."

"... the government through The Hotel Corporation of The Bahamas, is contracting EDAW, one of the world's leading land-based planning and design firms ..."
EDAW Summer Student Programm 2004
"SSP 2004 PROJECT SCOPE:  Participants in this year's workshop will prepare a master plan for downtown Nassau’s harbour and Bay Street retail district. "


Official governmental websites

Hotels - Bahamas Tourist Office London > pick an island > scroll down to list of hotels
see here for more about hotels, hostels, B&B

!!! BMOT Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
BMOT - infos about tourism sector
+++Article 08.04.04 "Web access - Ministry of Tourism launches another interactive website " Nassau Guardian

Bahamas Out Island Promotion Board or
Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board
Grand Bahama Island Tourist Board

Bahamas Tourist Office London
Cacique Award (tourism)

Bahamas Government Website > About the Bahamas > Overview
! Interesting Facts on The Bahamas by Permanent Mission of the Bahamas to the UN (in NY)
Maps - Places and Attractions of all islands website 1603
Conference and Incentive Manual

People with disabilities / for the handicapped
"Because the Bahamian islands are relatively flat, it is fairly easy to get around, even for persons with minor disabilities" (Frommer's)
Bahamas by Wheelchair (1998)
Nassau/Paradise Island (2001)

HSA Handicapped Scuba Association International (Bahamas: Stuarts Cove are listed)

Accessible Cruise Ships (e.g. for the handicapped, for people in wheelchairs etc.)

Finding an Accessible Hotel--You can call the Bahamas Association for the Physically Disabled (tel. +1 242/322-2393 / Fax +1 242 /322 79 84) for information about accessible hotels in The Bahamas. This agency will also send a rented van to the airport to transport you to your hotel for a fee and can provide ramps.
Or call Bahamas Council for the Handicapped, Tel. +1 (0)242 / 322 42 60 (Frommer's &

Barrier Free Travel, Book Excerpt conc. Bahamas...

Nassau - Dolphin Encounter Blue Lagoon Island?
"On-site facilities include wheel-chair access to the Encounter Program and most areas on the island."

++Discussion started byEileenN on 15.01.05  "Walking in Nassau with wheelchair?" cruisecritics board


Overviews from other sources

for more general overviews (economy etc.) see here
see also trip reports

Where to stay - uncomplicated website! - descriptions and reviews of lots of hotels Bahamas Travel Guide, lots of info > the "Bahamas Encyclopedia" is a mirror of, visa info comes from MFA but where does the other stuff come from?
Tripadvisor - complicated, pop-up-ads - but lots of info -  start in the square [Popular Bahamas destinations], choose an island then choose [hotel...] or [attraction...] and look for "TripAdvisor user reviews"
Frommer's Travel Tips, best of etc.
MSN/Expedia (Fodors) Travel Tips
Virtual Tourist - complicated layout -
Apple Vacation, short & detailed, pick Freeport or Nassau
Lonely Planet

! The Bahamas Islands for Dummies  - overview (not only) for cruising and sailing enthusiasts
Condé Nast Traveller, some articles about Bahamas,3724,417,00.html
Fodors "The ABCs of Vacation Packages" Fodors Miniguide (9.2002)
Yahoo Travel
Virtourist, take a tour ... Nassau, 24 stops

... more
! BVG Bahamas Vacation Guide (Janice, Cheri, very knowledgable and helpful)

Geographical checklist of tourist attractions with links
Rough Guide - Bahamas
Columbia Encyclopedia
For facts & figures go to The Bahamas CIA World Factbook
Can. Min. of Foreign Affairs Country Info
Australian Min. of Foreign Affairs Country Info
World Info Zone
Rum Cay lots of good information about Bahamas

Kids stuff
BVT Bahamas Vacation Guide e.g. kids stuff
+++Comment by Janice 29.1.04 Freeport!: Here are some of my my kids favorites (two boys 10 and 4): 1. Glassbottom boat tours 2. Snorkeling on the Fantasia operated by Pat & Diane since they have a waterslide on board. 3. Reef Fishing 4. Genie's Native Extravaganza tour to Gold Rock Beach. 5. Snorkeling at Paradise Cove. The dolphin tour is also a great idea.. they'll love that. Source

<>TheBahamian stuff for kids
Bahamas Kids (Tour of Nassau etc.)
Travellady, Bahamian Fun and Sun for Children
11.01.05 "Mr Pretzels is here [pretzel franchise and family games centre<> - for rainy days?]" Nassau Guardian (Mr Pretzels seems to be a Brazilian franchiser )

Overviews on private websites

Bahamas Pleasure (Scubagirl)!! for restaurants, dining guide
Things' Bahamian (Conchman)
!! Reg & Kit, lots of picture-links, out-islands
!! Nancy & Danny's, concentrating on Grand Bahama with Forum !!
see also Stefan's/Brian's suggestions here to what to squeeze in when only 5/7 days in the Bahamas
Robert's list of info, compiled before leaving

Miscellaneous tourism related topics


Straw market (Nassau)
06.01.04 "Bidding for Straw Market to begin this month" Nassau Guardian
08.01.04 "Minister confirms straw market is to be built on original site " Nassau Guardian
23.03.04 "Signs of new straw market construction now visible " Nassau Guardian
29.06.04 "Loss of business - Heat, overcrowding affect straw vendors, customers" Nassau Guardian
16.10.04 "New roof for straw vendors - Sailmakers working to deadline" Nassau Guardian
18.11.04 "Straw vendors to demonstrate - Lawyer also plans to take government to court" Nassau Guardian

Where IS the Straw Market (Nassau)? source: 10.10.04 Scubagirl cruisecritics board
[...] The two-story market burned to the ground Sept 2001. It's been replaced, temporarily buy a huge Tent just a block west of where the old one stood. The recent hurricanes did some damage to the current market, but it's back up and running. There are smaller versions of the Straw Market at Cable Beach and at Paradise Island, but the one you want to experience is located just west of the dock, just a few yards off the pier.


Moon Resort and Casino

MOON Bahamas "the worlds largest, most expensive, most exclusive, most spectacular etc-etc-etc... "
MOON Bahamas
30.07.04 (Press release) "The Next Giant Step is...MOON Bahamas" WallstreetOnline
03.08.04 "Grand Bahama goes to the MOON - $4.5 billion futuristic resort project expected by 2010" Nassau Guardian
09.08.04 "Moon Bahamas" Nassau Guardian/Freeport News
09.08.04 "'Moon' over GB Bahamas" Nassau Guardian
12.08.04 "Moon Bahamas creators explain plans for the project" Nassau Guardian
31.08.04 "Progress of Moon Bahamas will call for BEST Commission review " Nassau Guardian/Freeport News
06.10.04 "Moon creator says no interest shown by government" Nassau Guardian/Freeport News
28.10.04 "(Press release)MOON Bahamas-'All Systems Go' - MOON Bahamas Team will now commence exhaustive feasibility studies" Business Wire
28.10.04 "Moon Bahamas claims to have government approval" Nassau Guardian/Freeport News

MOON -History- Las Vegas > Dubai > Thailand > Bahamas > ?            (Pre-)Constructions in Vancouver BC
HotelNewsResource about MOON
17.10.02 MOON unveiled in Las Vegas
18.10.02 Hoping to Shoot the Moon - Without financial wherewithal, extraterrestrial concept pure lunacy, experts say" reviewjournal.Las Vegas
25.11.02 MOON is rising (still projected in Las Vegas)
20.02.03 "MOON Resort and Casino: Onwards and Upwards!"
07.05.03 "It's Time To Shake Some Sand" - still in Las Vegas
18.09.03 looking for a new site (BizWire)
05.12.03 "MOON Resort and Casino: Top Gun Astronaut Joins MOON Team"
Location update: Dubai, UAE [!] is no longer a potential target for MOON. Current front runners include Thailand and the Caribbean. During 2004 the final location will be announced.
07.04.04 selection narrowed down from 12 down to 3
MOON's much anticipated final location selection, has been narrowed down from twelve to three. These are Singapore, Thailand and The Bahamas.


starting 4.8.04 "MOON Bahamas" Geographia/GBI forum - Thread 07.08.04 - Thread 09.08.04Thread 11.08.04 -

Who is Michael Henderson?
see also above article "hoping to shoot the moon..."
Michael Henderson was the CEO of Lasik-Vision, a laser eye surgery company based in Vancouver. [] went from 11 clinics across Canada to over 50 across North America. Lavish tastes were too rich for the low cost surgery and we went Bankrupt. People got lied too, saleries never paid. Alot of people lost alot of money with Henderson. He's a great SALESMAN, that's for sure! Source: Geographia/GBI board
Deloitte Touche - Trustee in Bankruptcy of Lasik Vision Canada 01.08.03,1042,sid%253D7309,00.html
28.06.01 "LASIK risks understated" USAToday
21.10.02 "Bowen Islanders in the news" Bowen Island Journal -
28.10.04 "Fly him to the Moon" Canadian Business

A competitor's project has already made it past the planning phase:
Palm Islands, Dubai UAE - e.g. satellite images
Satellite image, June 2004, of the "The Jumeirah Palm"
The Palm Islands - one at Jebel Ali and one at Jumeirah - will add a further 120km of coastline to an already considerable stretch. Everything that happens in Dubai seems to be bigger, better and completely over the top. Another group of 200 artificial islands [The World], due for completion in 2008, will appear in the shape of a world map when seen from the air. Each island will represent the country of its shape. Construction is under way on Burj Dubai, which is expected to be the tallest building in the world when it is completed in 2008. The city is already host to the world's tallest hotel, Burj Al Arab, built on another manmade island in the shape of a sail. source


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