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I have been collecting "Bahamas links" for some years now, in the beginning mostly to satisfy my own curiosity but then also to help others who are searching the internet for (background rather than tourist) information about the Bahamas.  This website is not fancy!? Well, I'm not a web designer - I consider content more important than presentation. / Johanna at / - bahamaslinks at

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Links to third party websites: Most of the links within my website will let you leave You acknowledge that the linked sites are not under my control and that I am not responsible for the contents or operation of such linked sites or any link contained in such linked site, or any changes or updates to such sites. I am not responsible for web casting or any other form of transmission received from any linked site. I am providing these links to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by me of the linked site or any association with their operators.
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Copyright: This website is not copyright protected but please give credit if you copy anything from here.

Thanks & Credits:
Thanks to all who refer people to my website! Nigel, Jeff, Tamara..
11.03.04 Thanks to all the reviewers!
18.03.04 Thanks to Ben Jamieson of thyme online for his updates, corrections and links

The "search my website" function is a free gadget from atomz.
Some problems (challenges!) could be solved with the help of the wise old man
the sysiphus.gif original source might be "the Indiana University Department of Philosophy Home Page" which doesn't exist anymore

SCC  = websites with commercial character
I don't want to advertise for companies' websites. Nevertheless, I will list a company website if it contains some interesting information about the Bahamas. AND Sometimes people are asking for links to lawyers, real estate agents etc. One could just refer them to "the complete list". But, so far, I have also listed a few lawyers etc. which have been mentioned/recommended (not by themselves) in forums. But I'm picky and wary about adding new ones.

"Private" abbreviations used on this website
(XenuErr) = see here
SCC  = websites with commercial character, see here
XX = something is in progress here (e.g. temporarily broken link)
+++Articles = quick references to news articles
(+local save) = as one never knows how long a link is valid I sometimes store  articles on my local computer
++Discussions = links to discussions on message boards etc. (instead of copying the whole discussion)
+Book = quick reference to books
Dey comin = Bahamian for "under construction"    ;)

Some forum regulars
Name Mail (if given) Remark
Ann (hotmail broken) Arawak Inn
beachbum beachbum957 a hotmail com  
Cal calm a lilly com
canuck4 hchkd a hotmail com  
Carrie carriek5 a hotmail com
Cheri cheri a bahamasvg com Website
Danny ditson a comcast net Website with forum, especially GB
Dianne dianne.patterson a comcast net website
Gini Llondry a aol com San Salvador
hootchman msayler5 a codetel net do
Janice janice a bahamasvacationguide com Website
John Bennett
Webseite = great Eleuthera Message Board
M.Roberts seaweed a Regular on the Abaco board
Michelle  m3hale a direcway com  Eleuthera

Renee O'Brien
Scubagirl scubagirrl a yahoo com Website (Michelle)
Tamara Zoo tamarazoo a hotmail com


Major steps
Start. approx. April 1999, location: geocities free website services
April 2004
- moved to new location: because of Geocities limited bandwidth
- structure of website changed from one loooong page to several pages to comply with Google search mechanism (doesn't cache more than 101K/page)
- some small changes to layout and colours, new navigation bar
- all internal links updated
- autumn 2004 - start with Mozilla Composer, then with NVU (composer) instead of old Netscape Composer Version
- Feb 2004 - correction of all internal links (spaces in anchors/links had been changed to %20 and those links were recognizes under Mozilla (Firefox, Netscape) but not under IExplorer - compatibility problem) - Test with latest (last) Netscape version 7.2 because nvu still has some "oddities".


Still under construction:

Page background (Netscape): standard-blaugrün, dann hell=190 / Mozilla #b8dcdc
Farbtiefe/Sättigung/Helligkeit/Rot/Blau/Grün: 120/82/190/184/220/220
Table background, navigation bar & footer, hell=180 / Mozilla #aad5d5 


Title background: h'blau aus oberster Reihe, 130/240/175/117/221/255, Zeilenabstand 0 /
Mozilla background colour: #75ddff

When I started this website in 1999 I only knew Netscape Composer and I have been using the same version ever since (part of Navigator 4.5). "Never change a winning team" - but the version was getting more and more "antique" *sob*. I tried Frontpage and didn't like it. Then I tried Mozilla Composer and moved on to NVU-engl/deutsch shortly afterwards. NVU does not have all those easy to handle Netscape Composer functions, yet, but it seems to get closer day by day.

Probleme mit Anker und Sprünge auf Anker / Probleme mit Absatzformatierungen (Zeilenabstände....)
(Rettungsversuch mit Netscape 7.2 - macht genau dasselbe, ist wohl ein Kompatibilitätsproblem MS-Mozilla)
nvu macht aus "top of page" "topofpage". Firefox interpretiert richtig (egal ob mit oder ohne %20), für IExplorer ist der Anker nicht mehr dasselbe und der Sprung funktioniert nicht mehr.
Künftig keine Leerschläge, Klammern usw in Anker!
Mittels MS Frontpage HTLM-Einstellung alle Anker und Sprünge korrigieren
Leerschläge: %20 ersetzen durch [nichts]
Klammern: %28, %29 nur rausnehmen, wenn in eigenen Ankern und Sprüngen, nicht wenn in externen Links
alle Anker kontrollieren auf Leerschläge, die nicht umgewandelt wurden (erscheinen nicht als %20), Suche mit <a name
alle Sprünge innerhalb derselben Seite kontrollieren, Suche nach href="#
Feb 05: FRUSTRIERT > vor allem die unberechenbaren Absatzformatierungen sind nervig. Zur Zeit denke ich ernsthaft über Wechsel zu FrontExpress nach...

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LEO Dictionary English/German (+great forums!)  new 2004: French/German Dictionary:

Merriam Webster, Dictionary & Thesaurus

Wikipedia, Encyclopedia (XenuErr), try also google > enter "searchword wikipedia". Wikipedia gibt es auch in deutsch, Eingabe in google z.B. "piraten wikipedia".

Other helpers - > "anonym oeffnen"
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Definitions: use google, enter "define word", e.g. [define maroon] or [define "bay street boys"]

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Xenu's Link Sleuth  I check my website (from time to time) for broken links with the Tilmans extraordinary Xenu's Link Sleuth - info about new version
- UCSF hints - other broken links checker: w3c checklink - link valet

Keep up the good work, Tilman! what the heck is "Xenu":
Stories - FactNet - wiki about xenu
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(XenuErr): link works but Xenu signals Error ("forbidden request", broken etc.).

My "broken links policy": If a broken link cannot be corrected right away & if the linked website was about a topic which I consider interesting & which is not covered by another link & if I see a chance that the link might work again at a later date I will mark it [XX Date broken] and check later if it works again.

Active submit
Yahoo (Geocities) members
13.2.04 DaBahamianTing (geocities) - June 04: thanks Yorick for placing my link "in the sun"  B-)
In April 04: Google & Yahoo, to be indexed > Google has crawled the website approx. 26.4.04..., Yahoo, too but strange ranking
16.4.04 - one can always try...
29.4.04 - approx. 4.5.04: bahamaslinks is listed: - and through dmoz on many more
with thumbshot
"directory websites" (find more with search for "bahamaslinks dmoz" or "bahamaslinks directory"). Disadvantage: Since then, amount of scam mails etc. has increased dramatically...
09.06.04 > Lifestyle & Mode > Homepages oder direkt - Sortierung beachten!
18.06.04, uses dmoz listing, powered by Google, result
07.07.04 Yahoo directory - not listed yet...
17.09.04 Google lists Bahamaslinks scroll down (took a looong time, found out via the Carligle website: which also lists Bahamaslinks and seems to base on Google directory)

This site has been listed by (geocities or new location):
- 12.08.2004 - location of link on website - via metacrawler
- 3.10.2003 CUJAS Université Paris, mais pourquoi "Type de ressource :   site commercial", parce que c'est Geocities? mais c'est quand même un grand honneur :))
- Madmax, Crooked Isl Website
XX June 04 broken - Wes Clow, Sailing in the Bahamas

Who links to this website? google: -
(websites are only found when complete URL is mentioned)

And now for something completely different... (And now to something completely different...)

Ode to Rumpelstiltskin (Rumpelstilzchen) ... aka [you know who], the man with many names and a weird nature. If you don't know, what I'm talking about, good for you! But if you hang around in Bahamas message boards long enough, you will come across this pest and agree with me...
Stop now, hear me! 
Ample measure 
Of your treasure 
We have gotten! 
Ah, I see it, dear me, dear me. 
Master's word I have forgotten!

   . . . .

No, no longer 
Can I please him, 
I will seize him! 
That is spiteful! 
My misgivings grow the stronger. 
What a mien, his eyes how frightful!

Brood of hell, you're not a mortal! 
Shall the entire house go under? 
Over threshold over portal 
Streams of water rush and thunder. 
Broom accurst and mean,
Who will have his will, 
Stick that you have been, 
Once again stand still!

Can I never, Broom, appease you? 
I will seize you, 
Hold and whack you, 
And your ancient wood 
I'll sever, 
With a whetted axe I'll crack you.

He returns, more water dragging! 
Now I'll throw myself upon you! 
Soon, 0 goblin, you'll be sagging. 
Crash! The sharp axe has undone you. 
What a good blow, truly! 
There, he's split, I see. 
Hope now rises newly, 
And my breathing's free.

Woe betide me! 
Both halves scurry 
In a hurry, 
Rise like towers 
There beside me.
Help me, help, eternal powers!
   . . . .

Stehe! stehe!
Denn wir haben
Deiner Gaben
Vollgemessen! -
Ach, ich merk es! Wehe! wehe!
Hab ich doch das Wort vergessen

   . . . .

Nein, nicht länger
Kann ichs lassen:
Will ihn fassen!
Das ist Tücke!
Ach, nun wird mir immer bänger!
Welche Miene! welche Blicke!

O, du Ausgeburt der Hölle!
Soll das ganze Haus ersaufen?
Seh ich über jede Schwelle
Doch schon Wasserströme laufen.
Ein verruchter Besen, 
Der nicht hören will!
Stock, der du gewesen,
Steh doch wieder still!

Willst am Ende
Gar nicht lassen?
Will dich fassen,
Will dich halten
Und das alte Holz behende
Mit dem scharfen Beile spalten!

Seht, da kommt er schleppend wieder!
Wie ich mich nur auf dich werfe,
Gleich, o Kobold, liegst du nieder;
Krachend trifft die glatte Schärfe.
Wahrlich! brav getroffen! 
Seht, er ist entzwei!
Und nun kann ich hoffen,
Und ich atme frei!

Wehe! wehe!
Beide Teile
Stehn in Eile
Schon als Knechte
Völlig fertig in die Höhe!
Helft mir, ach! ihr hohen Mächte!
   . . . .

(The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Goethe, excerpts)

His behaviour is typical for a person with learning disabilities:
-he does not use reading to gather information
-he has problems with comprehension that go beyond word recognition
-he has difficulty with nonliteral or figurative language such as metaphors, idioms, and sarcasm
etc. etc. (text borrowed from

What to do about trolls, in German:
+++ Strenges Futterverbot ! +++
Wie ihr alle wisst, handelt es sich bei den Foren hier um nur eingeschränkt kontrollierte Wildgehege. Immer wieder verirren sich einzelne Trolle hierher. Diese Tiere sind recht niedlich, richten keinen Schaden an und verziehen sich schnell weiter, wenn man sie in Ruhe lässt. Wenn man diese Schädlinge jedoch aus Unkenntnis oder gar (durchaus nachvollziehbarem) Mitleid füttert, bekommen sie schnell Durchfall, kacken alles voll und sorgen dafür dass die Foren unbenutzbar werden. Auch wenn man sich manchmal fragt, wie diese wenig intelligenten Tiere ohne Hilfe in der Realität überleben können, gilt für sie doch, was auch für Kakerlaken, Ratten und Würmer gilt: Wo´s Futter gibt, sind viele davon. Das muss nicht sein. Im Interesse ökologisch gesunder Foren bitte ich daher alle: Auch wenn sie noch so putzig sind und sooo süß sabbern: Füttert keine Trolle! Danke!  Quelle: LEO
So schwer es vielleicht fällt, wenn sich einmal gezeigt hat, dass Argumente nicht fruchten, hilft nur strikte Nichtbeachtung. Alles was man einem Troll an Aufmerksamkeit schenkt - ob verständnivoll, aggressiv oder ironisch - es gibt ihm neue Nahrung. Bitte verlängert den trollischen Lebenszyklus nicht unnötig durch nutzloses Streiten. Bisher sind alle Trolle wieder verschwunden; am schnellsten, je konsequenter sie ignoriert wurden. Quelle LEO


P.S. Always look on the bright side of life! (Monty Python, Life of Brian)

Adobe Acrobat Reader > Ziegelstein Seiltaenzer Leser > Clay brick rope dancer reader
Microsoft Window > Kleinweich Fenster > or babelized: force of the micron of motivatings of the window
More of Kleinweich: Kleinweich-Buero - bestehend aus Kleinweich-Wort, Kleinweich-Ausblick, Kleinweich-Zugang, Kleinweich-Herausrag und Kleinweich-Kraftpunkt
Zip Code: Reissverschluss Code > Zipper Code

Lieber der Rattenfänger von Hameln, als der Maustreiber von Microsoft!
Prognosen sind eine schwierige Sache, vor allem, wenn sie sich auf die Zukunft beziehen. - Unbekannter Futurologe -
The Teutonic reputation for brutality is well-founded. Their operas last three or four days, and they have no word for 'fluffy'. Captain Blackadder

3.6.04 11.15h E.G. sine sole sileo - ohne Sonne schweige ich - Without the sun, i am silent
Nulla sine sole umbra - pas de soleil, pas d’ombre

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