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For general information about an island (location, how to get there, what to do, hotels etc.) go to tourism, e.g.  website of the Ministry of Tourism and, for the Family Islands, websites of Out Island Promotion Board

Photo Libraries of The Islands of The Bahamas (sorted by island)
SCC H.G. Christie - island descriptions


!! post specific questions on the Abaco forum

History of Green Turtle, Abaco Lighthouse, etc.


BMOT map of Abaco
Abaco map (East: Elbow, Tilloo, Lubbers etc.)
Abacos - various nautical charts
Sandy Estabrook's maps - Green Turtle Cay - Elbow-Tilloo-Lubbers - Manjack -  (sailing in the Abacos see here)
Diane & Dave Lubbers Quarters Cay
! go-abacos clickable map
Bahamatravelnet, small map but with attractions and locations marked
for more maps see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

see here for Abaco - Sandy Estabrook's list of Scheduled Air Carriers and Charters

Abacotoday, message board, pictures etc etc and
oii Abaco
Hope Town Fire Rescue - hurricane season: updates / damage reports

Barometerbob Abaco Weatherstation see here
see here for Abaco Chamber of Commerce
Abaco Friends of the Environment see here

Abaco newspapers see here

Abacostuff Satellite pict.
Pelican Power - mostly Abaco related info - sailing, history, charts etc.
Linguistics NC State - Abaco

started by irishdame on 21.08.03 about "how to get from Freeport to Abaco" Fodors

jimtony's Abaco trip reports (Green Turtle Cay, Guana Cay)

! Estabrook Sandy, sailing in the Abacos since 1973, lots of details (sailing related, historical), links etc.
Sandy Estabrook’s Quick Plotter - Green Turtle Cay Slide Show - Solo Trip

Golf -  Treasure Cay Golf Club see here

SCC Outisland Travel & Photography, Abacos, lots of links
SCC Hope Town Lodge, Elbow Cay, Abaco
SCC Green Turtle Club (Green Turtle Cay) Cay
SCC Treasure Cay Hotel & Resort
SCC but with nice pictures of Abaco/Treasure Cay
SCC Hope Town Sawyer House
SCC Summer View Cottage
SCC (cottage rentals) & (sailing charters), according to Mark & Patti: We live full time here in Abaco and operate these our selfs.

Castaway Cay

see here for History of Castaway Island née Gorda Cay

Where is Castaway Island (Gorda Cay)? Sandy Point  also the closest point on the Abacos mainland to Disney's "Fantasy Island" cruise ship destination, "Castaway Cay" (previously Gorda Cay). source: go-abacos - map (SW Abaco, south of Mores Isl)

Castaway Island - private island of Disney Cruise
Disney Cruise Line (tel. 800/951-3532 or 407/566-7000; Launched with lots of publicity in 1999, the Disney Wonder is saturated with the total Disney vibe and is specifically marketed to families. It succeeds in mingling state-of-the-art technology and audio-visuals with lots of Disney razzle-dazzle. Disney's ships also offer the best-designed family cabins of any cruise ship, the biggest children's facilities, and even a number of adults-only areas, including one swimming pool, a piano bar, a comedy club, and various social venues. Disney Wonder itineraries begin and end in Port Canaveral, last between 3 and 4 days, and include daylong visits to Nassau and Castaway Cay, the latter a privately owned Bahamian island featuring extensive children's facilities, an adults-only beach area, a family beach area, and all the sports and recreation choices you could want. Most Disney cruises are sold as 7-night packages that include either 3 days at Disney World and 4 days at sea or vice versa. The 4-night cruise offers a full day at sea as well as visits to the ports. A day at Walt Disney World and you'll see the kind of people Disney attracts to its ships -- families, honeymooners, adults without children, and seniors. Just about everybody, actually. Although Disney is certainly family-oriented, it's estimated that 30% of the passengers are child-free married couples or singles. Also, 10% to 15% of Disney's passengers are Europeans eager to experience that patented Disney magic. Source


Acklins (Columbus called it "the fragrant islands"- a reference to the scent of indigenous cascarilla plants)

Acklins Islands by BMOT, by UK BTO


BMOT map of Acklins/Crooked Isl (Crooked: NW, Acklins SE)
for more maps see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

Fedel's website - about Acklin

SCC Acklins Outback Fishing Adventure
SCC Pestell Beach Resort
SCC Bonefishing Lodge
SCC Acklin Island Lodge
SCC Grey's Point Inn

Strollin' Down Mem'ry Lane in Crooked Island by Terry L. Brown - see here


"La Isla del Espiritu Santo" (The Island of the Holy Spirit) as the Spanish named it in 1550 (a tribute to the abundance of water in Andros).The modern name Andros is believed to be in honor of Sir Edmond Andros, Commander of His Majesty’s Forces in Barbados in 1672."source

Andros by BMOT, by UK BTO


BMOT map of Andros map
Bahamatravelnet, small map but with attractions and locations marked
for more maps see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

Andros history
see history
see books: Howard Rosalyn, Black Seminoles in the Bahamas

see also BERC Environmental Studies - CAMEX3

Carib Acquisitions, nice website about Andros (looks new, not everything works, yet)

AUTEC US Navy undersea warfare systems test complex on Andros
XX June 04 broken Wes Clow's Andros sailing links, here

SCC Smallhope Bay Lodge - lots of info about Andros
Smallhope Bay Lodge - the famous "hole in the wall"
SCC Kamalame Cay - private island and resort
SCC Tiamo Resorts - Ecotourism on Andros Island
see also SIDS Ecotourism and Tiamo's presentation

Andros Isl - North or South? QA-Source: Bahamas-mon

Q from: The Statman 18.5.04 / I'm planning a trip Andros. Could anyone give me a little advice on best part of the island to stay, north or south (and/or just a good little advice in gerneral.) Please help !
A From: Christopher 18.5.04 / Be aware that Andros is really several islands. There is North Andros, which includes everything from Morgan's Bluff, to Behring Point.There is Mangrove Cay and also South Andros. Mangrove Cay is "joined" to South Andros by a free ferry between Lisbon Creek and Driggs Hill. That is provided the sea is not too rough (its a small ferry). Administratively, Mangrove Cay and South Andros are "South Andros". Administritively "Central Andros is the area from Behring Point to north of Fesh Creek, and "North Andros" is the rest. There are also several other islands in the complex, but all are essentially uninhabited, except for a few islands that form part of the complex of South Andros to which they are linked by bridges. And you thought it was a simple question. The bottom line of where to go is tempered by three things. What do you want to do, what sort of accommodation do you want, and how much flexibility do you want to travel to other parts of Andros. I suggest you get hold of the Lonely Planet guide to the Bahamas - its the best of the bunch - but even it has errors and is out of date.


Berry Island

"Reportedly, they were given that name because of the abundance of thatchberry trees to be found there."source

Berry Islands by BMOT, by UK BTO


BMOT map of Berry Isl
BVG map
for more maps see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

Great Stirrup Cay, private island NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line), Factsheet

Coco Cay (Little Stirrup Cay), private island RCCL (Royal Carribean)
Morrica's Coco Cay pictures and infos (also about cruise in general)
see comments on Virtual Tourist Message Board
Half Dan / Indiana Dan, da' Island Man - slightly different version (scroll down)

SCC  Little Whale Cay, private island, incl. map
SCC Little Whale Cay (private island, for rent)
SCC Chub Cay Resort & Marina


"Bimini" is also Taino name for Florida, see here

Bimini by BMOT, by UK BTO


BMOT map of Bimini
Bahamatravelnet, small map but with attractions and locations marked
for more maps see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

see also history - Bimini archeology - Fishing - Dive trip reports -

Bimini "Keefes Undersea"
see also Robert's report about Keefes Wild Dolphin Encounter
Bimini - My favourite rock ...
David Kresge on Bimini
Travellady, about Bimini
To Bimini by experimental airplane
! The Bell Tolls for Him (Capt. Harcourt Neville Brown)

The Bimini Love Program "provides free veterinary care and spay/neuter assistance on Bimini island", clinic for dogs - Consie's story - does this clinic still exist? website stopped updates in 2002
S.N.I.P. about Project Potcake

SCC Compleat Angler Hotel & Bar & Museum "where Ernest Hemingway (and Senator Gary Hart Hart and what's her name) used to hang out" - BMOT-info - tropicdiver-review

SCC Bimini Big Game Resort & Marina
SCC Bimini Blue Water Resort

Bimini, Latvian Film Festival (named after "Bimini" made by the festival president, Arnolds Burovs, about Heinrich Heine's fantasy poem "Bimini")

Cat Island (Obeah Island, the first "San Salvador") / Little San Salvador

Cat Island may have been named after a 17th Century pirate named Arthur Catt source, or the name may refer to its one-time large population of feral cats.


Cat Island by BMOT, by UK BTO

BMOT map of Cat Island
Maps of Cat Island BVG website - islandhoppinn - Peter Loud > Cat Isl (too small)
for more maps see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

Trip Advisor about Cat Island, e.g. click on one of the hotels and look for "TripAdvisor user reviews"

Cat Island history
see history

Trip reports
Eva & Rick (2003 and 2004) traveltalkonline message board
jimtony's trip report

John Hinkamp's trip report
Chalres Stirling's trip report

started by cyndi on 26.10.2003 on Bahamas-mon Board
started by Jeff on 18.07.2003 on Bahamas-mon Board

22.12.03 "Cat Island resorts optimistic on tourism" Nassau Guardian

SCC Greenwood Beach Resort - BMOT-info
SCC Cat Island Dive Center

Little San Salvador (Half Moon Cay)
for San Salvador see here

private Island of HAL Holland American Line
Sealetter Port review Half Moon Cay

...were is it?

Now, since the boat had just been cruising the "Magic Diving Triangle" of three islands in the southern Bahamas (Rum Cay, Conception, and San Salvador) you might be tempted to jump to the rather logical conclusion that "Little San Salvador" was right next to the bigger San Salvador (which is not all that big to begin with). In the classic tradition of Caribbean geography, you would be off by two hundred miles and a couple of islands! Actually, Little San Salvador is located between the islands of Eleuthera and Cat Island, and is currently uninhabited. (source: PeterHughes)
Half Moon Cay is located on 2,400-acre Little San Salvador Island, Bahamas. The island, purchased by Holland America Line in January 1997, is less than 100 miles southeast of Nassau between southern Eleuthera and Cat Island. Half Moon Cay [anchorage] is built on 45 acres along a crescent-shaped white sand beach more than a mile in length that fronts on a protected bay leading west to Exuma Sound. Half Moon Cay was named after Holland America Line's logo, which depicts explorer Henry Hudson's ship, the Half Moon, and also to reflect the crescent shape of the beach. (source cruiseinc)

Biega Sailing Adventures > scroll down to Little San Salvador
Plus The only map that I could find on-line where Little San Salvador is marked > between Eleuthera and Cat Isl)

Oceanphotos Little San Salvador (LSS) on a nautical map  Eleuthera-LSS  - inside LSS - LSS to Cat

Crooked Island called Samoete by the Arawak Indians and Isabella (after the Queen of Spain) by Columbus 

Crooked Island by BMOT, by UK BTO


BMOT of Acklins/Crooked Isl (Crooked: NW, Acklins SE)
Map by Birdrock Lighthouse
for more maps see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

Jorgen's Crooked Island website
Crooked Island - Birdrock Lighthouse
SCC Crooked Island Bone Fishing / Out Island Inn
SCC Pittstown Point Landings


named Segatoo by Columbus, renamed Eleuthera by Captain William Sayle

!! post specific questions on one of the Eleuthera forums

Maps and pictures
for more maps see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

BMOT map of Eleuthera
! Eleuthera detailed maps
! Eleuthera (nautical) map
Settlements of Eleuthera with map and photos
Diane & Dave Eleuthera / North Palmetto
Bahamatravelnet, small map but with attractions and locations marked

! Harbour Island Guide map

Comment by PerryJ (10.11.04) about this map: I can vouch for the accuracy of the map -- I created it from scratch. I mapped all of the roads from GPS data gathered during my last stay on Harbour Island. Everything should be within about +- 25'. The roads are actual "tracks" taken by the GPS. I made a serious effort to map all the major and minor roadwork, however there are some additional dirt /sand and private roads that aren't listed such as the private community on the south end of the island. Source: Briland board

BVG Harbour Island map (street names are too small)
Harbour Island Marina map - topography
Red Apple Harbour Island Map - selfdrawn
Schoop, various maps 


Eleuthera Sat image
Eleuthera NASA picture
Eleuthera NASA Pict
great satellite picture of Tarpum Bay Eleuthera

Princess Cays, private beach resort of Princess Cruises
where is it? > scroll down to map on page 3, it's on the south tip of Eleuthera, near Bannerman Town

The resort area known as Princess Cays, constructed in 1999 is also located in the South western area of Bannerman Town and boasts some of the most pleasureable activities and jobs for the local inhabitants of South Eleuthera. Princess Cays exists exclusively to serve the traveling tourists stopping over on day trips aboard a few of the larger international cruise lines including carnival cruise lines and Disney cruises. This large playground area on the beautiful south western shore Bannerman town is worth the trip up to the southern end of the island to see and feel. Its an absolutely gorgeous view of the beaches and ocean in the area where the ocean drops off for many miles just beyond the shores of the Bannerman Town beach, allowing the largest of the cruise lines to come close enough into the harbor to have its guests disembarked by serving tender boats which transport the guests back and forth for the day. The facility boasts of most fun and recreational toys and amenities available to todays cruising passengers including such toys as Jet Ski’s, Scuba diving and the best beach in this side of the island for those who want to just lay out and catch the sun. This location employs a major portion of the work force in South Eleuthera as well as many vendors of unique Bahamian gift ideas and artifacts. Source:


Eleuthera / Harbour Island websites
!!!!Eleuthera Harbour Island
!!! My Harbour Island, Robert Arthur, e.g. "meet the locals", "Share your thoughts"
 EricN pictures, 360degr-photos (new/under construction)
!! Maxine Rose Schur on Eleuthera
jimtony's Eleuthera trip report
XX 8.11.04 broken

Dieter Schoop "Eleuthera perspective of a winter resident" lot of insider info (but also lots of ad links...)


Eleuthera phone directory

Surfing see here

India Hicks (Harbour Isl) and comments (Briland modem)
Tarpum Bay (private, George Major)
Chef Susan Neff - cooking class & hide away
Harbour Island Guide, !map, lots of pictures
Your island information source - for locals & tourists
Bahamas Vacation, e.g. Harbour Island, Governors Harbour etc.
Eleuthera Internet Connection
XX 15.4.04 broken Eleuthera Informer

!! SCC The Landing, Harbour Island Travellady-review  - Tripadvisor review
SCC Eleuthera - camping etc. Bahamas Adventure
SCC Eleuthera - pictures 1978 (private website)
SCC Eleuthera - Clark Cottage on Harbour Island
SCC Pink Sands Hotel - Harbour Island, Bahamas
SCC Eleuthera Rental - more about Aaron Beachhouse - Sable Rose
SCC Johnson Grocery of Harbour Island


Nassau to Eleuthera - by air or by ferry? QA-source Fodors/Bahamas

Q From: beachlover 24.08.04 
I'm having problems finding convenient connections from Nassau to Eleuthera and back. Bahamas Air and Southern Air only flies twice a day (at 8am and 5pm)- and the ferry only goes once a day, at 8am. Are there any other options that won't break the bank that anyone knows of? I'd really appreciate your help!! Thank you!
A From: wantsomesun 24.08.04
USAir and Continental also fly out of Florida into N. Eleuthera, and Chalks flies charters out of Nassau as well. The BoHengy was doing 2 trips a day, so you might check the website for the latest info. I had heard the ship was being dry docked for repairs but not sure of the dates. The good news is that Jet Blue is starting to fly into Nassau as of Nov 1 which will give more travel options and better prices to Nassau. Where were you thinking of staying on Eleuthera and what airport? Hope this helps.
A From: RobertoB 24.08.04
Another option is overnight in Nassau at a place such as Orange Hill Beach Inn and catch the morning flight over. I can also highly recommend Southern Air.
Q From: beachlover 24.08.04
Thanks - I'll look into Chalks, I hadn't seen anything on them yet. We're actually flying in to Nassau from New York, so those flights from Florida don't help... I did call Bahamas Fast Ferries and they said they had 2 ferries a day during the week, but only one a day in the early morning on weekends. I figured with the afternoon ferry, I may as well take Southern Air - but is the ferry ride worth taking for the views?
A From: wantsomesun 24.08.04
In a short answer, YES, the ferry takes about 2 hours to get over to Eleuthera/Harbour Island and the ride is really beautiful. The water is so crystal clear that you can see all the way to the bottom. Since the airfare and ferry cost is just about the same you might want to fly one way and take the ferry the other direction.
A From: colin1960 24.08.04
The fast ferry is going to be in dry dock for 2wks from 13th Sep. Southern air fly to North Eleuthera at noon daily I know as i just bought tickets today for a trip in sept.Round trip on Southern Air is $120.


Glass Window Bridge

Glass Window Bridge, originally the site of an extraordinary natural arch linking the Exuma Sound to the Atlantic, is one of the most impressive sights on Eleuthera. Unfortunately however, the natural formation was washed away in a hurricane in 1965, but the location itself is still immensely scenic. To watch the ragged, deep blue waves of the Atlantic crash and swarm across rocks toward the Sound is truly mesmerizing. Artist Winslow Homer painted this area in 1885, and called the painting "Glass Window" source

When Winslow Homer sketched the area in 1885, the neck of land had a natural arch forming the window, so named because sailors on the choppy Atlantic Ocean could look through and see the glassy Caribbean on the other side. "It was like looking into somebody's warm, calm living room," said Ann Mullin, who owns a resort nearby. "But they couldn't get to it." The arch was knocked down by storm waves sometime after the turn of the century, and a series of bridges built to replace it have fared little better. A concrete bridge was shifted seven feet by a storm on Halloween 1991, and the rebuilt bridge was shifted again by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Islanders refer to the storms, when the Atlantic sends waves exploding up and over the narrow strip of land, as "a rage." The bridge is closed during a rage - it was shut down only once in 2003 - and foolhardy trespassers have been blown to their death. A rusted car still sits on the boulders below, a testament to the power of the sea. "Four or five years ago, a policeman and Sam Pedican walked over it during a rage and didn't make it," Mullin said. "The policeman survived - his hip was broken - but Sam died. They found his body a couple of days later." source: eleuthera-maps

story, written about the above mentioned incident on the Glass Window Bridge:
Marvin Hunt  (US Writer, North Carolina State University) "Sam Pedican and the Rage at Glass Window"

started on 14.11.04 by Charlie Eleuthera board
started on 14.11.04 by Jim Eleuthera board

Exuma / Ragged Island

"Exuma is believed to have its origins in some Indian name, its precise derivation has never been established" source

BMOT map of Exuma
Exuma maps - great maps incl. satellite maps ! map
Bahama Houseboats - Map of George Town area
Diane & Dave Staniel Cay map
Bahamatravelnet, small map but with attractions and locations marked

! Damianos great map of Exuma and Exuma Cays -
Little Halls Pond Cay, private island owned by Actor Johnny Depp

Vladi's maps
Musha Cay, private island and luxury resort -

for more maps see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

07.01.04 "Exuma photographer calling the shots" Nassau Guardian
26.08.04 "Exuma airport upgrade to accommodate tourist influx" Nassau Guardian

see also CMRC

! Exuma
Little Exuma
Exuma History see here
Lansing Cay see here

"Bahamian Rhapsody" ( Jumento Cays), Outside magazine 2001
jimtony's Exuma trip report

Golf - Golf at Four Seasons Great Exumas see here

SCC Peace and Plenty Resorts
SCC Four Seasons Resort at Emerald Bay, Great Exuma
+++Article 20.10.04 "Four Seasons Resort now offering Grand Bahama residents first pick at employment opportunities." Nassau Guardian/Freeport News
SCC Exumas Bowe Cay (private Island)
SCC Bahama Houseboats
SCC Higgins Landing, Cottages on Stocking Island

Flight Simulator 2004 Orlando > George Town, Exumas > Santo Domingo

Ragged Island (Sand Islands, Zandislands)

The sickle-shaped Ragged Island Range stretches from the Jumento Cays at the southern tip of The Exumas curves east, then south down to Great Ragged Island with its main settlement of Duncan Town. It is a very dry, wild, windswept place, surrounded by a treacherous sea. Ragged Islanders are in much demand for their skills in navigating these shoals; their chief occupations are shipping, fishing and making handicrafts. The islands have an area of 15-square miles and a population of 89.  source Geographia/Bahamas

BVG map of Ragged Island
for more maps see here

BVG info about Ragged Island
Ragged Isl Administration (dated 2001)

! Found at Sea, By Mike Tidwell, The Washington Post, 28.02.99
Excerpts: "Bahamas Out-Islands Promotion Board in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. "Never heard of it," said a woman named Maura. "We have zero information on the place. Sorry." - How to get there: mail boat from Barreterre, Exuma, to Duncan Town. But it doesn't always stop in Barreterre...


26 October 1492 Columbus' fleet anchored on Ragged Island Range, Bahamas. 
most all agree that Columbus' final stop in the Bahamas was in Sand Islands (a.k.a. Ragged Island range) on the southeast edge of great Bahama Bank, before heading on to Cuba source pelicanpower


Grand Bahama

for maps see here
for more satellite images see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

! see mainly under topics (fishing, golf, etc.)

comments and info about suspicious "free trips", "free cruise", "huge discount" see here

Hotels -Bahamas Tourist Office > pick an island
Carrie's list of things to do in Freeport
see here for MOON Bahamas

get the picture, read Lewis "lenghthy" trip report, 21-28 July 2004

!!! GBPO Grand Bahama Port Authority history, economy, infrastructure, real estate (DEVCO) etc.
HPH Hutchinson Port Holding / FHC Freeport Harbour Company (lists cruise line calls in Freeport)
28.03.2000 "Freeport Harbour tripling space and upgrading terminal" Washington Post

21.12.04 "St. George dies: But Freeport will move forward stronger than ever Sir Jack says" Freeport News - Nassau Guardian

Nancy & Danny, private website concentrating on Grand Bahama with forum

Bed & Breakfast places, hotels see here

SCC Our Lucayan Beach & Golf Resort, Freeport
+++Article 08.02.05 "Our Lucaya among top wedding resorts" Freeport News

Ocean Reef Yacht & Beach Club

SCC Port Lucaya Marketplace
SCC Kings Court Resort, Freeport Bahamas Hotel (small conto hotel) - short review
TimeTravelCorp (Flamingo Bay, Taino Beach, The Ritz) - go to "links" for individual websites - hurricane update

SCC Island Seas (timeshare, condos) - reviews/comments Geographia/GBI board: 13414 (with aerial photo) - 13404

SCC Crowne Plaza Golf Resort & Casino at The Royal Oasis (also known as The Royal Oasis)
11.01.05 "Reopening uncertainty at resort big concern - Crowne Plaza Golf Resort and Casino at the Royal Oasis"  Freeport News
20.01.05 "Royal Oasis expects answer from insurance carriers at end of Jan." Nassau Guardian
01.02.05 "Government meeting with resort owners" Freeport News

SCC RCI timeshares see here


Carries extra long posting about some budget timeshares in Freeport
(Lakeview Manor Club, Island Resort & Golf Club / Taino Beach Vacation Club)

SCC Club Viva Fortuna (Viva Fortuna, Wyndham Fortuna Beach)
Frances aftermath - reopening in December 04 or January 05 07.09.04 Geographia GBI/Board
! John Kusterers unofficial Viva Fortuna Website (lots of info, pictures, links)
some reviews: Frank 03.06.04 Christopher 20.06.04 - John P 05.07.04  - Steve Williams 6.7.04 -
see also tripadvisors reviews

12.4.93 Source:
When your travel agent tells you the resort you will be staying at has an Italian flare [sic!], you better investigate. To me "Italian flare" meant Italian cuisine and architecture. Little did I know that to my travel agent at the time "Italian flare" meant that Italian was the main language spoken and that the majority of the guests were from Italy. Not having taken Italian in school I found myself to be an outsider during my stay at Club Fortuna.



"Inagua is an anagram for the herbivorous animal common to its shores: the iguana." source: Bahamasgateway
"The ratio of flamingos to people on Great Inagua is about 61:1" source: Bahamas incentive manual

about Inagua by bahamasgateway - geographia

BMOT map of Inagua
BVG map of Inagua

Inagua - wonderfully wild (offline 20080910) 

Inagua - wildlife (Inagua Tourism Association 2007)

for more maps see here

for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

Morton Salt Company (Chicago), solar salt

about salt industry (Turks and Caicos)

James Bond Dr. No "the mythical island of Crab Key"

Inagua Archaeology see here


2000-02-20 "Counting Flamingos on Great Inagua" New York Times 



10.09.07 "Bahamas Flamingo Colony Survives Hurricane Ike" AP

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- Thousands of pink flamingos in the Bahamas emerged unscathed from Hurricane Ike's direct hit on their breeding colony, the warden of Great Inagua island's national park said Monday.

Warden Henry Nixon said he saw a few dead birds on his first visit to the park since Ike pounded the island with 135 mph (217 kph) winds Sunday, but the vast majority apparently found shelter in coves and behind mangrove trees.

"The flamingos are doing fine. There are thousands of them all over the place," Nixon told The Associated Press. He said the mangrove clusters the birds use for protection were also still intact.

The national park covers nearly half the 600-square-mile (1,550-square kilometer) island in the southeastern Bahamas and with roughly 50,000 West Indian flamingos, it claims the largest breeding colony in the world.

The park was established in 1965 and has helped reverse a decline in the flamingo population from hunting and development.

Some birds may have survived by flying to nearby islands, said Lynn Gape, deputy director of the Bahamas National Trust.

"Birds are very sensitive to barometric pressure," she said.

Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham was planning a visit to assess the damage in Great Inagua, which is home to about 1,000 people.

The storm tore the roofs of homes and toppled trees and utility poles but no deaths or injuries were reported.


18.11.04 "Morton Salt stops power supply for Inagua" Nassau Guardian


Great Inagua Island

Q From: Michael Walsh Date: 5/28/03 10:07:56 PM
Hello, I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has been to Great Inagua Island? I would like to visit this Island because it is unspoiled and also the last outpost. I was planning to take the mail boat from Nassau and would appreciate any pertinent info about that journey etc. I have done extensive reading about this Island and also Little Inagua. Thanks much.
A From: Scubagirl Date: 5/28/03 10:54:18 PM
Mike, I went to homecoming 2 years ago. My boyfriend has family there. It is stark. The people are friendly, but reserved. There is little convenience, and rarely see air-conditioning and only a few cars. I don't think there is any car rentals, but you might borrow a bicycle from the b&b and ride around town. There are only about 10 guest rooms on the island. There is only one small settlement. In order to explorer the National Park, you need to have the park ranger escort you.
There are wild boar and wild donkeys everywhere, and the mosquitoes are bigger than a hummingbird. I loved the people, we had a great time, but the island was less than desirable. I'm not a prima donna, but this was a "far from comfortable" experience. BTW, the mailboat will take about 30 hours depending on the weather. I must say the island is pristine. Steamy hot, and vegetation is not lush. Unless you go during homecoming, you could likely be the only visitors in town. I must say, coming upon the flamingoes on the lake was breathtaking. They are dwindling in numbers, but still a heavenly site.

 SCC The Main House 

Long Island

!!all the links you need about Long Island (Robert)

BMOT map of Long Island
LongIslandIsHere map
Diane & Dave map Little Deadman's Cay map (enlarge)
for more maps see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

04.01.2004 "In The Bahamas, The Other Long Island" Washington Post

Long Island Satellite Picture

Stella Maris Resort Club
SCC Slipstream
SCC Little Deadman's Cay

SCC Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort


BTO Website about Mayaguana

BMOT map of Mayaguana
for more maps see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

To Mayaguana by experimental airplane ... to collect license plates
RSSTI (Red Sea Sustainable Tourism Initiative) Ecolodge Planning Case Study - Sustainable Development of Mayaguana
Cold War, May 1961 - US combat operations with tactical aircraft against Cuba search for Mayaguana

New Providence/Paradise Island

see mainly under topics! - e.g. history
for maps see here
NASA satellite image of Nassau
for more satellite images see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

Where are ... Blue Lagoon Island, Athol Island, Rose Island, Pearl Island etc.?

Maps: BahamasTravelNet- Peter Loud
On the north coast of New Providence Island, just north of Cable Beach, is Balmoral Island (Sandals / Blackbeard's Cay, Discovery Island), Long Cay (historically known as Rooster Cay), and a little further east toward Nassau are Silver Cay and Arawak Cay. On the north coast of Paradise Island is Cabbage Beach where several hotels are located. To the northeast of Paradise Island is Salt Cay (Blue Lagoon Island) and east of Paradise Island is Athol Island. Further to the northeast of Paradise Island is Rose Island, an approximately 25 minute boat ride. The large lake in the center of New Providence Island is Lake Killarney, which is brackish and not suitable for swimming. Paradise Island (historically known as Hog Island) is accessed by 2 large bridges (each has one-way traffic, the Western Bridge is northbound to Paradise Island and the Eastern Bridge is southbound to New Providence Island). The bridge is open to pedestrian traffic for access to East Bay Street. There are ample taxis at the resorts and there is a water taxi service to Prince George Wharf (Nassau) that leaves (and returns) every half hour at the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal just under the western bridge. source:

Blackbeard's Cay
Legend has it that when the pirate Blackbeard was still sailing the world he and his fearsome cronies used this island as a meeting and party spot. Blackbeard's Cay shares Balmoral Island with Sandals Resort (Sandals Island) . As well as beautiful beaches the island has a retail shop, Dive Shop, Dining Pavillion, restroom facilities and for private events a stage and dancefloor area with sound systems and generators. Source:

Pearl Island Treasure Hunt - where exactly is Pearl Island?? (website seems to be under construction) - "Pearl Island is a privately owned island where many celebrities have found tranquility and have partied until sunrise."
A From: Scubagirl, 20.07.04: Pearl Island is that tiny private island with the Lighthouse just off the east end of Paradise Island, adjacent to Athol Island. At some point it was owned by Eddie Murphy, not sure who owns it now. It's primarily used as a cruise ship tour for Treasure Diving (for conch and seeded pearls), There's a conch farm, 3 resident stingrays and a little daiquari stand.It has a tiny slip of beach, and terrific snorkeling off the back side, which unfortunately can only be reached by going over the jagged coral. There are still private guest houses on the property, Christina Aquilerra was reported to have a private party there last month.


(Late) History of Paradise Island

History on Paradise Island, a sliver of very precious land a bridge away from Nassau, can be measured in pre-Sol and post-Sol. [...] Sol Kerzner took the island by storm in 1994, scooping up several major hotel properties owned by Merv Griffin. In less than a year, he opened the doors on Atlantis, a spectacular 1,136-room resort with a 14-acre waterscape park. Four years and $650 million later, the soaring Royal Towers more than doubled Atlantis’ guest capacity. The world's largest outdoor open-water aquarium became even bigger -- 11 million gallons, 100,000 species. New attractions were added – The Dig, an interactive underground replica of an archeological site with windows onto the underwater world of the lagoon; and a huge likeness of a Mayan Temple with five-story waterslides into a shark lagoon. 
While Atlantis was being built, a much quieter project was underway at another Kerzner acquisition, the Ocean Club, the 1960s private enclave of Huntington Hartford II, heir to the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company fortune. It was Hartford who convinced the government to give Hog Island a new name -- Paradise Island. Hartford built the Ocean Club, a luxurious 52-room hotel and four two-bedroom cottages, and commissioned architect Dick Wilson to create an 18-hole course for the pleasure of his guests. In the 1960s the Ocean Club was the place to be seen with the likes of William Randolph Hearst, Burl Ives, Benny Goodman and a host of earls, dukes and ambassadors. When Hartford’s fortune and interest waned, the club passed into other hands. Source Worldgolf


Hotels on New Providence / Nassau or Paradise Island

Hotels -Bahamas Tourist Office > pick an island

Bed & Breakfast places, hostels see here

SCC for Atlantis / Comfort Suites / Ocean Club see here
SCC BCH British Colonial Hilton (5*) Hilton website - Hilton Caribbean website - tripadvisor reviews - Fact Sheet - Brochure (pdf)
++Discussion 07.07.04 British Colonial Hilton / use of facilities  cruisecritics board
SCC Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace Casino
SCC Sandals Royal Bahamain - Sandals International
Sandals/Frances ++Article 09.09.08 "Sandals Royal Bahamian closed temporarily" Nassau Guardian - hurricane news
SCC Radisson Cable Beach & Golf Resort

SCC Westwind Club Timeshare: Westwind 1 / Westwind II

SCC RCI timeshares see here

RIU in the Bahamas

05.11.04 "'Hotel RIU' to replace PI's Sheraton Grand - Spanish group invests $20 million to create new all-inclusive resort" Nassau Guardian

29.11.04 "RIU holding second job fair - Hoping to interview people not served" Nassau Guardian

The Sheraton Grand Resort announces the sale of its hotel property on Paradise Island to the Spanish RIU hotel group. The hotel closed its doors on May 10th for major renovations and upgrading of its facilities to 5 star status by December 2004. source: majesticholidays
RIU is a TUI hotel company
description of the new hotel: e.g. here:

RIU official website (Nov 04: page not complete yet) > pick H. RIU Paradise Island
RIU inofficial website
RIU inofficial website -  message board - RIU Paradise Island

Dec 2004 first reviews about the "new" RIU Paradise Island Tripadvisor

QA-Source fodors
Q From MuyLinda 29.9.04 I just read that the Riu is taking over the Sheraton on Paradise Island and will open as a Riu resort sometime soon. This kind of peaked my interest as we've had two great vacations at the Riu Yucatan in Playa del Carmen. Does anyone have any info on this? A great beach is always my #1 priority. Thanks! A From colin1960 3.10.04 They bought the Sheraton on Paradise Island[next door to Atlantis] and are in the process of refurbishing at the moment,don't know when it is scheduled to open,I understand it will be all inclusive once it does re-open.


 SCC Club Med Paradise Island
September 04, closed down now due to Atlantis extension
23.09.03 "Time takes its toll on Paradise's Club Med" Nassau Guardian
09.07.04 "Kerzner edged out Club Med's 'concept' - Club Med president says Kerzner keeps getting "bigger"" Nassau Guardian
09.09.04 "Police block Club Med staff" Nassau Guardian

Rumours about Club Med PI

<>Scubagirl 09.01.05 Tripadvisor board<> [...] There is a rumour that Club Med will purchase the South Ocean Resort on the south side on New Providence. This would make a great spot for a low keyed property such as Club Med. No word yet on when this will take place


Atlantis / Comfort Suites / Ocean Club
SCC Sun International Atlantis usw.
SCC Sun International

Atlantis map - map legend
about Atlantis restaurants see here

SCC Comfort Suites (=choice hotels, their franchiser) - BMOT info
SCC Ocean Club (One & Only Resorts) - BMOT info / Travel with kids - about Atlantis

++Discussions: Atlantis admission, use of facilities, stay at Comfort Suites instead etc.
30.01.04 "Atlantis 25$" Cruise Critics (June 04: looks like price is now $29)
13.05.04 "Another interesting discussion about Atlantis for cruise passengers" Cruise Critics
02.08.04 "Atlantis vs Comfort Suites" BVG Board

Q From: NYLady Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2003 (QA-Source: board does not exist anymore)
Can you utilize the facilities at the Atlantis? Swimming pool, restaurants, etc..?
A From: Scubagirl Date: Thursday, March 27, 2003 If you are a guest.. of course, if not, you can only enjoy the casinos, shoppes and inside restaurants (reservations recommended). The Digs-underground aquariums are viewable with a day pass which cost $25. Pools, slides, lagoon beach and other outside features are available only to guests. The beach is public, and is accessible thru a public walkway next to the Sheraton. Lounges are for guests only. There are security people throughout the property who check for wristbands.
Q From: Lona Date: 2/26/04 We are traveling to the Bahamas next month. .was wondering if tourists can go to the Atlantis waterparks even though we will not be guests of that hotel.
A From: scubagirl Date: 2/26/04 Atlantis facilities are for guests of Atlantis, Harbourside, Comfort Suites and Ocean Club ONLY. There are security guards at exits and around the grounds preventing those without ID bracelets from wandering the grounds or using the slides etc. No Day Passes are available. You can, however, shop in the upscale shops, and enjoy the casinos. A huge part of the aquarium can be viewed at the Great Wall of Water Restaurant.
A From: Finche Date: 2/27/04 You can buy a day pass, I think it is $25.00. I will be at Atlantis on 3/23/2004 - 3/29/2004.
A From: bahamabreezes Date: 2/28/04 No sorry, but Atlantis stopped offering day passes a couple of years ago. You can pay $25.00 to take a tour of the dig, and see some of the grounds, but you can not use the pools and lazy river if you are not a guest of the resort.

Q From: kathleen davi (source: Frommers) 14.06.04 I am going on a cruise in a few weeks and was wondering if there is a day pass that allows access to the water attractions and beach at the Atlantis hotel Thanks! 
A From: Tamara Zoo 15.6.04 Occasionally, when they can't fully book rooms, they open them up as DAY ROOMS for about $200 plus taxes. This is NOT guaranteed. And it doesn't happen often. Most folks book a room across the street at the Comfort Suites, which allows up to 4 people access to all of Atlantis. 


San Salvador (Guanahani, San Salvador, Watling Isl) / Rum Cay

Little San Salvador see here

Christopher Columbus made his first landfall on San Salvador Island during his historic voyage to the New World. Four separate monuments mark the exact spot where he came ashore on October 12, 1492. However, it is generally regarded that he landed at Long Bay, where a big stone cross now stands. Called Guanahani by the native Lucayan Indians, Columbus renamed the island San Salvador or "Holy Saviour," noting in his journal: "The beauty of these islands surpasses that of any other and as much as the day surpasses the night in splendour." The island was taken over by British buccaneer George Watling, and he renamed San Salvador Island after himself (Watling Island). It wasn’t until 1925 that the island’s name was restored to its original. source BMOT

see here for more about history, Columbus etc.

see also under Gerace - Geology - Marine Biology - Archaeology -

<>GERACE / San Salvador GIS map
GERACE San Salvador GIS website with various maps
BMOT map of San Salvador

for more maps see here

NASA satellite image of San Salvador
for more satellite images see here
for (more) pictures/satellite images/photos see here

Unesco Paper San Salvador "Environment and Development..."
Carleton San Salvador Overview
San Salvador Island
SCC Walker's Island Adventure
SCC Riding Rock Inn, Resort & Marina

Club Med (was closed after hurricane Frances in Sept 04 - should open again on Dec 18th 2004)
Club Med San Salvador Columbus Isle> Caribbean & Bahamas > Columbus Isle
Brent's Columbus Isle review (1998) - lots of info (also about Club Med in general)
"I and Wendy" honeymoon on Columbus Isle review (1999)
mhammoc's report, with pictures (Sept 2003)
bibi's photos (September 2003) and

Club Med Columubs Isle Forum

+++Article 15.07.04 "Caribbean Spotlight featured at Club Med San Salvador" NassauGuardian

Club Med flies with Star Airlines (Charter), see here

Rum Cay (named Mamana by the Lucayan Indians then Santa Maria de la Conception by Christopher Columbus)

The "Sleeping Beauty" of The Bahamas, with its historic Loyalist cotton plantation ruins and Indian artifacts, lovely rolling hills, golden beaches and necklace of coral reefs encircling its shores.[] Rum Cay is supposed to have derived its present name from the wreck upon its shore of a West Indian rumrunner laden with the commodity. Port Nelson, a sheltered harbour on the south coast, is the only settlement. The island is 10 miles long and 5 miles wide and has fewer than 100 inhabitants.  source Geographia/Bahamas

BVG map of Rum Cay

SCC Rum Cay Marina - incl. "what to do", accommodations etc.
SCC Rum Cay Bahamas (realtor) incl. "what to do" etc.

Surfing - see here

Bits about history

Columbus's second landfall [in the Bahamas], Santa Maria de la Concepcion, must be Rum Cay, which is 20 miles east of Long Island, roughly the distance the explorer claimed to have traveled between the two.  Source Millersville / Columbus

Rum Cay - history
Wild Island Tours - history

Other miscellaneous topics

see also table of content


Recipes, Bahamian Cuisine

18.11.04 "Culinary Olympic victory [Erfurt]" Nassau Guardian
11.01.05 "Getting down to the nitty gritty -  Here in The Bahamas, long before we had "peas & rice" we had "peas & grits (Hominy)" Nassau Guardian
10.03.05 "In da kitchen - So Which One Is It? - By Chef Anthony B. Carey - "Yes, I would like to have the lobster salad. Or should that be crawfish salad? - incl. recipe for Lobster Bisque" Nassau Guardian

BMOT Bahamian Cuisine  - Recipes - old version
Bahamian Recipes - cocktails
Islandflave Recipes
Bahamian Delights, Geographia/GBI
Real Bahamian Recipes, Michael Hall, -excerpt-
We Tings
Bahamas Vacation Guide
How to clean a Conch and other subject (private page)
Mac'n cheese & Conch chowder recipes eleuthera message board 24.11.03
DaBahamianTing > Recipe List
! Search the Abaco Journal for "Abaco's Cooking" (editions of 1996/1997)
“Sandy’s Solution” To the Tropical Drink Dilemma.
Usenet, Bahamian recipes, as Google-group (sort by date) > click on "view thread"

SCC Sawyer's Food, some recipes (apparently lot of cocktail recipes but also some "real" ones)
XX 16.11.04 broken (expired) check later Fooddownunder Recipe Database - Results when searched for "Bahamian"  - search for "Bahamas" -  Category=Caribbean

Some cookbooks (try online book shops such as amazon for more info)
Burrows De'Ynza, True, true Bahamian recipes (1979)
Lambert Rosamund, Bennett-Williams Sue, A Little Bahamian Cookbook (1992)
Ferguson Eldin and Sharon, The Bahamian Touch (dated?)
Hanley Lucy, Best Recipes of the Bahamas (1991)  - review (search page for book's title)
Henry, Creative Bahamian Cooking (2000)
Henry, Bahamian Cocktails/Mixed Drink (2000)
Higgs Mrs Leslie, "Bahamian cook book : recipes by ladies of Nassau" (dated?)
Laramore-Crawford Sylvia, Happy Cooking The Bahamian Way (1991) - review (search page for author's name)
Miller, Creative Bahamian Cook.& Menus (1991)
Woolley Fran, The Abaco cook book, from a Bahamian out island: Recipes and illustrations


see also Conchs - Fisheries

What is Conch?

Conch is [] a large shelled sea animal, similar to a snail or clam. There are several varieties. The meat from the conch is very good and is served in many ways (conch chowder, conch salad, conch fritters, cracked conch, steamed conch, scorched conch, etc). I would describe it as having a taste similar to lobster but with a tougher texture. The Bahamas leads the world in the consumption of conch. Source Geographia/GBI Board 

Food reference about Conch
Food down under - Conch recipes
++Discussion: 04.11.04 "Seashells [take Conch shells back home?]" started by tom Geographia/GBI board
Sandy’s Conch Salad
Abaco Life  ""Conch: a royal gift from the sea"

Telephone directories, address directories, yellow pages, white pages

BTC Batelco address directory > Telephone Directories

choose a phone book, e.g. "Bahamas Yellow Pages" > click on the blue "SEARCH" button (left upper corner)

or, to see / browse the printed pages, choose category etc.


see here for Government phone directories
see here for Eleuthera phone directory

Business directories (yellow pages) with search function (Bahamas Golden Pages)
Sorted by branche (yellow pages)
Sorted alphabetically (white pages)


(see also arts)

see here for Scubagirl's shopping tips for Nassau
Bahamas Souvenir on-line shop
Ting-n-ting Island Gift Shop
SCC Kalik Bahamian Beer
SCC Bahamas Digital Post Office- send digital postcard

Hotels, Travel Agencies, B&B, Hostels

see also Travel reports/reviews
see also MOON Bahamas

!! find links to some hotel under the island

Hotels - Bahamas Tourist Office > pick an island > scroll down to hotels

List of Travel Agencies
Travel Agencies/Tour Operators voted Best Tour Operator Worldwide by the Bahamian Government:
Apple Vacation
Travel Impressions
Esquire Travel Group
Unusual Villa & Island Rentals - Bahamas

Travellady, hotel reviews scroll down to Bahamas
(Landing, Wyndham, Our Lucayan, Radisson Cable Beach, British Colonial Hilton)

SCC, only a few entries, but with their websites etc.
SCC HotelGuide Nassau and Paradise Island
SCC VRBO Vacation Rentals by owner > Caribbean-Bahamas

RCI timeshares
Timeshare booking, info about resorts, some with website > pick "Bahamas" as [country] > search
Advisory - availability of resorts e.g. after hurricane: US & Canada list (incl Bahamas) -  enter resort ID here to get resort details
Reviews, Travel Journals (Bahamas)

Bed & Breakfast, Hostels

SCC Dillets Guesthouse B&B (Nassau)
SCC Arawak Inn - self catering rooms, with either a stove or microwave, and refrigerator - (Nassau)  - BMOT
SCC Villa Towne & Country of Nassau

SCC Aunti Anne's B&B (Freeport)

Q From JJ 30.11.04 Has anyone heard of this b&b? So far I like what their website says (well of course all websites have to say positive things) but I'd like to hear from anybody who has actually stayed there. How far from everything? how secluded or not?
A From Janice 02.12.04 I've never stayed there but have spoken to some tourists that have. The lady who runs the place is extremely friendly and her place is very well kept. I guess the downside would be that it's in a residential area so a car would definitely be a necessity if staying there. It is a reputable company though so if you're prepared to rent a car I'd say go and enjoy!
A From Rick Stracqualursi 09.12.04 I know the Acosta's pretty well. The B & B is excellent - actually much better looking than the photos on their web page. Mike and Anne are very genuine people. I would stay with them without hesitation. In fact, I own a place on the Island, and Mike keeps track of it for me when I am away. By all means, stay at Aunt Anne's. You will enjoy it.
QA-Source: Geographia/GBI Board

BVG Bahamas Vacation Guide, link to B&B places
BootsnAll hostels guide (small) search result for Bahamas
search for hostels in the Bahamas
(there seem to be no iyhf-members in the Bahamas)

Cheap Accommodation in Freeport
see hotels mentioned under "I won a free trip..." - some of them are acceptable small but clean places (see Cal's comments there)

Cheap Accommodation / Youth Hostel (Nassau) QA-Source:

Q From liz, Date 1.10.03 / Clean, safe, with a view - Hi! Would like your imput. Looking for a clean, safe hotel (going solo) with a view on or near a beach within walking distance (is this a good idea?) to restaurants and shopping under $200-170 in Nassau for Christmas or New years. Is this possible? A From Marylou, 1.10.03 Try Nassau Beach Hotel, right on the beach, reasonably priced, clean, safe (take the same precautions you would take in any city) and within walking distance of restaurants and some shops. And during the day you can take a jitney downtown to Bay Street to shop at the Straw Market and downtown shops, take a water taxi over to Paradise Island to see the Atlantis hotel. A From Scubagirl, 1.10.03 I agree with Marylou about the Nassau Beach Hotel, it's a good location and relatively safe. I usually recommend the British Colonial Hilton for safe solo travel. It's more of an upscale hotel (not a resort), on a small private beach, but very secure and located downtown just steps from everything. I don't know about the rates around the holidays. That time of year is the highest you'll find year round. Check the Radisson or Wyndham Cable Beach, or The Sheraton on Paradise Island. A From Scubagirl, 2.10.03 Looks like most of the places we mentioned are either booked or over your day rate. Try Holiday Inn Junkanoo. The day rate for the holidays is about $100 plus taxes (which run about $20 a nite. ) It's located across the street from Junkanoo beach. It's a moderate/budget hotel, but it's clean, safe and affordable, and within walking distance of most anything. A From Daniel 2.10.03 Try Orange Hill Resort (about $100/nt.); there is also a Youth Hostel in Nassau: International Traveler's Lodge and Hostel at 23 Delacy St. 242-325-4147 a dorm room goes for $26 a private room for $76 in winter. Forget the big resorts! Around the holidays they have a 6-8 nt. minimum, and prices are raised up to 50% above the highest in season winter rates-so you will pay $300-400 USD per night! (I am going to the Bahamas in Feb. there will be 4-5 adults and we won't have to pay any more than $100-250 per night for a room!!!) Hope that helps! Love, Daniel A From Scubagirl, 2.10.03 Orange Hill might be a safe bet, but the youth hostel is far from a safe haven for solo travelers, especially a women. Neither is really within walking distance of anything, except the beach across the street at Orange Hill. No shopping, no restaurants, no nightlife. Stick to the beaten path, Liz, you'll be safe and happy.
A From Candy, 2.10.03 I totally agree with Marylou. I stayed at Nassau Beach Hotel November of last year and August of this year and the accommodations were GREAT. This is not a five star hotel but the staff, beach and people were great and I would recommend it for a single person as well. Our rooms had a view of the entire courtyard and side view of the beach. We had no complaints as I feel a trip is what you make of it. Heck just getting away from the daily routine is five stars in itself. Enjoy your stay in Nassau beach! Regards, Candy

long discussion about the Orange Hill started by spaceroute on 30.01.05 Fodors board



BVG Bahamas Vacation Guide, links to restaurants
Frommer's overview, best restaurants
! Bahamasgo, Nassau restaurants - price category, menus with prices
TheBahamian list of restaurants
see also Scubagirls recommendations here
The Top List of Great Restaurants - Bahamas (Nassau/PI) by Jay Michaels - only a few entries yet but incl. their websites etc.
Bahamas Golden Pages - menus with prices of (a few) restaurants

Atlantis Restaurants "Dining Comparison Chart"

"Local hangouts in Freeport" started by Tachel on 25.08.04 Geographia/GBI board
"Restaurants [Freepor]t" started by John on 29.09.04 Geographia/GBI board
! "Restaurant List? [Freeport]" started by Top on 02.11.04 Geographia/GBI board

29.12.03 "Chicken in da bag, Keith's Way" Nassau Guardian and a related discussion on Geographia/GBI board (26.8.04)
20.01.05 "New gourmet café opened - Downtown eatery now one month old - Lakasbah Gourmet Café and Cocktail Lounge" Nassau Guardian

SCC Sun And.. (Nassau).
SCC Columbus Tavern (PI) - Pieter Jan V's comment
SCC Chez Willi (Nassau)
SCC Cafe Matisse (Nassau)
SCC Buena Vista (Nassau) (menue, on Scubagirl's website)

SCC Graycliff (Nassau) - review Marlinmag -
+++Article 22.02.05 "Graycliff owner [
Garzaroli family] opens new Brazilian-style steakhouse[Humidor Churrascaria Restaurant]" Nassau Guardian

Posted by Paulie on Tue - Nov 2 "A couple of hints for Graycliff." (common typo: Greycliff)
When you make your reservation make sure you ask to be seated inside. Try to book on a day when few cruise ships are in town. Part of the ambiance of Greycliff is that as you sit in the dimly lit dining room, you are taken back to almost exactly how it was when the Duke of Winsor and Wallis Simson were sitting n the same spot 65 years before you. Greycliff used to enforce a dress code but the ambiance is kind of ruined if you are sitting next to a half in the bag dude in a tank top from a cruise ship. Dress up a little. Get there a little early, grab a drink and walk around the grounds. You will be walking in the footsteps of kings, queens, deposed kings, presidents, the Beatles, the Stones, and, of course Winston Churchill. Flip the sommolier a few bucks to give you a tour of the wine cellar. Wine Spectator magazine named it one of the best collections in the world but even more cool is the fact that Greycliff is built on the foundation of an old fort/garrison and the wine cellar is the old dungeon. When the cab drops you off you will come to this gate surronded by this old run down fence in sort of an old run down neighborhood and think 'boy, what have I got myself into." Will you ever be pleasantly surprised. Source: BVG/Nassau board


Sophia's Choice - restaurant ratings in the Nassau Guardian
24.09.04 Radisson versus Wyndham Nassau Guardian
23.10.04 Choices Restaurant, training restaurant, Nassau Nassau Guardian
29.10.04 The Reef Restaurant, Nassau Nassau Guardian
04.11.04 The Poop Deck Nassau Guardian
date? Money Penny Cafe Nassau Guardian
25.06.04 RJ's Restaurant Nassau Guardian

Dr. Sophia Rolle is a Lecturer in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies at The College of The Bahamas. She is also a marketing consultant for Sojourner Douglas College and as a graduate student at Iowa State University, trained students in the finer points of restaurant service and dining etiquette. Dr. Rolle will be frank in the assessment of the restaurant she visits, commenting on services received and observed during the course of her dining experience. She will rate the establishment in 13 categories on a scale of 1:5 with five being the highest. Dr. Rolle is not a chef, but feels she is eminently qualified to comment on the food and beverage. source: Nassau Guardian


Law firms


! OPM List of Attorneys & Law Firms
BFSB Members "investment adv"
BFSB Members "law"
XX 18.5.04 website changed, info not available anymore/yet List US Embassy Nassau Lawyers of New Providence
XX 18.5.04 website changed, info not available anymore/yet List US Embassy Nassau Lawyers Family Islands

ILN International Lawyers Network (Bahamas is listed under Central America)
+++Article: 21.05.04 "Bahamian lawyers to join top law firms at London conference" Nassau Guardian

! Bahamian Online Legal Resource Center
SCC Business laws in Bahamas
SCC list (ads)
! SCC Callenders & Co. Attorneys at Law (large law firm)
SCC Lennox Paton Counsel & Attorneys-at-Law
SCC Higgs & Johnson Counsel & Attorneys-at-Law
SCC Halsbury Chambers, Counsel & Attorneys-at-Law, Notaries Public
! SCC Moss Paul D., Attorney at Law (small law firm) - new address 1.11.04: 2nd Floor, Maritime House, Frederick St, (photo?)
SCC Strachan CV Hope Mrs. of Hope Strachan & Co.Attorney (no website so far) Ph. 242-356-3829 (hstrachan at

SCC Cafferata Adam, Cafferata & Co., P.O.Box F-42614, Freeport, Bahamas, (242) 351-4086, FAX (242) 351-3506.  (message board recomm.)
SCC Glinton & Co Maurice O. ., Suite B Regent Centre East, P.O. Box F-42505, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas / Phone: 352-4484 /
Fax: 352-4526 / rablish at (message board recomm.)

Real Estate Companies

+++Article 12.02.05 "Peet: Govt 'cautious' about raising Rent Control ceiling too high [Rent Control Act]" Nassau Guardian

The International Persons Landholding Act

SCC IDM Title Service "Purchasing Real Estate in The Bahamas" (incl. Development and Construction Matters)
Owning a house in the Bahamas (Emerald Bay Resort)

! OPM List of Reals Estate Companies
List of Real Estate Companies
(XenuErr) SCC list (ads)

BREA Bahamas Real Estate Association ("BREA"),
+++Article 24.05.04 "BREA: Foreign agents selling realty illegally" Nassau Guardian

SCC Bahamas Vacation Homes (Eleuthera)
SCC Bahamas Realty
SCC Christie H. G.
SCC Paradise Real Estate 
SCC Durrant-Harding Real Estate
XX 15.4.04 broken SCC Great Harbour Cay (Berry Is)
SCC Jack Isaacs Realty
SCC Knowles Realty
SCC REI Real Estate International

Guides, portals, site hosting, webdesign

!! SCC We Tings
!! SCC Bahama Companies (only a few but very nice links)
SCC Bahama Travel Net
SCC Bahamas Net Pages (lots of links)
SCC Bahamas Business Directory
SCC The Bahamian, Citizen & Resident guide to Bahamian businesses, services & products
SCC Bahamas Vacation Guide Freeport, Nassau, Paradise Island etc. h
SCC Bahamas Gateway history (old and new), recipes, culture etc
SCC Bahamians online and iBahamian
SCC Bahamascope
SCC Bahamas Mall
SCC Bahamas Accommodations and Travel Resource
SCC Bahamas Online - Bahamas Net (also provider)
SCC Bahamas On-Line - tourism
SCC Bahamas Guide
SCC Bahamanet
SCC Bahamatings
SCC what's on bahamas - bahamas guide - for news, accommodation, hotels, nightlife and dining

SCC Thyme Online, web design & development

Time difference, e.g. Zurich - Nassau

GMT Greenwich Mean Time = UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) // DST = Daylight Saving Time

2003-03-17 Zurich: 3pm (15h) / Nassau 9am (9h) 

when both no DST

ZH - 6h = BS

2003-04-02 Zurich: 4pm (16h) / Nassau 9am (9h)

when only CH has DST

ZH - 7h = BS

2003-04-07 Zurich: 3pm (15h) / Nassau 9am (9h)

when both have DST

ZH - 6h = BS

2003-10-27 Zurich: 3pm (15h) / Nassau 9am (9h)

when both no DST

ZH - 6h = BS

MEZ = GMT+1 hour (no DST). DST 2003: starts on March 30, 2am / ends on Oct. 26, 3am
MEZ-6h = GMT-5 hours (no DST). DST 2003, starts on April 6, 2am / ends on Oct. 26, 2am

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> for Place/City No. 2 pick Date and City = Nassau > show timetable
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Temperature, weight & volume conversion

Temperature conversion C > F  ( and Weather Calculators
C to F: (C*1.8)+32=F
F to C: (F-32) / 1.8= C
100C = 212F // 30C = 86F // 0C = 32F)
Approximate: Celsius X 2, then add 30 / Fahrenheit - 30, then divided by 2

Common Meteorological Conversions, NOAA
same calculators but includes tables (e.g. C > F > C conversion)

Weight & Volume conversion  (
1 pound = 0.4535924 kilogram / 1 kilogram = 2.2046226 pound
5 pound = 2.2679619 kilogram
32 ounce = 0.9071847 kilogram (approx 1kg) / 1 kilogram = 35.2739619 ounce
18 ounce = 0.5102914 kilogram (approx. 500g) / 500 gram = 17.636981 ounce
15 ounce = 0.4252428 kilogram
12 ounce = 0.3401943 kilogram
1 gallon [US, liquid] = 3.7854118 liter / 1 liter = 0.2641721 gallon [US, liquid]

Storm intensity - more links about hurricanes see here


Storm intensity 



Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Damage, Potential Scale (5 categories) 









barometric pressure in inches (cm)

29.73 (est)

 less than 29.53





less than 27.17

wind speeds in mph (kmph)

less than 39


> 12




more than 155

storm surge in feet (m)


less than 4





more than 18

damage by storm surge








Source: USA today
1 mile (m): 1.61 kilometer // 1 feet = 30.48 centimeter // 1 inch = 2.54 centimeter (
more about saffir-simpson-scale:
Beaufort Scale

Diameter of a hurricane: 300-500 km
Diameter of the eye: up to 40km
Height: 12 - 20km

Attempt to compare size and population of the Bahamas and Switzerland





Dominican Republic (East Hispaniola Island

Total Land + Water

13,940 km2

10,991 km2

41,290 km2

48,730 km2


10,070 km2

10,831 km2

39,770 km2

48,380 km2

Water *)

3,870 km2 ?

160 km2

1,520 sq km

350 sq km ?


11,238 km

895 km

n.a. (1,852 km land boundaries)

1,612 km ? (1,288 km coastline, 360 km land boundaries)

Area of continental shelf

79,840 km2

5,609 km2


5,863 km2

Territorial sea (up to 12 nautical miles)

283,164 km2

15,973 km2


14,041 km2

Claimed Exclusive Economic Zone

369,149 km2

234,780 km2


246,454 km2





8,800,000 Mio

Population density





Dimension 1


348 km W-E

Dimension 2


220 km N-S

sources:, cia facts, earthtrends
4,403 sq mi (11,404 sq km), (x2.59 / 1 mile = 1.609 kilometer)

On a map, it's difficult to directly compare the size of the Bahamas and Switzerland. 1st because the Bahamas is an island nation. 2nd Both countries are small. If shown on the same map, they are too small to allow comparison. If shown larger, they will be on separate maps with different map scales for both areas and countries (Caribbean-Europe, Bahamas/Switzerland). On a map, it's easier to compare Jamaica and Dom Rep: But the area of Jamaica is somewhat smaller than the area of the Bahamas (21%). The area of the Dominican Republic is somewhat larger than the area of Switzerland (15%).
approx 5900km2: Andros is about the size of  Kt Bern,
approx   200km2: New Providence is about the size of Kt Zug
approx 1400km2: Grand Bahama is about the size of Kt Aargau

*) XX open question - what does the above "water" figure EXACTLY comprise? it's not "inland water", not "water between island" not coastal waters but ??

... more about size

Although the size of The Bahamas is traditionally estimated by its land mass (about 5,400 square miles  including many tiny, uninhabited rocks and isles), these islands extend over a marine territory of about 100,000 square miles--almost twice the size of Spain and substantially larger than Great Britain.

Although the total land area of the archipelago is 13,934 square kilometers, slightly larger than New Jersey and Connecticut combined, the islands are sprawled over an area of approximately 259,000 square kilometers (see fig. 18; table 6, Appendix A)

... more about territory

EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone, Law of the Sea

Küstengewässer - coastal waters / Hoheitsgebiet -  sovereign territory / Territorialgewässer - territorial waters / territorial sea

2.4.6 Verlauf der Hoheitsgrenze in den Küstengewässern
Die Hoheitsgrenze ist die Grenze, bis zu der ein Staat seine Hoheitsbefugnisse ausüben kann. Im Landgebiet fällt sie mit der Staatslandgrenze zusammen.
An der Meeresküste schließt sich an das durch die Staatslandgrenze begrenzte Gebiet nach See noch das Küstenmeer (sogen. “Territorialgewässer”) an, das dann gegen das “freie Meer” (bzw. hohe See) hin durch die “Hoheitsgrenze” abgeschlossen wird.
Soweit der genaue Verlauf der Hoheitsgrenze durch einen Uferstaat amtlich bekanntgegeben ist, wird er auch als rote Linie in die Seekarte eingetragen. 



Other stuff


"The Original Swiss Sweet Shop" 

"... makes the best wedding cakes in Nassau.[] Armin Wernli came to The Bahamas over a decade ago and worked as Executive Pastry Chef at two local resorts. He learnt his trade in Switzerland and other European countries. []"


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