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Culture in General, Cultural Events, National Holidays
Museums, historical buildings
Arts - Galleries, painters, poets, handicraft etc.
Film, Theatre
National Symbols: Anthem, Flag, Coat of Arms
Obeah, Voodoo, Yoruba
Legendary Creatures, Legends
Famous people in the Bahamas, famous Bahamians


Yoruba, Obeah, Voodoo see here

15.03.05 "Historic Anglican ordination of Haitian priest in Abaco" Nassau Guardian

XX  26.9.03 broken Bahamas Church Directory (all denominations)> church listings listing never worked on new website
Address & phone no of churches in Nassau/PI, Grand Bahama and Exumas  MoT-Website

Address of John Paul II to the Christians of the Bahamas, 1.2.79

Religion - as taught at Bahamian schools (course outline of Queen's college)

Adventure Learning Camp (Christian camping)
Anglican Church of The Epiphany
Anglican Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands
Assemblies of God
Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Web Ministry
Christ the King Anglican Church
Final Hour Ministries Apostolic Church
Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Islamic finder - Islamic organizations in the Bahamas
XX 12.11.03 page yet unfinished Kingdom Life World Outreach Centre
Mount Gilead (Union) Baptist Church (Freeport)
Mount Tabor Full Gospel Baptist Church
St Ambrose of Milan Anglican Church
St. Matthew’s Anglican / Episcopal Church
The Bahamas Conference of The Methodist Church

Culture in General, Cultural Events, National Holidays


! Bahamas Calendar of Events
! Cultural Events of National Importance and National Cultural Institutions >Visiting... > Culture... > Overview or > Schedule of events (sometimes only the pop-up menu will work)

see here for Fish Fry
see here for Straw Market
see here for Hair Braiding

National/Public Holidays 

New Year's Day (January 1)
Good Friday (Friday before Easter )
Easter Monday (March/April)
Whit Monday (7th Monday after Easter)
Labor Day (1st Friday in June)
Independence Day (July 10)
Emancipation Day (August Monday) (1st Monday in August)
Discovery Day (October 12)
Christmas Day (December 25)
Boxing Day (December 26)

see here for National Heroes Day / Discovery Day ("Columbus Day")

28.11.03 "One Bahamas celebrations observed" Nassau Guardian
14.05.04 "Queen honours 25" Nassau Guardian
05.07.04 "The countdown to The Bahamas' 31st Independence Anniversary is on" Nassau Guardian
20.07.04 "Mitchell touts majority rule - During independence service in Miami" Nassau Guardian
13.10.04 "History should not be tampered with, says Thompson" Nassau Guardian 

17.07.07 "Cultural industry faces cash challenge" Nassau Guardian 
A lack of investment has stunted the growth of the country's cultural industry, a government official claimed as the nation celebrated its 34th anniversary of Independence. Director of Culture Dr Nicolette Bethel insisted that The Bahamas must take a more "business-like" approach to culture. "The country needs to understand that culture is not a frill," Bethel told The Nassau Guardian. "It is an industry that has a global reach and we are way behind in that industry because we don't invest in it. We subsidize agriculture and we subsidize tourism. We have subsidized a lot of other industries. []

24.07.07 "Carifesta booted" Nassau Guardian

Museums, historical buildings

see also History
see here for Straw Market

!! Bahamas National Archives
Buildings, forts, sites & museums > Visiting... > Culture... > Treasures > pick an item (sometimes only the pop-up menu will work)

Bimini Museum
Pirates Museum
Bahamas Historical Society (also for Pompey Museum)
SIBMAS List of Archives, Public Libraries, Museums
List of (mostly historical) attractions in Nassau
Bahamas Lighthouses - Abaco Lighthouses

16.04.04 "Re-opening of Pompey Museum to feature slave ship artifacts" Nassau Guardian

Junkanoo (in December & January)


The origin of the word “Junkanoo” is said to have come from the name John Canoe, an African prince and slave trader operating on the Gold Coast in the seventeenth (17th) century. To the slaves, he was a hero and was worshipped and idolized by them.

!! "The official Junkanoo Site" incl. ticket sale as soon as available (some parts of the website have "Dey comin"-status, yet)
Amasewa Junkanoo Links (see also links: women writers, artists etc.)  it's a Tripod...
Valley Boys Junkanoo Group
Roots Junkanoo Group
Junkanoo Beat  with Forum !!

Bethel E. Clement, Junkanoo - Festival of the Bahamas, comment:
Ferguson Arlene et al, Come to get me

03.12.03 "Junkanoo pact unsigned" Nassau Guardian
04.12.03 "Fifth time not a charm" Nassau Guardian
08.12.03 "Junior Junkanoo still undergoing growing pains" Nassau Guardian
08.12.03 "Junkanoo tickets reduced 50 per cent this year" Nassau Guardian
!! 09.12.03 "Art Forms in Junkanoo" Nassau Guardian - by James O. Rolle, B.F.A., M.Ed (+local save)
11.12.03 "Junior Junkanoo - the excitement begins!! " Nassau Guardian
12.12.03 "Junkanoo delights" Nassau Guardian
18.12.03 "New changes for Junkanoo parades" Nassau Guardian
29.12.03 "Groups war for win first place at Junkanoo" Nassau Guardian
02.01.03 "Valley second win challenged" Nassau Guardian
07.01.04 "Junkanoo results overturned" Nassau Guardian
08.01.04 "Valley Boys deny hiring lawyer" Nassau Guardian
!! 12.01.04 "Junkanoo Queen" (Ms Maureen Verlene Duvalier, 1958)  Nassau Guardian (+local save)
15.01.04 "Independent group may review Junkanoo results" Nassau Guardian
04.01.04 "Junkanoo probe faces unforeseen delays " Nassau Guardian
07.07.04 "The Junkanoo industry? JCB could enhance Junkanoo as a business" Nassau Guardian
05.01.05 "Saxons - The Shell Saxons Superstars won the 2004 Boxing Day Junkanoo" Nassau Guardian

Geographia, Junkanoo on Grand Bahama
Bahamas Travel Net
Bahamas Getaway


Bahamas Concert Orchestra (the n
ational symphony orchestra)
National Dance Company of The Bahamas Dance Company
The National Youth Choir Yough Choir

National Youth Orchestra Youth Orchestra
The National Children’s Choir Childrens Choir

Baha Men
Baha Men

Baha Men Concert Clips
Baha Men
s-curverecords Baha Men e.g. history
Baha Men Holla!  "Garfield: The Movie" > my tunes (bottom of screen)

Blake Alphonso Higgs "Blind Blake" (1950s)

Burrows Terneille - ta.da -
Davis Eugene (AKA Geno D)
DeVeaux Gerry "of Bahamian and Scottish descent", songwriter etc. (e.g. for Lenny Kravitz)
+++Article 22.11.04 "Bahamian co-hosts MTV Europe awards [Gerry DeVeaux]" Nassau Guardian
Donaldson Denis, Bahamian musical legend
Exuma - the Obeah Man, born McFarlane Anthony McKay (Cat Isl), Bahamian singer, songwriter and painter - Exuma the Obeah Man and Nina Simone - review by The Seth Man - Adventurz: Music by Exuma
Knowles Gavin
Moss Stefan  (music poetry paintings) about Stefan Moss
Spence Joseph (a tribute to - by Bryan P. Deno), The Pinder Family and Joseph Spence
- Wirz: Joseph Spence Discography  - Joseph Spence Fingerstyle Phenomenon by John Stropes and Justin Segel - Joshua Gone Barbados: A Joseph Spence Appreciation by Chris Smith
XX 15.07.04 no website yet Stubbs Phil (Freeport)

The Real Bahamas, recordings made by Peter K. Seigel and Jody Stecher in the Bahamas (60s/70s) - !scroll down to notes by Jody Stecher
Article about the recording trips and the music they found "Holidays in the Sun" by Brian Cullman

Sandy ECay stabrook's Bahamian Music Sampler
Almudo/Amazon World Music - Bahamas, short excerpts!

Music Clips
Dance summer camp
Things' Bahamian Junkanoo Music
Bahamian Songs (Florida Folklife)
Bahama Island Music
The Bahamas Concert Orchestra
;) Peter Reber

Compass Point Studios
Mackey Media
Bahama Rama Records

Amazon, Music for Travelers > Bahamas (with short excerpts)
List of Bahamian Musicians (links are not working yet)

06.01.04 "Tough competition for Bahamian musicians " Nassau Guardian
19.01.04 "Tony Mckay The Obeah Man " Nassau Guardian (+local save)
03.02.04 "Island Boy, Ronnie Butler" (A life filled with Bahamian music) Nassau Guardian
05.02.04 "Duke Errol Strachan - A Bahamian maestro " Nassau Guardian
13.09.04 "Entertainer, unionist, senator - Leroy Duke Hanna" Nassau Guardian
21.10.04 "Veronica Bishop - From depths of despair to height of success [calypso singer]" Nassau Guardian
06.06.05 "What is Bahamian music?" Nassau Guardian
(+local save)

Rainforest Theatre

Each evening in the of the Marriott Crystal Palace Casino in Cable Beach, a short, colorfully dressed, pixie-faced fellow surrounds himself with six congo drums and using each drum, beats out a symphony of rhythms none can match. Since 1939 Peanuts Taylor has been a pivotal part of the Bahamian entertainment. In 1957 Peanuts became the first person ever to do the limbo on national television; Paul Meeres, Jr took Peanuts on tour to Bermuda and California, where he opened for Sammy Davis Jr, The Mills Brothers and Nat King Cole. After returning to The Bahamas to look after his grandmother he opened the Tropicana Club -- playing five drums at a time while alternating the tautness of the goatskin with one elbow. In 1964 Peanuts built the Drumbeat Club and performed there until the early 1990's. Source:


Galleries, painters, poets, handicraft etc.


Lists, galleries, miscellaneous
!! NAGB National Art Gallery of the Bahamas
What's-on art links
Gallery - Central Bank of Bahamas, various artists
Princess Street Gallery, Harbour Island
Bahamas Mall Art Gallery -(Minnis, Pratt)
Bahamas Fine Arts
Bahama Art

The Caribbean Writer  especially Vol. 13 with special Bahamian section (or search google "Bahamas site:www.")
Fay Knowles "Bahamas Writer" - writer's guide with a Bahamian theme - writers' forums

XX Abaco Artist Guild (no website yet?): Vince Mcweeney, Colette Rolle-boodle, Harriet Thompson, Lori Higgs- Thompson, Jeep Byers,Beth Sweeting and +++Article "Artists of the Abaco Islands" Nassau Guardian

Delano A. Johnson, Bahamian animator/cartoonist, "created Cocomon and The Fruitytoons, the first Bahamian cartoon ever"  (no website, yet)
+++Article 01.12.03 "Bahamian Cartoons? " Nassau Guardian

Artists' websites
Jansu Artists
Mary Louise Deveaux / Eustace McPhee / Q. Minnis / John Paul / Astrid Pinder / Don Russell / Franklyn Jolly

Bethel Jonathan
Brown Leo
Deno Bryan P, poems, stories, twisted ones
Ferguson Amos - Maxine Rose Schur on Amos Ferguson
+++Article approx. 13.04.04 "Amos Ferguson - Gifted artist still hoping for recognition after 60 years" Nassau Guardian (no link availabe, try search option" (+local save)
Fischetti Linda
Homer Winslow (American, 1836-1910) - Painting of the Bahamas  (e.g. Glass Window) - Biography artchive - all artworks - NGA Art Discussion, Homer in the Bahamas
Isaacs Sonia and (short)
James Catalyn , poet, playwriter, actor
Knowles Ricardo "Cardo” T. and
Lewis Dion +++Article 14.12.04 "The Straw Market Painter'" Nassau Guardian
Marshall Omeilia - Maxine Rose Schur on Omeilia Marshall (Baskets)

Minnis Eddie
Parotty Lynn 

Pratt Livingston
Rae Malcolm
Roberts Antonius
Rolle Gwendolyn  +++Article 08.11.04 "Poet has big dreams" Freeport News

Androsia Andros Batik Factory
Bahama Hand Prints "we offer a unique clothing line of fabrics and island designs"
The Eleuthera Natural Arts & Crafts Guild
Ocean Jewellery
Marjolein Scott, Art on Silk

Bahamas Cards, send e-cards that feature authentic Bahamian art and photos doesn't exist anymore, partly available on ... in order to find out at least the names of the artists...

My favourite toucan Birthday Card is here: > "Birthday Birds" - it can only be viewed and listened to, sending is not possible anymore :(

Send Bahamas Postcard (only a few show Bahamian themes)

Film / Theatre


03.04.03 "Bahamas Set For $70 Mil TV And Movie Complex " Nassau Guardian
27.01.04 "Plans underway to build film studio" Nassau Guardian
05.03.04 "Movie business in The Bahamas " Nassau Guardian
24.04.04 "Film-makers flock to Nassau for festival" Nassau Guardian
12.05.04 "Reality show taped in Andros airs Wednesday" Nassau Guardian
24.08.04 "CBS on Board with Bahamas P.I. Project" Reuters
! 12.10.04 "Location Report: Bahamas" The The Hollywood Reporter
20.01.05 "Charles Carter chats with Cedric Scott, actor, director, producer, activist" Nassau Guardian

03.01.05 "2004 - A Year In Films - What do the movie Splash, Silence of The Lambs, Jaws the Revenge and Gigli all have in common? " Nassau Guardian

Bahamas Film Commission Official Website (incl. on-line permit requests for film shooting)
Bahamas Film Festival
RND Cinemas
Jordan Klein water-oriented productions (movies etc.)
Fire In The Ocean: The Women Of Andros Island"
Ringplay, Bahamian theatre company
Stuart Cove's Underwater Productions -
Dolphin Encounters, some productions used their facilities - e.g. on Blue Lagoon Island/Salt Cay

Yaphath-Toar Academy of Dramatic Arts

The first and only choice in The Bahamas for training in Television and Cinema Production, Acting, Show Business, Entertainment Studies and more. 

Yaphath Toar Victoria Colebrook:

Christian Young Miller, actor & ....

MacGillivray Freeman's Coral Reef Adventure
+++Article 04.05.04 "Students experience coral reef adventure  " Nassau Guardian

Films, Blacks in America
see also Sidney Poitier

Movie shootings in the Bahamas

Who is shooting & Bahamas feature Films Archives (list)

re: Pirates of the Caribbean  2 + 3
28.10.04 "Bahamas Gets Pirates of The Caribbean 2 and 3" Tribune/Yahoo Group Briland
02.01.05 "Disney set to make two major films on Grand Bahama" Nassau Guardian

"Pirates Movies"started by A Fan on 19.03.05 Geographia/GBI Board

(2) Pirates of the Caribbean: Treasures of the Lost Abyss (2006)
Movieweb 1846 - 2266 - 3849 - 5601 -

(3) Pirates of the Caribbean (2007)

Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed a third installment of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series is in the works. According to an interview with Jerry Bruckheimer on 'Entertainment Tonight', he hopes to film the second and third installments together. source: deppimpact

(1) Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) (1) - official Disney movie website

re: Three

Shot on the island of Eleuthera Starring, Billy Zane, Juan Pablo Di Pace and Kelly Brook. Three is an action-drama presently filming on the island of Eleuthera in the settlement of Governour's Harbour. Shooting locations will take place at Cupid's Cay, Rainbow Beach, The Cliffs, Preachers's Cave and Twin Cove Beach. Due to be released Winter of 2004-2005. source: bahamasfilm


re: Open Water
"Although there have been many stories of divers getting stranded in open water, the film gets its inspiration primarily from the story of Tom and Eileen Lonergan, American tourists who disappeared in 1998 after taking a series of dives near Australia's Great Barrier Reef. " source: oregonherald
"Armed with a couple of digital cameras, the cast and crew went to Mexico, the Virgin Islands and the Grenadines in locations chosen to avoid hurting anybody's tourism business. The shark sequences were shot in the Bahamas where shark expert Stuart Cove, a veteran of James Bond movies, is based." source: msn/sympatico

! see also here Sharks, Diving with Sharks etc.

Official movie website
Reviews sympatico.msn - hollywoodjesus - oregonherald -
Outside Magazine Oct 2003 "A Watery Grave - Eileen and Tom Lonergan"
CDNN Cyber Divers News Network about Open Water - the story behinddiving ind - DEMA hype
McFayden Michael (Aussie) - about the incident (text was copied by peacecorps)
05.08.04 "Open Water": The Sharks, and the Fear, Were Real"
21.07.04 "Shark alert keeps locals on edge", Garry Maddox
06.08.04 "...who ya gonna root for?" Richard von Busack
Open Water comments on German dive board

re: After the Sunset, "The film, which stars Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek, will feature about 1,400 Bahamian extras."
!! the official movie website
(Fortunecity-) Brosnan-fan-website about "After the Sunset"
13.10.03 "Bahamians seek roles in big budget movie" Nassau Guardian
12.11.03 "Movie makers infuriate motorists" Nassau Guardian
13.11.03 "Movie set brings more complaints" Nassau Guardian
16.12.03 "Actress in decompression after 'fatigue, exhaustion'" Nassau Guardian
19.10.04 "After the Traffic Jams...The Sunset - Talking with the stars of Upcoming Movie After the Sunset" Nassau Guardian
!! November 2004 Issue "Red-Hot Bahamas" Travel & Leisure

re: Into the Blue, "A group of divers find themselves in deep trouble with a drug lord after they come upon the illicit cargo of a sunken airplane"
no official movie website?
20.05.04 warner brothers (with trailer)
27.01.04 "Shock As Movie Makers Sink Plane By Coral Reef " The Tribune via B2B
04.02.04 "BEST Commission To Examine Movie Location Use" Tribune via B2B

More movies that play or were shot in the Bahamas

Bahamasfilm archive - List of Productions Shot On Location In The Bahamas Over The Last 20 years

1916 / 1954 "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea", story by Jules Verne, 1916 silent version,  new version by Disney in 1954
1958-61 "Sea Hunt”, Lloyd Bridges, find lots of details on

1965 "The Beatles - Help!" - review (interview) - review2
1984 "Splash", the beach scenes were filmed on Blue Lagoon Island/Salt Cay -  review
1991 "Return to the Blue Lagoon" (?filming location Blue Lagoon Island) - review - review2
1996, "Flipper" starring Paul Hogan and Elijah Wood, Dolphin Encounters "helped Universal Studios to produce the movie" - review -
1999 "The Isle of MTV", MTV Beach House 1999Weber/Shandwick - btw it's just a rumour that Blue Lagoon Island/Salt Cay was one of the original filming locations of "Gilligan's Island" (but I suppose the excursions to Blue Lagoon Island are worth it anyway) - !Gilligan Unbound by Paul A. Cantor (excerpt) - review1 - FanClub1Fan Club2
2001 "After the Storm", based on story by Hemingway, story plays in the Bahamas, shot on locations in Belize - review1 -

!!Database of filming locations: enter "Bahamas" > [Go!], !detailed search criteria in the left frame, e.g. Bimini

More about movie dive sites in the Bahamas:

Source: Bill Jones, The Scuba Guy
In an area mostly served by “Stuart Cove's Dive South Ocean” located at the Clarion Resort on Nassau's south shore, is the site of considerable principal and second-unit filming loaded with underwater natural and man-made objects. Best known for scenes in James Bond movies such as “For Your Eyes Only” (1981) and “The World is Not Enough” (1999), Sean Connery learned to dive right here during the filming of "Dr. No" (1962).  Divers flock to the sites of decaying underwater sets from memorable and classic movies and television shows. The most popular sites include the Vulcan Bomber (covered in gorgonians and sponges on the remaining skeletal structure) used in “Thunderball” (1965), Rock Point House where Roger Moore drove the amphibious Lotus out of the water in “The Spy Who Loved Me” (1977), and the Tears of Allah shipwreck from “Never Say Never Again” (1983).  A couple miles east from Compass Point is a home known locally as Rock Point but better known as Palmyra in “Thunderball” (1965). The entire Stuart Cove's PADI Gold Palm Diver Center and dock area was transformed into a fishing village for the movie version of “Flipper” (1996).  Many of the underwater sets and the fishing village are largely still intact. “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (1954), “Sea Hunt” (1958-61), “Splash” (1984), “Cocoon” (1985), “Jaws IV: The Revenge” (1987), and many more shot footage here.  It’s not uncommon to stumble onto a second-unit filming crew or a production company shooting a few scenes or a TV commercial.




Bahamas Philatelic Links
Bahamas Girl Scout Stamps
Bahamas Postage Rates
Bahamas Postcards > scroll down to Bahamas
Photos & Cartes postales anciennes des Bahamas 

Bahamian Banknotes
Bahamian Coins
Numismatic Coins Central Bank of Bahamas
Copper Coins of 1806 picture of coins here:

Bahamas' License Plates
Ethnomusicology LP Collection

National Symbols: Anthem, Flag, Coat of Arms


Woodes Rogers - He was The Bahamas' first Royal Governor. His first term would last until 1721. ...  It was then that the colony's motto, "Expulsis Piratis, Restituta Commercia," which is Latin for "Pirates expelled, Commerce Restored," was coined. It remained until independence in 1973, when the new motto, "Forward, Upward, Onward Together," was adopted. source

historical flags (reference to fotw-website which doesn't exist anymore)
Gov: detailed description, anthem, flag, coat of arms
Coat of Arms description
Nation Anthem
For crests of the islands go to > The Government > Local Government > Districts by Islands then click on one of the islands

Obeah/Voodoo/Yoruba, Legendary Creatures, Legends


Obeah (Obi, Obeye, Ju-Ju), Voodoo, Yoruba

"The traditional culture of the Bahamas lives away from the American-influenced urban centers of Nassau and Freeport. The islands' folkways stem in large part from the tales, bush medicine, music and religion brought over by African slaves. A popular 'folk' religion is obeah, a system of beliefs governing interactions between the living and the spirit world. It's a less sinister cousin of Haitian voodoo and Cuban santerýa. The vast majority of Bahamians, however, belong to mainline Christian denominations (though many Anglican priests hedge their bets and mix a little good-willed obeah into their practice). Most islanders are steadfast in their religious beliefs: many taxi drivers and office workers keep a Bible at hand. Church affairs make headline news, while major international events are relegated to the inside pages. The country claims the greatest number of churches per capita in the world." "

!!Obeah the ultimate resistance (Miami Uni)

I couldn't' find a lot of info. Info about Cat Island usually mentions Obeah. On most tourism sites, there is only a short remark.

Haitian Voodoo, Prof. B. Corbett

Yoruba - definitions
Yoruba religion/mythology
Yoruba language

Bimini Road, Road to Atlantis, Fountain of Youth
Bimini Road, Road to Atlantis, Fountain of Youth, see here
Bimini Undersea "Legends & Lore of Bimini"
see below "Bermuda Triangle & Bimini Road"

The Bermuda Triangle
Gian Quasar's website with lots of well researched info (presented with scepticism, humour and respect)
! "Fly the Bahamas" - great aireal and satellite photos of the Bahamas > use link page bottom
"500 Leagues of Sea" -  from corner to corner, Saragossa Sea etc. > use link page bottom
"Fantastic Journey" tunnel clouds, “white waters” or “glowing waters” of the Bahamas
Bermuda Triangle & Bimini Road - Edgar Cayce's Atlantis

The Chickcharnie

The myth of the chickcharnie is the most popular; chickcharnies are said to be small red-eyed elves with beards who hang from pine trees and cause both good and bad things to happen. The explanation by ornithologists and archaeologists, who unearthed fossils, is that the chickcharnie was transformed into a legendary creature by people who had seen giant barn owls. The bird, now extinct, was quite large and apparently had a fascinating resemblance to something human. It is also believed that blue holes have monsters living in them, and some of the blue holes are definitely considered off-limits by Androsians. ( - text not available anymore)

The island of Andros is home to the legendary Chickcharnie. It is said that these creatures are half-bird half-man and build their nests by bending the tops of two pine trees together. According to legend, creatures drive away evil spirits and protect the good from the bad. Legend also says visitors of Andros should explore the island carrying flowers and bright bits of fabric to leave for the Chickcharnies, all of which will be returned to the gift-bearer in riches. ( )

On Andros Island, Bahamas, is a legend of mischievous, small entities called Chickcharnies.  The stories tell of little people that once inhabited the remote forests of the island, that were highly aggressive, and that could turn their heads all the way around.  Chickcharnies are reported only from Andros Island and are said to have three fingers, three toes, and red eyes. Now, there truly once existed on Andros Island -- the largest (104 x 40 miles) and least inhabited of the Bahamas islands -- a Chickcharnie of sorts.  It was a 2-foot-tall owl called Tyto pollens, a remote cousin of the smaller Common Barn-owl (Tyto alba).  Tyto pollens was a large, flightless owl known there from subfossils.  It may be that it was territorially aggressive and coexisted with humans.  The ability of owls to swivel their heads, and a territorial aggression, may have been the basis for this particular legend, but this is speculation. It is said that to see a Chickcharnie brings lifelong good luck to the observer.  I once spent 10 days on Andros Island and explored its seldom-visited old Caribbean pine forests in search of rare birds.  But ... no Chickcharnies. (Andros Island is a wonderful place that time and Club Med forgot ... and may they never find it.  The few small hamlets are infused with much local color.  Andros even has a "Loch Ness Monster" according to one travel brochure, that described it as a dragon-like sea monster called the Lusca.  The Spaniards called the island "La Isla del Espiritu Santo," or the island of the Holy Spirit.) (

more about the Chickcharnie: "The Wee-Wee Legend"


The Lusca

Like the Loch Ness monster, Lusca reportedly had been sighted by dozens of Androsians. The sea serpent was accused of sucking both sailors and their vessels into the dangerous blue holes around the island's coastline. No one has captured Lusca yet.
( of the Chickcharnies wasn't mysterious Enough, Andros is also home to the "Lusca". The Lusca, believed to resemble the octopus, resides in dark and mysterious blue holes. These evil spirits take pleasure in dragging men and their small boats to their doom whenever humans attempt to invade their domain. 
"Lusca's Breath" > Cave Intro
more about story telling




People - famous Bahamians or other famous people living or having lived in the Bahamas

Famous lit of citizens or residents of the United States of Bahamian ancestry. The 2000 U.S. census counted 31,984 people of Bahamian ancestry. Most (about 21,000) live in Florida, most likely due to its proximity to the Bahamas.


see also Artists
see also historical personalities

Photos of great Bahamian Heroes as listed in the publication "100 Most Outstanding Bahamians of the 20th Century "Faces of Greatness"

Etienne Dupuch, see also Nassau Guardian
Vernal Sands see also here
+++Article 22.01.04 "Vernal Sands: Bahamas Goodwill Ambassador" Nassau Guardian (+local save)

H.E. Mr. Sidney Poitier (KCMG Hon.), Bahamian, Cat Island,  Ambassador of The Bahamas to Japan (since 1997)

see also Films, Blacks in America

+++Article: 17.05.04 "Sir Sidney, UNESCO head to address schoolchildren" Nassau Guardian

IMDB lots of links
A Tribute to Sidney Poitier (Feb 2004), lots of links to movies and reviews
Mail Tribune, Medford Oregon (1999)
! Lots of links & data by
encarta africana, Sidney Poitier
XX 14.4.04 broken Biography by
various other biographical data etc. - -  -
Dollak N., American Movies from the 1950s> Poitier, especially Appendix 1
+Books: Biographies written by Sidney Poitier
This Life (1980)
The Measure Of A Man : A Spiritual Autobiography (2000)

Lenny Kravitz (Eleuthera)

Ernest Hemingway (Bimini)
Hemingway (Smithsonian Institute) - general
Hemingway (SI) - teacher package
Hemingway - SimonSays
see also Bimini - The Compleat Angler

Lyford Cay:

This gated, heavily guarded "Beverly Hills of The Bahamas", located on New Providence Island, is the year-round or at least part time residence of such well-known personalities as actor Sean Connery, author Arthur Hailey, designer Peter Nygard, British heiress the Princess Guirey, financier Sir John Templeton and an American who, in 1996, purchased the cay's only castle, painted it the ubiquitous Nassau Pink and thoroughly re-decorated same. Haute Monde visitors often as not head straight for "The Cay", including Prince Rainier, Princess Alexandra, the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Nelson Mandela, former president George Bush, and just about everybody who is, or was, anybody in the glitterati department. You can't go there from here unless invited. (source:, website changed since then)


Arthur Hailey

see also books Hailey Arthur, The Lyford Legacy

John Templeton
+++Article 04.10.04 "World's top intellectuals meeting in Nassau [John Templeton Foundation]" Nassau Guardian

Sean Connery


The Bahamas DNA Project "For anyone with direct male or direct female ancestry in the Bahamas"

After some discussion on Bahamians Yahoo Groups, a Bahamas DNA Project has been launched to support traditional genealogy in matching up individuals or families who share direct male or direct female ancestry in the Bahamas and to trace their origins in Africa, Europe, and North America. If you have direct-line ancestry in the Bahamas, please join the project. Help is also needed in encouraging others with direct-line ancestry to participate.
More information is available at the project's Web site:
I welcome any questions. Most sincerely, Peter J. Roberts (source: 

Who is behind this?? Family Tree DNA "America's first genealogy driven DNA testing service" - About/Who is who
Recent Developments in Y-Short Tandem Repeat and Y-Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Analysis by J M Butler

a DNA testing competitor (for comparison)

+++Articles (controversial)
16.05.07 "Icelandic DNA project hit by privacy storm" Guardian Unlimited/The Observer (UK)
June 2000 "For Sale: Iceland's Genetic History" by Oksana Hlodan ActionBioScience

Bahamas Genealogy
see also DOA Bahamas Department of Archives
see also Key West Conchs

! Bahamas Islands GenWeb Project
GenWeb Project Website
The Names of Loyalist Settlers and Grants of Land Which They Received from the Bahamian Government: 1778 - 1783
The Pioneer Settlers of the Bahamas: Census of 1671
Burial Records, New Providence
Harbour Island Land Grants - transcript

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! Resources, African Ancestry in the Bahamas
Genealogical Country Resources > Bahamas
Bibliography of Bahamian Genealogy
Bahamas Genealogy Forum
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