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on a separate page: Films


Maps - Places and Attractions of all islands, see here

! BVG Bahamas map
map with topology (German website)
Kuoni (UK) Bahamas map
National Geographic/ Xpeditons
!!! Peter Loud - GIS - great detailed maps of most islands (private website)
BVG Maps - (scanned in) maps of all islands (e.g. Freeport!)
BMOT maps of all island > Plan a trip > pick an island > map
Bahamatravelnet, small maps but with attractions and locations marked
Bahamas map - move cursor over map or over location
Bahamas Golden Pages - maps of all islands (not very detailed)
historical map of the Bahamas 1885

National Geographic satellite world map, zoom in/out, islands not very detailed

Maps of NP - Nassau/Paradise Island
GP Bahamas Golden Pages interactive maps > scroll down to New Providence Road Map - Nassau Road Map - Nassau Downtown Road Map - PI Road Map - CB Road Map, click on red arrows to move map / place cursor on blue numbers to display name of place (hotel etc), it will be displayed below the map title or somewhere else on the map, if it doesn't appear: click on one number, place cursor on another one

Scubagirls map, New Providence
Scubagirls map, Paradise Island/downdown
Nassau/Paradise Island, small map but with attractions and locations marked
Bahamas on-line City Maps (only Nassau ?!)
Peter Loud's Nassau/PI map

Maps of GBI
Frommers Grand Bahama and other maps
Bahamastravelnet, small map but with attractions and locations marked
Renee O'B: detail of the central parts of GB
BVG Freeport
Peter Loud's GBI map
historical map of Grand Bahama (1926)

Out Islands / Family Islands
See above Peter Loud's maps (some are very detailed, some are too small, see also BVG maps below)
BVG maps of all islands
BMOT maps of all island > Plan a trip > pick an island > map
go the the island for more maps

Special maps
Nautical Charts/Maps, go to Boating/Sailing
OPUS Online Positioning User Service (for GPS), Bahamas
World Atlas Bahamas outline map - solution: e.g. this map

Bahamas / Turks & Caicos Bathymetry Map
! Bathymetric map (Caribbean) - larger version
General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) 

Wikipedia about bathymetry 


Maps of the Caribbean
Merriam Webster small map with neighbour countries
National Geographic Map Machine (zoom!) > find a place [Bahamas]
Multimap, nice zoom possibilities for area but Bahamas not very detailed

Historical and other map collections
see above for historical map of Bahamas (1885) and GBI (1926)
The Spanish Main (original source?) or here caribbeantales
David Drumsey historical maps (zoom!) > Browser > search country [Bahamas]
Uni Texas Map collection detailed map
Barnard, historical maritime maps and
Holt Rinehard and Winston (school info)
Uni Texas Map collection > Bahamas
Uni Texas Map collection (as jpg) - relief map
Uni Texas Map collection (as pdf)  - relief map
Reliefweb - relief map with more details > view

Pictures, Images, Webcams

see also here for picture of islands
see here for satellite map with zoom in/out


!!!(XenuErr) Google Image Search


Pictures of all islands website 1603 > choose an island > gallery
Photo Libraries of The Islands of The Bahamas (sorted by island)
!!Virtual Tour virtual tour click on Bahamas and then on dark green islands to start tour

!!! Aerial Pictures of the Bahamas
see here for "Fly the Bahamas" - great aerial & satellite photos of the Bahamas along the infamous Bermudas Trianlge - more about the latter see also here

Aerial Pictures of Freeport (Port Lucaya, Marketplace, Cruise Ship Terminal etc)

Bahamas Tourist Attraction Photos
Weissmann's World, little photo tour> Mexican and the Caribbean > Bahamas
Picture links of Reg & Kit
Matte Elsbernd photos
Travelago, some short video sequences about Bahamas
Photos (copyright protected) underwater, whales, dolphins (for Bahamas use "online search)
Great pictures (copyright protected)
Pbase, database with links (All images are copyrighted) 
(old) Postcards & Photos of the Bahamas see here (small collection)

see here for "Photos of great Bahamian Heroes"

Historical Pictures, Postcards
LOC Prints&Photographs all collections > enter "Bahamas" > search > click on [Preview Images]
LOC Prints&Photographs Lomax Collection (1934-1950) > enter "Bahamas"
Stark's History of and Guide to the Bahamas (1912) - some scanned Maps, Town Plan of Nassau and Views are online awailable
Mirror of Race, multidisciplinary project on race, images from 1839-1876

Samanacollege (Frank Minaya y Willmore) The Bahamas of the 1960s - Banana Boat Nightclub - Banana Boat Beat - Cat & Fiddle Nightclub
12.12.03 "It's almost time for 'The Boat' to sail [Banana Boat Nightclub]" Nassau Guardian/Freeport News
Samanacollege Postcards of the Bahamas (without explanations or dates)

Satellite Pictures
!!! NASA Gateway to Astronaut Photography > click on one of the squares or closer
NASA Earth from Space > e.g. Geographic Regions=Bahamas

NASA satellite image of Grand Bahama

!!! NIX Nasa Image Exchange - Bahamas;jsessionid=13cwpx6wt9awb use search function, e.g. "Bahamas Nassau", "Bahamas reefs"
Nasa satellite picture of Bahamas, Florida & Cuba
if not available, try here (pick a resolution AND when open,  click to enlarge)
NASA Visual Earth, various satellite and other pictures > search for Bahamas

SeaWiFS Project NASA, various satellite pictures
Satellite picture (search for Bahamas)
Goddard Space Flight Center > e.g. search for "satellite bahamas"
various satellite pictures

Cave Biology Satellite pictures
Slideshow includes some great satellite pictures of the Bahamas
SSEC satellite images (MODIS), e.g. past hurricanes - about Nasa MODIS
ISS EarthKAM Bahamas Geographic search (zoomen in on map)
ISS EarthKAM Bahamas By country
Geosource (images from various sources) - e.g. ! tongue of the ocean
Fourmilab Living Earth > pan/zom - e.g. Bahamas/Florida (day and night view)

Bahamas - Sculpted sand and seaweed beds   
"Though the above image may resemble a new age painting straight out of an art gallery in Venice Beach, California, it is in fact a satellite image of the sands and seaweed in the Bahamas. The image was taken by the Enhanced Thematic Mapper plus (ETM+) instrument aboard the Landsat 7 satellite. Tides and ocean currents in the Bahamas sculpted the sand and seaweed beds into these multicolored, fluted patterns in much the same way that winds sculpted the vast sand dunes in the Sahara Desert."
second source: 


Webcams there are not that many... and they don't all/always show live images
Abaco North Man-O-War Channel (Barometerbob)
Abaco Elbow Cay (Barometerbob) > Elbow Cay/White Sound
San Salvador (Gerace)
XX offline?Africam underwater pictures > bahamas cam
XX offline? Abaco Man-o-War Marina
XX offline?Abaco Hope Town
XX offline? Sandyport Nassau
XX (latest picture 04/01) Nassau Harbour



Dupuch on-line and other publications


!!! Nassau Guardian - ! online PDF pages // online classifieds // on line archives

The website has been under construction for some time already. There are still some links that don't work or are wrong. But most listed articles can be accessed via the menue on the left, such as "national/local", "lifestyle", "Classified", "On-line archives", "pdf-pages". End Feb04: some improvements! more to come

History of the Nassau Guardian

Freeport News
Nicolette Bethel
writes a weekly column for the Nassau Guardian

Other online newspapers
The Journal Daily News "Bahama Journal"
(redesigned, online again since Jan 05)

BMOT Bahamas in the media - selected articles etc.

Media Profile of Bahamas

The Abaconian, print & online (pdf) newspaper
Abaco Life, an island magazine about Abaco
Abaco Journal (monthly, online) (till Sept 03)

Bahamas News / Caribbean Daily (WNN World News Network)

Caribbean News Agency (CANA)

Turks and Caicos Free Press
White Sound Press Publications
BBC Caribbean
New York Times, free articles since 1996 (registration needed)
MACO Magazine Caribbean Living, rather new website, full access for registered users (free)

Florida Newspapers
Sun Sentinel (South Florida)
Miami Herald
Palm Beach Post

Newsticker Google re Bahamas
(XenuErr) Google Newsticker

Radio, TV


07.01.04 "BET slot taken by cartoon network" Nassau Guardian
10.02.04 "On ZNS, MBC may edge out NBC, other U.S. networks" Nassau Guardian
13.05.04 "Bahamas not 'out of the woods'" Nassau Guardian


!Live! Love 97 FM listen live, if it doesn''t work, try again later . . . mms://
Love 97 FM
!Live! "the BEST selection of Bahamian music on the web" > [Click here to listen]
ZNS The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas
!Live! ZNS Radio > "listen live" > listen > you may have to keep clicking play because it cuts out from time to time
= old ZNS website ? BCB Bahamas Broadcasting Corporation ZNS Radio Station
Caribbean News Agency (CANA)
Live Nassau Radio
CaribNation Television Links - The Bahamas
The New Breed TV

Message Boards, Newsgroups, Forums, Chat Rooms

To monitor a forum is doing Sisyphus' work! Remember: do not feed trolls..



Bahamas Issues 


---- most boards mentioned below are not online anymore, died or changed link....

    IMHO - Best boards
    for Freeport: Geographia or BVG/GBI and maybe also Bahamas-mon/Freeport - Cruisecritics
    for Nassau: Fodors - Cruisecritics - Virtual Tourist - Tripadvisor - COL - Bahamasguide - BVG/Nassau - Bahamas-mon/Nassau- but none of them is as good as the Freeport boards :(
    for Eleuthera/Abaco see below
    for all other islands: try Fodors - Virtual Tourist - Tripadvisor - Bahamas-mon/FamIsl (and maybe the above mentioned Freeport/Nassau boards)



Freeport / Nassau etc. (monitored boards)
!!! Grand Bahama Geographia Newsgroup (June 05: registration needed to post) or (what happened to the old postings.....?)
! BVG Bahamas Vacation Guide, all islands (> section Nassau / Freeport/ General)
Fodor Forum Caribbean (search for Bahamas) > choose Bahamas > [SEARCH]
C-O-L Bahamas (Caribbean-) on-line
Bahamas-mon forums  (> section General / Nassau / Freeport / FamIslands /
Bahamasguide lounge
Virtual Tourist - Bahamas (view here but post in sub-forums=islands)
Tripadvisor - Bahamas (view here but post in sub-forums=islands)
! Danny's closely monitored (Grand Bahama) Message Board


Cruise related
!! Cruisecritics (Bahamas=port of call) + search whole forum for "Bahamas"
Cruiseclues Large list of cruise message boards (and other cruise related info)
SeaLetter Forum (has just been moved, to be observed)

Other tourism oriented boards (but little or no activity or too many gadflies)
What's on
Usenet, Search parameter=Bahamas (also try with Nassau etc.),  new (beta) layoutviewed with Google > click on "view thread"
Usenet, Search parameter=Bahamas (also try with Nassau etc.), new (beta) layout) - viewed with Google > click on "view thread"
Yahoo group Friends of the Bahamas (Reg&Kit) > View all messages > thread (instead of by date) 

Aardvark forums - (btw: what is an Aardvark ---)
Turquoise net
Frommer's Budget Travel, Caribbean
CaribbeanTravelForums (not much about Bahamas)
atevo - Caribbean,3768,-bd=10-ix=0-in=15-so=4,00.html
atevo - Cruises (mostly about scams),3768,20,00.html
Bahamasands Message Board
Where to stay, Bahamas and TC forum, not much activity - ad-loop...
TheBahamian, for all islands

Cruisemag (opens slowly)
XX Nov04 forum not working to be observed forums, rather new, empty yet

Out Island Message Boards
!! Eleuthera Message Board board (-13.08.04)
!! Eleuthera, Harbour Island (Briland)> enter > Message Board "Briland Modem"
!! Abaco's Community Message Board - (new board since end Aug04, old msg gone?)
(no activity) Abaco White Sound Press discussion board - old board

General and/or local topics, specialized forums

Caribbean Travel Forums - lists various Bahamas forums

Hurricane message boards - where locals will post updates and try to answer questions about damages etc. when a hurricane is threatening the Bahamas
Stormcarib and other specialized hurricane boards
Geographia/GBI board, BVG forums (look out for Janice and Cheri) and the Out Island message boards (Eleuthera, Briland, Abaco)

Business, politics and other issues

! (not monitored) Bahamas-mon forums  (> Business and others)
! (popular for local topics) Bahamasissues

The Virtual Institute of Caribbean Studies (VICS) forum
FreedomBahamas forum "Defending the individual rights of all Bahamians"

Bahamascommunity - ?

Don't bother about this forum.   It's a playground for weirdos.


Bahamian chitchat ... where the locals hang out
Bahamians on-line old - old (-4.2004 iBahamian before merge)
Islanders Hideaway, rather new

Bahamassope college & university chat
Bahamian students attending colleges at home and abroad (veeery slow)

Bahamas-mon Chat
Bahamainsonline Chat
Bahamasscope Chat > chatrooms
Bahamas designerz Chat
DaBahamianTing Chat

Bahamian Groups
"la-bahamas", public, 79 members (08.04)
online home of expat Bahamians throughout Southern California

Other specialized forums (boating, job search etc)

BoaterEd, boating/sailing forum re Bahamas
Bahamas Explorer Yahoo Group (link boaters, info on facilities, services, nav info, Explorer Chartbook)
capkool - Cruising (Crossing the Gulfstream, buddy boat etc)

Scuba Board
Usenet rec.scuba.locations, search parameter=Bahamas, viewed with Google groups (new beta layout) - search also for Grand Bahama, Nassau etc.

JITS Job in the Sun, job forum > Forums > search for Bahamas with "Search Facility" (left frame under menu topic Forums)
The BahamasWriter Forum
Reel Time Message Board, Journal of Salt Water Fly Fishing - Search result for "Bahamas"
BigFishTackle Board search result for "Bahamas"

French/Italian boards
F Capserveur, Forum de voyage (en francais)
F Voyage Forum (en francais) > resultats de recherche: Bahamas
F > entrer "Bahamas"
F fr.rec.plongee
I Turisti per Caso, Forum di Viaggio (in italiano)

btw: what does DH, DW etc. stand for, e.g. on cruise boards? Guesses: "Is this... dumb, derelect, dear, debonair, devine, devoted [Husband/Wife]?" "For my (ex) husband, the "D" means "divorced", "damned", or "dead". "Gee, I thought it was Dumbass." "Sometimes DH means d**khead".  "DH? -I always thought it meant deck hand." "I considered "Designated Honey" "Used to be DH, now it's OF..." "OF?" "Old Fart". And if not married? It's an SO, a Sig Other or significant other [der Lebensgefährte/die -in]. DH-dear hubby/husband, DW-dear wife, DD-dear daughter, DS-dear son, DMIL-dear mother-in-law, DFIL-dear father-in-law, DBIL-dear brother-in-law, DSIL-dear sister-in-law



!! some non-fiction books are listed under the corresponding topics
see Archaeology - Geography - Economy - Junkanoo - History (are listed here) - Sidney Poitier - Recipes/Cookbooks -

try online book shops such as amazon for more info about the books mentioned here

!! Bahamian Books published by Media Enterprises, Book Catalogue
Book search engine with lots of interesting results

Many of the books listed below are comprised in this catalogue, incl. (mini)review and price (history, geography, school books, arts, fishing, sailing etc. etc)
Book List, Bahamas History

Linda Cousins reviews of various Bahamian books

Linda Cousins (Amasewa Okomfo = alias?), a Brooklyn educator, writer, historiacl researcher and director of Ancestral Storytellers Promotions / Linda Cousins' Soulsite about Harriet Ross Tubman Davis "Mama Moses" (revered conductor on the Underground Railroad) Soulsite / celebrating Mama Moses


+Books - Bahamas, non-fiction etc. (some books may not be available anymore, try electronic books & public libraries)
Ajlouny Joe, The Bahamas : A Colorful and Concise History
Albury Paul, The story of the Bahamas (1975)
Albury Paul, Paradise Island story
Bain Hervis Dr. +++Article .06.04 "Esteemed historian launches three books" Nassau Guardian
Balderston Daniel/ Gonzalez Mike, Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Cultures
Barclay Charters Samuel, The Day Is So Long and the Wages So Small : Music on a Summer Island
Brown Terry L., Strollin' Down Mem'ry Lane in Crooked Island +++Article 04.09.03 "The Little Forgotten Island " Nassau Guardian
Burrows Derek, Once upon a Time: Stories from the Bahamas
Burrows Derek, B'Whale, B'Elephant and B'Rabby, A(n online) Folktale from The Bahamas
Cash Philip et al (Don Maples, Alison Packer), The Making of the Bahamas: A History for Schools (1978)
Catesby Mark, The Natural History of Florida, Carolina and the Bahama Islands (1731-1743) !on-line
go to volume > click on entry or go to Linnaean Index > click on entry
Columbus Christopher, The Four Voyages of Christopher Columbus (1992)
Craton Michael, A History of the Bahamas (1986)
Craton Michael / Saunders Gail, Islanders in the Stream: A History of the Bahamian People: From Aboriginal Times to the End of Slavery
De Las Casas Bartolome, Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies (1999)
Eneas Cleveland W., Bain Town. (1976), see also and
Eneas Godfrey, Agriculture in the Bahamas: Historical Development 1492–1992
Frederick Douglass "The Heroic Slave" (1853), novella !electonic edition
Glinton-Meicholas Patricia, More talkin' Bahamian (1994) (see also here) and search amazon for other books of Glinton-Meicholas Patricia
Glinton-Meicholas Patricia, How to be a true-true Bahamian (1994)
Hendrick George & Hendrick Willene, The Creole Mutiny: A Tale of Revolt Aboard a Slave Ship, see also
Hendrick George & Hendrick Willene, Two Slave Rebellions at Sea (Creole, Benito Cereno), see also
Holm John A, Dictionary of Bahamian English
Howard Rosalyn, Black Seminoles in the Bahamas (05-2004) - H-Net Review
Hurston Zora Neale, Their Eyes Were Watching God (1938), "spent some time in the Bahamas collecting folklore" Biography, Short story Electronic text
Jenkins Culmer Olga, Saunders Gail Bahamian,  Memories: Island Voices of the Twentieth Century (2000) - review
Johnson Howard, The Bahamas from Slavery to Servitude, 1783-1933 (1969)
Johnson Whittington B., Race Relations in the Bahamas 1784-1834 : The Nonviolent Transformation from a Slave to a Free Society (Black Community Studies) (1999), short review:
MacMillan (Publisher), various books about Caribbean history
Malcolm Harcourt, The History of the Bahamas House of Assembly (1921), incl collection of the available historical documents pertaining to the Bahamas
McCartney Donald M., Bahamian Culture and Factors Which Impact Upon It (2004)
Murray Allan G., Bahamian History Highlights: Condensed and Illustrated
Murray Ferris & Co.1877 "Nassau...The Sanitorium of the Western Hemisphere" link to on-line pdf-version here
Parsons Elsie Clews, Folk-Tales of Andros Islands, Bahamas
Perry Bert, The Fight Goes On, an autobiography by former Bahamas heavyweight boxing champion Bert Perry.
Powles L. D./ Sealey Neil, The Land of the Pink Pearl
Riley Sandra, The Lucayans (Sandra Riley: Bahamian playwright and historian)
Riley Sandra, Homeward Bound (a history of the Bahama Islands to 1850, incl study of Abaco in Loyalist plantation period)
Rouse Irving, The Tainos: Rise & Decline of the People Who Greeted Columbus (1993)
Rogozinski Jan, A Brief History of the Caribbean: From the Arawak and the Carib to the Present (1994)
Saunders Gail, Slavery in the Bahamas 1648-1838
Saunders Gail, Social Life in the Bahamas 1880s–1920s
Saunders Gail > see also above under Craton Michael and under National Archives
Storr Virgil, Enterprising Slaves and Master Pirates: Understanding Economic Life in the Bahamas (2002) - abstract- shop peterlangusa - about the author
Storr Virgil, Weber’s Spirit of Capitalism and the Bahamas’ Junkanoo Ethic (2004) - abstract - online text
Wallace Susan J., Bahamian scene
Williams Eric, From Columbus to Castro: The History of the Caribbean 1492-1969 (1984)
! Bahamian Literature (private page)
Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society (on-line list only)

Books - Bahamas, fiction/various
! Bahamas Handbook (Publisher: Etienne Dupuch)  - about ed. 2004
! Bahamas Guide - Yachtsman's Guide
more Bahamas Cruising Guides
Bahamas Fly-Fishing Guide (1999)
"Moving to the Bahamas"
Stanyard Creeks Publishing, check for Bahamian authors

Cottman Evans W, Out-Island Doctor, story of a paramedic whose adventures in the Family Islands made him a legend
Dean Ernest, Island Captain, story of a well-known and influential mailboat captain who sailed throughout the Bahamas for over 50 years.
De Costa Beatrice, Poetry: The Poetic Soul of a Bahamian (2003)
Fleming Ian, Thunderball: A James Bond Novel
Hailey Arthur, The Lyford Legacy (a history of Lyford Cay from 1788) - see also famous people
Major George, Romance, Kalik, and Conch Salad: Things Bahamian (2002)
Major George, Turtle Soup Theory: Bahamian Out Island Poetry (2002)
Major George, Blood on the Empire: Bahamian Murder Mystery (2002)
McCutcheon H. Shaw, A Family Island (Short History of Salt Cay, Bahamas)
Nan Jeffrey, Bahamas: Out Island Odyssey
San Souci, Robert D.,Clay Wil  (Photographer), The House in the Sky: A Bahamian Folktale (1996)
Scheyer Fia B., Out From Nassau (1920s, during Prohibition in the US)
Sylvester Geraldine F., Windy Hill (2003)
Thompson Chester, Marsh Jim  (Illustrator), The Fledgling: A Bahamian Boyhood (1997)
Wilder Robert, Wind from the Carolinas

Books, Texts - General, African American fiction/non-fiction
Beecher Stowe Harriet, Uncle Tom's cabin (1852) !electronic edition
Cadet Jean-Robert, Restavec: From Haitian Slave Child to Middle-Class American - about the author
Crafts Hannah (Editor: Gates, Henry Louis, Jr), The Bondwoman's Narrative,
!electronic edition, reviews: and here - deutsch:
Faulkner William, A Light in August
Delacampagne Christian, Die Geschichte der Sklaverei (2004) (deutsch)
Faessler Hans, Unravelling Switzerland's Slavery Past (paper) see also Conference Uniba
Finzsch, Norbert, James Oliver Horton, Lois E. Horton, Von Benin nach Baltimore. Die Geschichte der African Americans (deutsch)
Frederick Douglass "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass" (1845), more:
Haenger Peter, Labhardt Robert, Stettler Niklaus, Baumwolle, Sklaven und Kredite - Die Basler Welthandelsfirma Christoph Burckhardt & Cie. in revolutionärer Zeit (1789-1815) - 2004 (deutsch)
Lee Harper, To Kill a Mockingbird (1960) - Spark Notes Summery - Vocabulary Help - !2ndary Literature ETHZH
Jacobs Harriet Ann, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, !electronic edition
Johnson Charles, Middle Passage (1998) & comments
Hugh Thomas, The Slave Trade: The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1440-1870 (1997)
Kearney Belle, 1863-1939, A Slaveholder's Daughter, !electronic edition
Melville Herman, Benito Cereno (1956), !electronic editions here or here
Morrison Tony, Beloved (1987)
Rogozinski Jan, Pirates!: Brigands, Buccaneers, and Privateers in Fact, Fiction, and Legend (1996)
The Problem of Race in American Literature
Truth Sojourner (Isabella Baumfree), The Narrative of "A Northern Slave"  !electronic edition  - bio:
Turner Nat, The Confession of Nat Turner (1831) !electronic edition and Styron William, The Confession of Nat Turner (1967) see and Clarke, Dr John Henrik, William Styron's Nat Turner: Ten Black Writers Respond (1968)
Twain Mark, Huckleberry Finn (1884), various links to comments: - !The Trial of Huckleberry Finn - by Wesley Britton (Member of Mark Twain Forum)
Washington Booker T, various texts !electonic edition
Wells Brown William, various narratives, !electronic edition
Williams Eric, Capitalism and Slavery (1944) Biography

Find more books (e.g. Electronic Books, Document Collections etc.)
COB list of links to electronic texts
on by entering [bahamian]
Questia Library (free short excerpts)> enter "Bahamas"
UniPennsilvania Library
Uni North Carolina, Documenting the South
! Uni Michigan IPL Internet Public Library, Literacy Criticism Collection
! Uni Virginia Library, "Texts by and about African Americans"
! Uni North Carolina, North American Slave Narratives,
Blackwell Synergy on line journals (only abstracts are free) > search for Bahamas
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture - e.g. African Presence 1492-1992 in The Americas - on resources

Travel Reports/Reviews (see also topics, e.g. sailing, diving, island related)

see also here for Stories, articles and discussions about living/working in the Bahamas,
and here for overviews

!! Tripadvisor, start in the square [Popular Bahamas destinations], choose an island then choose [hotel...] or [attraction...] and look for "TripAdvisor user reviews"
!! Virtual Tourist (complex layout but good & personal infos)
Mytripreport - Bahamas
14.06.04 "Bonefishing and blackjack on Grand Bahama Island" MSN Budget Travel/Frommers
A footloose couple... By Geoff Dyer - 2nd part
igougo (I go u go) travel journals
Caribbean Travel Roundup - Travel Reports Bahamas
Regis and Kelly sandyfeet
Epinions - search for "Bahamas", category: "Hotel & Travel", then pick cruise, destinations or hotels & resorts
Epinions - destination rating: Bahamas, quite a lot of (good and some bad) reviews, older and newer ones (sort by date)

1997 Ravi Kochhar's trip report
1999 Pat's report (Nassau)
All-Bahamas - links to +++Articles
turq trip reports

! BMOT "what people are saying" -  list of press articles

Outside Magazine (free registration required for most articles)
The index (scroll down for list of articles)

2001 - Bahamian Rapsody
Bahamas - Nothing but Blue Seas Below
Nov 2001 - Cat Island
2003 Exumas - The Tropics Next Door
about Castaway Island

Cruise reviews
Cruise reviews
Cruises to the Bahamas, Travelocity,2419,TRAVELOCITY_1295_,00.html
Cruisemates Itineraries Bahamas
Cruisecritics Bahamas
Sea Cruise Reviews (RTC)
Port reviews Freeport Nassau - Freeport

Link pages

see also Bahamas Internet Portals here


Bahamas Designerz
Islandhop Bahamas links - Soc/Cult/Pers - Guides - Acomm -
VICS (Caribbean Studies)
Travel Guide and Search and Directory
Various Links
dmoz Open Directory Project (mostly commercial links)
(XenuErr) Google Groups Search
Link list of Reg & Kit
International Centre for Island Studies
Lot of but sometimes strange results

Search engines - with good results about Bahamas


dmoz search engine - Regional Caribbean Bahamas
Links in Yahoo
(XenuErr) Google
(XenuErr) Google Directory Search
!! Kartoo (meta search engine which presents its results on a map) interesting results


National Geographic

Technorati tags for "bahamas" (searches for blogs, photos and links) 


Amazon's Search Engine e.g. incl. search on NASA 

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