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Scire ubi aliquid invenire possis, ea demum maxima pars eruditionis est
To know where you can find anything, that in short is the largest part of learning
Anonymous (source: nona p martin)

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    SCC = Sites with commercial character
  • Acts and Legislations
  • Address directories
  • Age of Majority
  • Agriculture
  • Air traffic, Airlines
  • Air traffic - arriving by private aircraft
  • Archaeology
  • Animals 
  • Arts & Artists
  • Au-pair
  • Bahamas Representations
  • Bahamianese
  • Banks and Trust Comp.
  • Beaches
  • Biology
  • Boating
  • Books
  • Business
  • Camping
  • Cell Phones in the Bahamas
  • Chat Rooms
  • Climate
  • Coat of Arms
  • Collections
  • Communication
  • Compare Bahamas & Jamaica
  • Compare Bahamas & Switzerland I
  • Compare Bahamas & Switzerland II
  • Crests
  • Cruise - entry requirements 
  • Cruise - general 
  • Culture
  • Customs, Tariffs
  • Diplomatic and Honorary Repr.
  • Diving 
  • Dolphin
  • Dolphin Therapy
  • Driving
  • Economy
  • Education 
  • Entry requirements
  • Environment / Env. protection
  • Ethnology
  • Famulatur (d) 
  • Field Stations & Field Trips
  • Film
  • Financial Institution, Regulations etc. 
  • Fish Fry
  • Fishing 
  • Flag 
  • Free trip - I just won... 
  • Genealogy
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Golf 
  • Government 
  • Guides, Portals SCC
  • Handicapped, for the
  • Hair Braiding
  • History
  • Horses
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels, overview
  • Hotels, Travel Agencies SCC
  • Humour
  • Hurricane Season
  • Immigration / entry requirements
  • Inexpensive way to Out Isl
  • Infrastructure (Governm)
  • Investing in the Bahamas
  • Island related - New Providence (Nassau), Grand Bahama (Freeport), Family Islands/Out Islands (Abaco, Acklins, Andros, Bimini, Berry Isl., Cat Isl. / Little San Salvador, Crooked Isl., Eleuthera, Exuma / Ragged Island, Inagua, Long Isl., Mayaguana, San Salvador / Rum Cay)
  • Junkanoo
  • Language
  • Laws & acts 
  • Law Firms SCC
  • Legendary Creatures
  • Link websites
  • Living in the Bahamas
  • Mailboat
  • Maps
  • Marine Biology
  • Marriage
  • Medical Info 
  • Military
  • Miscellaneous
  • Movie
  • Museum 
  • Music
  • National Holidays
  • National Symbols, Anthem
  • Nature, Environment
  • Nature Science
  • News - Google Newsticker
  • News - NASSAU GUARDIAN on-line
  • News - Other on-line publications
  • Obeah
  • Other official web sites - non-Bahamian
  • Overview - Bahamas
  • Painters
  • People (famous)
  • People to people programm
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  • Piracy
  • Political parties, actors / activities
  • Prices (food, gas, taxi)
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  • Residence in the Bahamas
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  • Sandflies
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  • Society
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  • Statistics
  • Surfing
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  • Temp conversion
  • Tide Chart
  • Time difference  
  • Transportation Air-Land-Water
  • Travel Reports
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  • Votes 
  • Water
  • Weather General
  • Weight & Volume conversion
  • Webcams
  • Weddings
  • Weather Severe Cond
  • What to pack
  • Working in the Bahamas
  • Zoo


    Site Map

    Welcome Purpose of this website
    Index/Site Map/
    Help! How can I find a topic? (alphabetically, by topic, with acronyms & abbreviations)
    Non-English Websites in German, French, Italian, other languages
    Deutsch (Schweiz, Deutschland, Diverse Info, Reiseberichte, Wassersport, Hotels mit deutscher Webseite)
    Francais (Infos touristiques, Carnet de voyage, infos div, infos plustot publicitaire)
    Other Languages (Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Japanese...)
    Tourism How/where can I find up-to-date tourist information? Official tourism websites, Kid's stuff, Overviews from other sources / private websites / Miscellaneous tourism related topics
    Official/Gov Government: Structure, Cabinet, Ministries / Constitution, Laws & Acts / Infrastructure: Police, Military, Airports, Social Security, Insurance, Electricity, Telecom / Customs, tariffs, restrictions, Statistics / Bahamas representations abroad / Political parties, trade/workers' unions, votes,  consumer organizations etc, / Other official (non-Bahamian) websites: Commonwealth, US,UK, Military /  Entry requirements, Immigration: Foreign visitors, Bahamians abroad, Pets
    Transport Air traffic (local & int.): Airports, Airlines, Cuba, Private planes, Codes
    Water (local, to-fro US-coast, cruises): Ferries, Mailboats, Cruises
    Land: Taxis, buses, car rentals, scooters, driving in the Bahamas etc.
    Economy / 
    Living /
    Economy, Industry, Development / Financial Institutions, Regulations etc. / Doing business in the Bahamas: National investment policy, Chambers of Commerce etc / Living, Working, Residence: Government and other info sources, stories, find a job,  /  Schools, Education, Teaching /  Hospitals, Medical info
    Culture Religion, Culture in General, Cultural Events, National Holidays, Museums, Historical Buildings, Junkanoo, Music, Arts (Galleries, painters, poets, handicraft) Film, Theatre, Collections, National Symbols: Anthem, Flag, Coat of Arms, Obeah / Voodoo / Yoruba, Legendary Creatures, Legends, Famous People in the Bahamas, Famous Bahamians, Genealogy
    History Overview, Articles / Misc. topics: Columbus, HMBS Flamingo, WW I/II / History of a particular island / Ancient history (Lucayans, Caribs, Arawaks, Tainos) /  National Archives etc., / Bahamians in Florida /  Caribbean History / Historical Personalities: Governors and other former politicians, Party history, famous people with Bahamian roots / Piracy / Slavery, Segregation etc.
    Society Society, Ethnology, Anthropology, Sociology, Security, Language (Bahamianese, Bahamian dialect/slang), Humour/jokes, quiz
    Other scientific 
    topics, Weather
    Environment, Env. protection / Water, Climate / Agriculture & Fisheries / Animals, Zoo, Parks, Plants / Field stations, field trips / Geology, Archaeology, Biology, Marine Biology, Geography, 
    Other scientific topics / Reef protection / Mammals general, whales, sharks, manatees, jellyfish / Dolphins, dolphin therapy
    Weather general, Severe weather conditions (hurricane season)
    Special page about "Hurricanes Frances & Jeanne - Aug-Okt 2004"
    Activities What to do in the Bahamas (tours, shore excursions etc.), Sports - various, Golf, Boating, Sailing, Fishing, Diving, Snorkeling, Getting married,  Bahamian athlets
    Media/Voices Maps, Pictures, Images, Webcams, News, Radio/TV, Message Boards / Chat, Books, Travel Reports/Reviews, Link Pages, Search engines
    Islands / 
    Island related (if not stored under a topic!)
    * New Providence (Nassau, Paradise Island), Grand Bahama (Freeport, Lucaya),
    * Family Islands/Out Islands: Abaco, Acklins, Andros, Berry Isl, Bimini, Cat Isl. / Little San Salvador, Crooked Isl., Eleuthera/Harbour Isl, Exuma / Ragged Island, Inagua, Long Isl., Mayaguana, San Salvador / Rum Cay
    * Other miscellaneous topics: 
    Recipes, Telephone directories, addresses, yellow & white pages, Government, Shopping, Hotels, Travel Agencies, B&B, Hostels, Restaurants, Law firms, Real Estate Companies, Guides, Portals, site hosting / Time difference, Temperature & Weight & Volume conversion, Storm intensity table, Attempt to compare size and population of the Bahamas and Switzerland
    FAQ FAQ, interesting, sometimes peculiar questions which were maybe even repeatedly asked & answered in forums
    Sup-page: Special page about
    "Free trip / I just won a trip"
    Internal Why?, terms of use, thanks & credits, notes & comments

    The page names: special page special page

    Bahamas related acronyms & abbreviations (well, at least some of them...)

    >> acronyms are linked to a corresponding TOPIC and there, if available, to an outside link

    AAAWU = Airport, Airline and Allied Workers Union
    AAVE = African-American Vernacular English
    ACP = Africa, Caribbean and Pacific [EU]
    ACP= Assistant Commissioner of Police
    ABS = American Bureau of Shipping
    ACAMS = Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists
    ACARM =. Association of Commonwealth Archivists and Records Managers 
    AIBT = Association of International Banks and Trusts - Bahamas
    AOSIS = Alliance of Small Island States
    AUTEC = [U.S. Navy] Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center
    BAAA = Bahamas Amateur Athletic Association
    BACO = Bahamas Association of Compliance Officers
    BAIC = Bahamas Agricultural & Industrial Corporation
    BAISS = Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary School
    BAMT = Association of Medical Technologists
    BASD = Bahamas Association of Securities Dealers
    BaTelCo = Bahamas Telecom or BTC
    BBB = Better Business Bureau
    BBFF = Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
    BBOSA = Bahamas Boat Owners and Sailors Association
    BCB = Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas
    BCC = Bahamas Christian Council
    BCMC = Bahamas Conference of Methodist Churches
    BCSSWWU = Commonwealth Brewery Limited, The Bahamas Commercial Stores, Supermarkets and Warehouse Workers Union
    BDB = Bahamas Development Bank
    BEACH = Bahamas Education Association for Cetacean Health
    BEC = Bahamas Electricity Corporation
    BECon = Bahamas Employers Confederation
    BEEP = Bahamas Environmental Education Programme 
    BEV = Black English Vernacular
    BFSB=  Bahamas Financial Services Board
    BFSU = Bahamas Financial Services Union
    BGSCE = Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education
    BHCAWU= Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union
    BICA = Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants
    BIJIS = Bahamas Integrated Justice Information System
    BIFS = Bahamas Institute of Financial Services
    BIMAWU = Bahamas Industrial Manufacturers and Allied Workers Union
    BIPE = Bahamas Institution of Professional Engineers
    BISS = Bahamas Interbank Settlement System
    BJC = Bahamas Junior Certificate Examination
    BMA= Bahamas Maritime Authority
    BMEU = Bahamas Musicians and Entertainers Union
    BMOT = Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
    BNIPSSD= Bahamian National Integrated Planning Structure for Sustainable Development
    BNT = Bahamas National Trust
    BOWFF Bahamas One World Film Festival
    BPSU = Bahamas Public Service Union
    BRCS = Bahamas Red Cross Society
    BREA = Bahamas Real Estate Association
    BREEF Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation
    BSA = Bahamas Shipowner Association
    BSFA = Bahamas Society of Financial Analysts 
    BTC = Bahamas Telecommunications Company or Batelco
    BTVI = Bahamas Technical Vocational Institute
    BUBL = BUlletin Board for Libraries
    BUT = Bahamas Union of Teachers 
    BWIR = British West Indies Regiment
    CAC = Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink
    CAC (CAG) = Central American and Caribbean Games
    CAC = Caribbean Age Group Championships 
    CACG = Commonwealth Association for Corporate Governance (see CBC)
    CAFP Caribbean Agriculture and Fisheries Programme
    CAMEX-3 = The Third Convection And Moisture EXperiment [NASA]
    CANTO = Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations
    CARICOM = Caribbean Community
    CARTAC = Caribbean Technical Assistance Cooperation
    CATC = Caribbean Advanced Technology Centre
    CATIN = The Caribbean AIDS Telecommunications and Information Network
    CBC = Commonwealth Business Council
    CBATO = Caribbean Basin Agricultural Trade Office, USDA [US]
    CDERA = Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency
    CDRCoalition for Democratic Reform
    CDRU = Disaster Relief Unit (see CDERA)
    CDU = Central Detective Unit
    CENSE = Commonwealth Electronic Network for Schools and Education
    CFATF = Caribbean Financial Action Taskforce
    CHA = Clifton Heritage Authority
    CHA = Caribbean Hotel Association
    CHID = Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies 
    CHOGM = Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
    CICAD = Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission
    CIPE = Centre for International Private Enterprise
    CITES = Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species
    CMAG = Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group 
    CMRC= Caribbean Marine Research Center Exumas
    COA = Court of Appeal
    COB = College of the Bahamas / Commonwealth of the Bahamas
    CPC = Climate Prediction Center of NOAA
    CSC = Commonwealth Science Council
    CSDA = Center for Sustainable Development in  the Americas 
    CSME= CARICOM (or Caribbean) Single Market and Economy
    CTO= Caribbean Tourism Organization
    DEU = Drug Enforcement Unit (of the RBPF
    DEVCO = Development Company [of the GBPO]
    DHHS Doctors Hospital (Doctors Hospital Health System)
    DHS = [US] Department of Homeland Security
    DOA = Bahamas Department of Archives
    DOS = Department of Statistics
    DPM= Deputy Prime Minister
    ECLAC = Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
    ECL&SP = Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park (see CRMC)
    EIA = Environmental Impact Assessment (Umweltvertraeglichkeitspruefung)
    EMP = Environmental Management Plan (related to EIA)
    ENSO = El Nino / Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Phenomen
    ESD = Education for Sustainable Development
    ESP = The Electronic Scholarly Publishing Project
    FATF = Financial Action Task Force [OECD]
    FERC = [US] Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 
    FHC = Freeport Harbour Company
    FIU = Financial Intelligence Unit
    FIUA = Financial Intelligence Unit Act
    FLE = Family Life Education (-classes at school)
    FSCF = Financial Services Consultative Forum
    FTAA = Free Trade Area of the Americas
    FTRA = Financial Transactions Report Act (2002)

    FY = Fiscal Year
    GBB = Great Bahama Bank
    GBIA = Grand Bahama International Airport 
    GBPA = Grand Bahama Port Authority
    GBPC = Grand Bahama Power Company
    GCOB = Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
    GCRMN = Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network
    GDP = Gross Domestic Product (BSP)
    GEF = Global Environment Facility
    GRULAC = Latin American and Caribbean Group [UN]
    GSSSA = Government Secondary Schools Sports Association 
    HBCU = Historically Black College or University
    HMP = Her Majesty's Prison 
    HPH = Hutchinson Port Holding
    IADB = Inter-American Development Bank (=IDB?)
    IBA = Institute of Bahamian Architects
    IDB = Inter-American Development Bank (=IADB?)
    IICA = Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
    IIPA = (US) International Intellectual Property Alliance [Copyright Act]
    ITI = [US] International-to-International programme (for transit without visa)
    IMO = International Maritime Organziation
    IOM = [UN] International Organisation for Migration 
    ISPS = Ship and Port Facility Security
    ISSA = International Social Security Association
    ITIO = International Tax and Investment Organisation
    IWCAM = Integrating Watershed and Coastal Area Management in SIDS of the Caribbean
    JA = Junior Achievement Bahamas
    KCMG = Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael & St George
    KYC = Know Your Customer (-rule/-regime)
    LACHSR=Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Health Sector Reform
    LNG = Liquefied Natural Gas (verfluessigtes Erdgas)
    LOC = [US] Library of Congress
    NAGB = National Art Gallery of The Bahamas
    NCCT = non-cooperative countries and territories [FATF/OECD]
    MDG = Millenium Development Goals [UN]
    MERCOSUR = Southern Common Market
    MFA = Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    MICAL = Mayaguana, Inagua, Crooked Island, Acklins and Long Cay
    MLAT = US-Bahamas Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty 
    MML = Mote Marine Laboratory 
    MOE = Ministry of Education
    MOT = Ministry of Tourism
    MPA= Motion Picture Association [Copyright Act]
    MRP = Machine Readable Passport
    MSC = Marine Safety Committee (see BMA and IMO)
    NCA = Nassau Christian Academy (Cruisaders - Sports)
    NADP = (Bahamian) National Anti-Drug Plan
    NAGB = National Art Gallery of the Bahamas
    NAFTA= North America Free Trade Agreement
    NCCT = Non Cooperating Countries and Territories "blacklist" [FATF]
    NCMEC = National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
    NCTU = National Congress of Trade Unions
    NDU = US National Defense University
    NEMA = National Emergency Management Agency
    NGDC = NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center
    NHD = National Heroes Day 
    NHI = National Health Insurance
    NIA = Nassau International Airport
    NIB = National Insurance Board
    NPFVOA = North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners' Association
    NPI = New Providence Island
    NPSA= New Providence Softball Association
    NRDC = [US] National Resources Defense Council
    NTDB= Nassau Tourism Development Board 
    NURC = US National Undersea Research Center (see CMRC) 
    NURP = US National Undersea Research Program at CRMC 
    NUWCNPT = Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport, RI
    NOAA = US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    OCHA = [UN] Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Reliefweb)
    OCR = Out-of-cycle review (by the USTR) [Copyright Act]
    OECD= Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
    OPM = Office of the Prime Minister
    OSDPD = Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution (of NOAA)
    OVCI = US Offshore Voluntary Compliance Initiative
    PADRU = Pan American Disaster Response Unit
    PAHO = Pan American Health Organization
    PIMS = Perry Institute for Marine Science (see CRMC) 
    PITDA = Paradise Island Tourist Development Association
    PI = Paradise Island
    PUC = Public Utilities Commission
    QJ= (status as a) Qualified Jurisdiction, see TIEA
    RBDF = Royal Bahamas Defense Force
    RBPF = Royal Bahamas Police Force 
    REDES = Research and Education in Defense and Security Studies Seminar
    RO =  Reverse Osmosis
    RRM = Regional Response Mechanism [of CDERA]
    RSS  = Regional Security System
    RTGS= real time gross settlement system [Banking]
    SAE = Standard American English
    SAQS = [EU] Strengthening Agricultural Quarantine Services Project
    SCA = St. Augustine's College (Sports)
    SCB = Bahamas Securities Commission of the Bahamas
    SCC = Sites with commercial character (on this website only)
    SCSCB = Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds
    SELA = Latin American Economic System
    SIDS (-Net) = Small Islands Developing States (-Network) > AOSIS
    SME = small and medium-sized enterprises (= KMU)
    SOS = Save Our Sea Turtles (SOS) Tobago 
    SSM = Stafford Sands Model
    SST = Sea Surface Temperature
    STEP= Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
    STEP = Student Temporary Employment Programme (medical science)
    STCW = Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers 
    TAFB = Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch
    TIEA = Tax Information Exchange Act [Bahamas with the US]
    TCI = Turks and Caicos Islands 
    TOTO = Tongue of the Ocean 
    TUC = Trade Union Congress 
    TWOV = [US] Transit Without Visa  programme (for transit without visa)
    UNCF = United Negro College Fund
    USDA= U.S. Department of Agriculture
    USG = United States Government
    USTR = United States Trade Representative (-watch list) [Copyright Act]
    UTEB = Union of Tertiary Educators of the Bahamas
    UWI = University of The West Indies
    VWP = [US] Visa Waiver Programme
    WADA = World Anti Doping Association
    WOCCU = International Credit Union Leadership Institute and the World Council of Credit Unions, Inc. 
    WSM = Women’s Suffrage Movement 

    Specialized Acronym & Abbreviation Websites
    Caribbean Agriculture & Fisheries Programmes
    EU-ACP Abbreviations
    International Agencies

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