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useful links especially for the time when hurricanes are expected or have passed
past hurricane seasons (e.g. info collected during a hurricane)
see here for all the other hurricane related links


Hurricane Frances (San Salvador, Eleuthera, Abaco, Freeport) / Jeanne (Abaco, Freeport)

First Hand Damage Reports AND trip reports from "after the hurricanes"
=Freeport: ...... - Jancie 18.10.04 2nd part17.10.04 1st part - Cheri 12.10.04
BVG reports about Freeport and other islands - jeanne
Freeport hotel openings (etc) after Jeanne Janice list 28.09.04 - addition - Jessie 29.09.04 - TOs Janice 29.09.04 - Janice 01.10.04 - Sandy 04.10.04 -
Lewis' (detailed) trip report October 15-18  - Jeff (beaches) 20.10.04 -
=Bimini how it weathered the storms, status of reefs etc. Bimini Undersea 28.09.04
=San Salvador GERACE pictures - more pictures and assessment by Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center at the University of Colorado, Dr. Gamble: UNCW/LACR
=Abaco board "2004 hurricane composite"
Abaco hurricane recovery - positive thinking :)
the "Abaco honeymoon couple" report

Min. of  Tourism website - damage reports, status etc.
click on the island - then click on one of the links on the right (Resorts etc.)

CDRA / NEMA Report
Jeanne: Mo 27.09.04 - (excerpts) Ray 25.09.04 22.15h / Sandy 22.22h  -
Frances: Mo 06.09.04#4 (Sa 04.09.04) - #3 (Fr 03.09.04)
NEMA report on MFA website > click on date
(UN) Reliefweb docs pertaining to Bahamas
MOWU Hurricane Frances Damage Estimate  graphic of impact of Hurricanes Frances, Ivan, Jeanne on the Caribbean

other websites with reports
All Islands - Stormbarib Damage Reports is also quite informative, but its a bit too flashy for my taste

TV / Radio
view ZNS aftermath news clips on
Listen live to zns radio then click on listen live, you may have to keep clicking play because it cuts out from time to time.
(another ZNS-link for Quick Player, takes ages to load (news? only music so far)

Relief organizations see here

Hurricane message boards see here - other boards here

On-line newspapers see here for list or see below for selected articles

Hurricane related links on my website

Info bits, stories
Cheri of BVG "list of hotels ready to open when electricty back " BVG board
another "hotel status" list
Bonnie (Brad's car rental) updates about "flight movements" in Freeport
Janice: "The very very best way to help us and all Bahamian people on GBI is to come on vacation." Geographia/GBI Board
Cheri's account - Freeport, before, during and after Frances 10.09.04  "Cheri on Hurricane Frances, 1st hand" BVG Board
Lauralyn - Eyewitness News from GBI as of 9-10-04 Geographia/GBI Board
Brian's neighbour: Eyewitness account Freeport 09.09.04  Geographia/GBI Board
Bob, report and photos, 20.9.04 Geographia/GBI Board
Reports re Nassau: - Shelley/Bahamas-mon -
Other interesting threads Robert/Fodors -
brief damage report about some Freeport resorts
Staniel Cay/Exumas images
about Water and power in Freeport. about when power/water comes back.
about waived duty, duty is NOT waived when sent from individual to individual. This was changed later (down to some %) - status after Jeanne
diving conditions after a hurricane - see also Nasa Sedimentia (scroll down to Bahamas) - and Nasa SeaWiFS images after Frances
26.10.04 diving conditions Abaco Abacoboard
11.09.04 Ivan photographed by astronaut aboard ISS
FPO link to photos at ofoto (Rand) of West End after Frances/Jeanne
Links to photos Geographia/GBI board
hurricanetrack "jeanne over bahamas" poster
Samana College - map with position of eye of Frances
USAID financial support for Caribbean countries hit by hurricanes
Danny - Freeport pictures of hurricane damage (page 1)


<>01.06.04 "The hurricane season begins today " Nassau Guardian
03.09.04 "Frances in Central Bahamas" Nassau Guardian
03.09.04 "I ready for Frances" Nassau Guardian
03.09.04 "Price gougers warned - Inspectors dispersed to monitor stores" Nassau Guardian
09.03.04 "'Price gouging will result in revoked licenses', says Miller" NassauGuardian
03.09.04 "Worker down-time pay during storm uncertain" Nassau Guardian
03.09.04 "Hurricane Frances causes school postponement" Nassau Guardian
03.09.04 "Police prepared for Frances" Nassau Guardian
05.09.04 "Bahamas: 'We survived it" Miami Herald
05.09.04 "Bahamians Recover From Hurricane Frances" AP
06.09.04 "Hotels expect downturn after Frances" Nassau Guardian
06.09.04 "Bahamasair resumes flights" Nassau Guardian
06.09.04 "ZNS led hurricane coverage - Other stations could not compare" Nassau Guardian
06.09.04 "Shelters not properly inspected, says NEMA" Nassau Guardian
06.09.04 "NEMA: No GB drowning; missing person sought" Nassau Guardian
07.09.04 "Team tallies island losses" Miami Herald
07.09.04 "West End, Grand Bahama" Tribune
07.09.04 "PM Damage Assessment in Freeport" Ann/Nassau Guardian (?)
07.09.04 "Devastation in GB - West End nearly wiped out" Nassau Guardian
07.09.04 "Water rationing in effect" Nassau Guardian
07.09.04 "Frances Fury (incl damage assessments of all islands)" Nassau Guardian
08.09.04 "Hurricane seemed interminable in the Bahamas" Sun Sentinel
08.09.04 "Frances Creates Tourism Fallout (incl some info about damages to hotels/resorts)" Bahama Journal
08.09.04 "Relief on the way - $25 million to come from European Union" Nassau Guardian
09.09.08 "2,000 plus buildings declared uninhabitable" Nassau Guardian
09.09.08 "A new spin on hurricanes - Frances' residual benefits:Improving the environment" Nassau Guardian
09.09.08 "Straw vendors displaced - Vendors taunt Miller who claims new tent is coming" Nassau Guardian
09.09.08 "U.S. to the rescue - Cargo aircraft brings relief to Grand Bahama" Nassau Guardian
09.09.08 "Claims rolling in" Nassau Guardian
09.09.08 "Smart advice for filing a Home Insurance Claim" Nassau Guardian
10.09.04 "After Frances, an eye on the Bahamas [Nassau Resorts etc]" Palm Beach Post
10.09.04 "Serious water shortage in N.P. - WSC urging residents to conserve" Nassau Guardian
10.09.04 "Abaco after Hurricane Frances" Nassau Guardian
10.09.04 "Eleuthera - Seaweed clogs cove; bridge closed etc." Nassau Guardian
13.09.04 "Water bottleneck! - Bottle shortage, high demand thwart Aquapure's deliveries" Nassau Guardian
14.09.04 "West End making an impressive comeback" Freeport News (first edition after Frances, see also photos in the pdf-version)
15.09.04 "Government assailed for imposing customs duty on hurricane supplies" Freeport News
17.09.04 "Massive lay-off - Crowne Plaza at Royal Oasis, lay-offs to well over 1,300 employees." Freeport News
Jeanne - first crossing
18.09.04 "Jeanne looms - Storm system expected to hit NW Bahamas by Sunday" Nassau Guardian
20.09.04 "Garcia says water in Freeport is now good enough to drink" Freeport News
20.09.04 "Customs duty dispute flares" Freeport News
20.09.04 "Tropical storm kills more than 600 in Haiti [Jeanne]" AFP/Reliefweb - false report: "Jeanne also left nine dead in the Bahamas and two in Puerto Rico."
21.09.04 "BCB rebuts newspaper's criticism of storm coverage" Nassau Guardian
21.09.04 "Jeanne threat minimal - Hurricane not likely to hit Bahamas" Nassau Guardian
22.09.04 "Don't drink the water, Health Minister advises" Freeport News
22.09.04 "Social Services coordinating post-hurricane assessments" Freeport News
22.09.04 "Rats, flies infest Grand Bahama" Nassau Guardian
22.09.04 "Straw market remains topless" Nassau Guardian
24.09.04 "Hurricane relief desk opens" Nassau Guardian
27.09.04 "San Salvador repairs in full swing" Nassau Guardian
Jeanne - second crossing
27.09.04 ""God Has Shown Mercy on Us," says Grand Bahamian" Nassau Guardian
27.09.04 "Abaco devastated - Hurricane Jeanne was like a "freight train" passing through" Nassau Guardian
27.09.04 "Water pressure being gradually restored" Nassau Guardian
28.09.04 "Sears sums up GB damage with one word: Devastation" Nassau Guardian
29.09.04 "A Cry For Help - Residents of the Mud plead for government assistance" Nassau Guardian
29.09.04 "Treasure Cay Airport handling all air traffic despite hurricane damage" Nassau Guardian
29.09.04 "No connection to outside world - Phone services in Abaco remain inoperable" Nassau Guardian
29.09.04 "Coping with the psychological impact of a hurricane" Nassau Guardian
29.09.04 "Mclean's Town hit hardest by fury of Hurricane Jeanne" Freeport News
29.09.04 "PM visits a devastated Abaco" Freeport News
29.09.04 "BTC pushes to re-link Abaco to the World" Freeport News
01.10.04 "Gibson gives update on damage assessment" Freeport News
03.10.04 "Abaco: A long road to normalcy" Nassau Guardian
03.10.04 "'Wet' Jeanne soaks up Abaco stores' profits" Nassau Guardian
03.10.04 "Trailer homes for GB" Nassau Guardian
03.10.04 "[Temporary] Homes arrive" Freeport News
03.10.04 "GBPA on 'mission of mercy'" Freeport News
03.10.04 "Royal Caribbean Cruises includes Freeport [and Coco Cay] among its destinations" Freeport News.
05.10.04 "Abaco phones, power restored - BEC, WSC eyeing Grand Cay, Cherokee Sound" Nassau Guardian
05.10.04 "Relief for Club Fortuna workers" Freeport News
05.10.04 "No visa: Only passengers from Freeport allowed" Freeport News
06.10.04 "Storms slowing tourist arrivals - Many vacationers taking second look at region" Nassau Guardian
06.10.04 "No Alarm! - Advisory for G.B./Abaco procedural; U.S. Embassy says it is merely informing Americans" Nassau Guardian
06.10.04 "Bad for business - Hurricanes: minimal impact on tourism but bad for the budget" Nassau Guardian
07.10.04 "Almost there: More than 14,000 customers are now receiving power" Freeport News
07.10.04 "Johnson reassures GBPC customers" Freeport News
07.10.04 "GB tourism on the rebound despite US travel advisory [incl list]" Freeport News
07.10.04 "Special application forms for exemption now obsolete" Freeport News
08.10.04 "Grand Bahama hurricane damages estimated at more than $85 million" Freeport News
10.10.04 "Some towns left behind as Bahamas reawakens" Palm Beach Post
10.10.04 "Islands recover from hurricane blows" Sun Sentinel
12.10.04 "Good tourism news" Freeport News
15.10.04 "Farmers seek hurricane relief [Farmers Melvin and Joan Wells]" Freeport News
15.10.04 "Virgin Islands linesmen preparing to go home" Freeport News
16.10.04 "U.S. Navy brings supplies" Nassau Guardian
16.10.04 "Passing the buck - NEMA 'blameless' but Red Cross silent on status of relief supplies" Nassau Guardian
19.10.04 "Cable services restored" Freeport News
20.10.04 "Hurricane update" Nassau Guardian
25.10.04 "Weekend surprise - store owners in the International Bazaar [Freeport] were more than relieved with cruise stopovers" Freeport News
28.10.04 "We're back: New campaign to promote tourism to Grand Bahama" Freeport News
31.10.04 "The Bahamas: Hit or Miss" NYTimes Travel - comment to it BVG/Freeport board
01.11.04 "Wilchcombe cries - Rebirth forecast for 'neglected' hurricane-ravaged West End" Nassau Guardian
01.11.04 "Free houses for storm victim - Government aims to please "illegitimate" dwellers [Abacos]" Nassau Guardian
01.11.04 "Back on stream: GB Chamber president encourages local businesses to stay focused" Freeport News
01.11.04 "Northern firefighters warned of post-hurricane fire threats" Freeport News
10.11.04 "A  step closer: Return of U.S. pre-clearance section at GB airport is expected to boost tourism" Freeport News
23.11.04 "Picking up the pieces [Grand Cay, Abaco]" Freeport News
23.11.04 "Final NEMA meeting held in G.B." Freeport News
23.11.04 "Unregistered farmers being urged to do so" Freeport News
09.10.04 "Rebuilding West End:Temporary housing completion date changed to early January" Freeport News
11.01.05 "NEMA, Customs express concern about fraudulent vehicle claims [Abaco]" Freeport News
25.01.05 "Major Hurricane Repairs Still Left" Bahama Journal
31.01.05 "Slow repairs disappoint Education Minister" Nassau Guardian
07.02.05 "Disaster Relief Fund almost depleted" Nassau Guardian
12.02.05 "Roofs over their heads - 11 families suffering loss from hurricanes handed keys to new homes [Abaco]" Nassau Guardian
02.03.05 "Prime Minister presents 28 families with keys to their new homes" Nassau Guardian
Feb-March 2003 "Bahamian Rhapsody [Grand Bahama]" Access Club Mac

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