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What to do in the Bahamas? Tours, shore excursions etc.
Sports - various
Boating, Sailing
Diving, Snorkeling
Getting married
Bahamian athlets, etc.
on separate pages: Overviews (tourism) - Museums - Cultural events

What to do in the Bahamas? Tours, shore excursions etc.

See also .. .
- Culture/Art (e.g. Events, national cultural institutions)
- Museums/Historical Buildings
- kids stuff
- tourism overviews
- overviews & recommendations on private websites
- islands

see below for Various Sports, Golf, Boating, Sailing, Fishing, Diving, Snorkeling etc.

see here for Riding in Nassau or Freeport
see here for what to squeeze in in x days in Nassau / Freeport
see here for hair braiding and fish fry
see here for Straw Market (Nassau)
see here for best time to go

BVG Bahamas Vacation Guide Watersports/Freeport - Watersports/Nassau

Carrie's abundant lists of things to do in Freeport: Posting of 19.05.04 and Posting of 15.06.04
Biscottiland - some insider tips > scroll down to Bahamas

Scubagirl's shopping tips for Nassau
Scubagirl's walking tour in Nassau
more about walking tours in Nassau and on Paradise Island - discussion on cruisecritics board, started on 10.10.04 by bicker

see here for "cruise - what to do if only a few hours in port (Freeport)"
see here for "cruise - what to do in Freeport: e.g. kayaking"

Websites of Bahamas Tourist Office, Ministry of Tourism
BTO UK Activities > pick an activity
BMOT What-to-do details - > plan a trip > pick an island > what-to-do > pick an activity - e.g. for Nassau, Freeport
BMOT What-to-do-Guide - find out what activity is possible on which island

Tour / excursion organizers (Organized (shore) excursions give a good idea of possibilites & prices:)

Majestic Tours (Nassau)
Bahamas Experience Tours & Transfers (Nassau)
Shoretrips > Freeport or Nassau
++Discussion about shoretrips, started by Diva on 02.07.04 cruisecritics
Superior Watersports (Freeport)
Executive Tours (Freeport) most  but not all offers same as Superior Watersports

NCL Dawn excursions and

Organziers of Dolphin Encounter, Dolphin Swimm etc.
more about dolphins, dolphin therapy see here
more about sharks, whales etc. see here

SCC Dolphin Encounters Blue Lagoon Island (Nassau)
SCC Unexso (Freeport)
SCC Dolphin Connection and swim programs (Bimini)
SCC Dolphins - Keefe's wild dolphins excursions (Bimini)
SCC Dream Team Wild Dolphin Adventures (boat starting in Palm Beach Florida)

++Discussions about Dolphin Swim / Encounter
stated by Jante 23.7.04 "dolphin swim in Freeport" cruisecritics
started by Karen 14.7.04 "Trip report - Dolphin Swim, Dolphin Encounter" Geographia/GBI > board scroll down to Unexco
started by Sportserjohn 27.5.04 "Blue Lagoon? (Nassau)" cruisecritics
started by lynnie23 23.5.04 "Dolpin Excursion (Nassau)" cruisecritics

see message boards, cruise forum etc.

!! Tripadvisor reviews, start in the square [Popular Bahamas destinations], choose an island then choose [attraction...] and look for "TripAdvisor user reviews"

BVG Rate the Bahamas Activities (new 5.7.04 - who rates, how many participate, additional comments? - relevancy? to be observed)

Sports - various

SCC Skydive Bahamas
SCC KSTE Kite Surf The Earth - Kite Surfing School

SCC Bahamas Out Island Adventure (Eleuthera) Surfing, Boogieboarding, Beachcombing, Shelling, Kayaking
SCC Wild Island Tours (Rum Cay) - Surf Adventure

Best time for surfing (Eleuthera)
The best season for surf is October through April for size and consistency. When strong cold fronts go off the east coast of the US, winds typically switch offshore and the surf gets GOOD! From May through July, it's typically small, and then the months of August, September and October bring the possibility of hurricane surf in warm, clear water. source: bahamasadventures


+++Articles, Reviews - Bahamas general
Frommer's Golf overview
Travel Tips Bahamas - Golf
Bahamas Golf Federation

Caribbean Golf,  - Caribbean Courses Glance
Caribbean's Best 2002
Caribbean Golf "take your clubs, wallet and bodyguard" (dated?)

Travelgolf - Grand Bahama (11-2001)
Travelgolf - Grand Bahama (07-2001)

Fortune Hills Golf & Country Club - info about
Royal Oasis Golf Course Ruby & Emerald

Our Lucaya Beach and Golf Resort
Lucaya course
Reef course
(XenuErr) Worldgolf about Our Lucaya Course (2002)
Caribbeangolf about Our Lucaya Courses (dated?)

Golf on GBI QA Source Geographia/GBI Board
Q From Tom 24.08.04
I am going down again over Labor Day and would like to play other courses than the Our Lucaya ones. I loved the Lucayan Course and will play it again, but wanted to know if any of the other courses in the area are worth the cab ride?
A From Jeff 25.08.04
There are two courses at Royal Oasis, the Ruby and the Emerald. They are similar to the Lucayan Golf and Country Club. The fairways are lined by Bermuda rough and outside of that is impenetrable bush. Especially during the week in September, the rates should be good. There also is a 9 hole course, Fortune Hills, which has some very challenging holes but often isn't in as good a shape as the four 18 holers. Stick to then and you should have a good but challenging experience. Bring lots of balls unless you hit the ball very straight.
September is a pretty slow time on the island and they will probably only have one course open each day. I prefer the Ruby personally. Both courses have dense bush along the fairways and about the same amounts of shade. They are no where nearly as open as the reef. It is very difficult to play golf in the Bahamas without a lot of sun exposure. Try early in the morning or later in the day, wear lots of sunblock and stay hydrated. Typically the cart path next to the tees will have some shade and there is almost always a shaded side of the fairway. 
A From Danny 25.08.04
We're just back from 7 days on GBI. I checked the greens/cart fees at the Emerald and Ruby Courses. They were $70 for non-guests of the Royal Oasis and they wouldn't budge on the price. We played at the Lucaya Golf and Country Club for $50.


New Providence - Cable Beach, Paradise Island

Radisson Cable Beach Resort
TravelGolf on Radisson Cable Beach (2002)

(private) Ocean Club Golf Course former Paradise Island GC> activities > golf
(XenuErr) TravelGolf on Ocean Club Course (2002)
CaribbeanGolf on Ocean Club

South Ocean Beach & Golf Resort
+++Article 19.07.04 "South Ocean closing for major renovation programme" Nassau Guardian

(I found no noteworthy website) (private) Lyford Cay Golf Club

Golf in Nassau and Paradise Island
Q From khemp 25.6.04: Does anyone have any golf suggestions for the bahamas? If so, can you recommend a course, way to get there, get back, etc?
A From Andrea 27.6.04: We just got back yesterday from Nassau. My husband and his friend played the Radisson Cable Beach Golf Club. It is a 10 minute cab drive ($20 each way) from the pier. The greens fee was $60. I thought this was quite inexpensive. We live in Florida near Disney and are accustomed to $100+. I did quite a bit of research to set this up for the hubby. The Cable Beach is the only one that you can play unless you are a guest at the Atlantis. The Atlantis has had their own course with the guest-ony provision for a while. However, they just bought the Paradise Island golf course as well. My husband and his friend enjoyed their round very much. They said the greens are in good shape although the course is a short course. It is not directly on the ocean but you can see the ocean from many of the holes. They said everyone at the course was very helpful. I do not have the phone number anymore but I located it using google and then called to reserve the tee-times. We kept the clubs in our room and they carried them to the cab themselves. They have smalled bags for travel and I think the fact that they were lighter made it much easier to transport. Have a great time. Andrea Source: Cruisecritic Board


Treasure Cay Golf Club

+++Article 11.02.04 "The Awakening: Bahamas' Great Exuma" TravelTips
Boating, Sailing, Safety

Boating and Fishing Guide (Ministry of Tourism) Deals & Special Offers - Marinas - Ports Of Entry - Procedures For Entering The Bahamas - Procedures For Returning To U.S. Ports - Sailing Regattas - Winter Storage Program - Boating FAQs - Boating Flings and Brochure ! Bahamas Boating and Fishing Guide - local copy (get latest copy from website)
! see here for Yachtsman's Guide - boating/sailing message boards

see also Fishing (for charter)

for nautical maps/charts see below, for more maps see here (under the particular island) and here

! The Bahamas Islands for Dummies - overview (not only) for cruising and sailing enthusiasts
Molander Arne B. Cruising the Bahamas with Columbus in 1492
Bahamas Gov about Regatta >Visiting... > Culture... > Regatta (sometimes only the pop-up menu will work)
Safemooring - Details about marinas and moorings in the Bahamas
SCC Tall Ship Adventure
SCC Seabase, Tall Ship
Geographia List of Fishing / Sailing charters
see here for Medical Emergencies while cruising

BASRA The Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association
BASRA Grand Bahama
Caribbean Search & Rescue
STCW Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers
NPFVOA North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners' Association

US Coast Guard
U. S. Coast Guard, D7, Seventh Coast Guard District
U. S. Coast Guard, Air Station Clearwater
Coast Guard Storm Center
Coast Guard Auxilary - Seventh District
Travel to Cuba permit
US Coast Guard - Float Plan Form
US Coast Guard Navigation Center (incl online Nav Rules / Rules of the Road)


Tide, Nautical Charts, Communication

25.01.05 "Coast Guard and RBDF share navigation knowledge" Nassau Guardian

Tide Charts > search for Bahamas (several sites)
Comment by Cal, 22.10.04 My favorite site is You can print the high/low tides for 1 day to 2 months. I always print the cart for 30 days and take it with me when I go to GBI. source Geographia/GBI board

Tide Charts from WXTIDE32 ("supposed to be the best and will give you any place you want")

Mobilegeographics Tide for Freeport
Mobilegeographic Tide for [enter location, e.g. Nassau] for Freeport for other locations: enter location into the Google field on the bottom of the screen (e.g. Nassau, Eleuthera), pick a link
Nautical Charts Eleuthera (others may be requested by e-mail)
Some popular waypoints (GPS) in the Bahamas (long/lat etc.) scroll down to Bahamas
Bahamasguide Southern Abacos Waypoints
J B Bolton's nautical map (photo with high res digital camera)

NGI (US National for Geospatial Intelligence) Publications and Services
NGA Raster Roam
The American Practical Navigator, 2002
Atlas of Pilot Charts North Atlantic Ocean (including Gulf of Mexico), 2002

see here for TV/Radio - phone/internet - cell phones
FCC [US] Federal Communications Commission on Ship Radio Stations
oii Abaco about VHF in the Bahamas (channels etc.)> VHF Channel Usage
CapKool about VHF in the Bahamas (channels)
US Coast Guard about VHF
Jerry LaBella about using VHF
Decca Navigator System > scroll down to Bahamas - about DECCA


Regulations, immigration etc. when arriving by boat
Ports of Entry, Port Legal Issues > Visiting... > Sailing... (sometimes only the links in the pop-up-menu will work)
Boating Regulations website 24465 (e.g. entry fees)
Yachtsman's Guide
International Yacht & Jet Show (April 25th-27th 2003)
Abaco Guide, incl pdf-forms - Crew List, Immigration Manifest, Vessel Information
Global Site for Cruising Sailors

Tips -  Arriving at the Islands in Private Boat QA-Source: MoT-Board (not available anymore)
Q From: Oldlarry Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 Boating over from the states - What is required for me to do once arriving at the islands in my boat?  Where to register boat/fishing license?, what the cost? How long can I stay? A From: Richard Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 First go through Customs and Immigration in The Bahamas as soon as you arrive. They have offices in Bimini, Cat Cay, West End and a lot other places but these seem to be the most convenient. They are open 9-5 or so. For $100.00 you and your boat and 3 other people can enter for 6 months. A fishing permit is extra money. All you need are Drivers License and Birth Certificate or a passport. You also need your boat registration. Get "Yachtsman's Guide to The Bahamas" from Island Publishing. They should sell it at Boaters World or West Marine or simply order it off the internet.
A From: Steve Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 There are numerous island locations to "clear" once you get to the Bahamas; notably West End, Port Lucaya, Bimini and Cat Cay. You will fly a yellow "practique" flag upon arrival and all but the Captain will stay on the boat. With $100.00, passports or original Birth Certificates and some government issued ID with a picture, the Captain will go to the Dockmasters office where he will either be directed to Customs and Immigration or wait while they are contacted. When the official is finished you will have a Cruising Permit good for one year (it stays on board during the time you are in the islands and is given to the authorities at your last port when leaving), a Fishing Permit good for four people and up to six rods, and some papers explaining FAQ's. Dress appropriately, smile and be pleasant and it will go more quickly.
A From: CF Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 We are heading over by private boat also June 1. We have also applied to the USCG for a cruising permit (sticker) that advises them our approximate dates of travel. Supposedly this help in getting back into the states on your own boat and supposedly all you have to do upon entering waters is hail them on your VHF to clear customs, all experienced sailors tell us this is a great way to avoid headaches . We have research this extensively the USCG is very helpful and returns phone calls, this was the info we were given just this week call 317-298-1200 xt 1245. DON'T FORGET TO FILE A FLOAT PLAN WITH SOMEONE WHO CAN CONTACT THE CG IF YOU DON'T RETURN OR CALL TO CHECK IN ON TIME.



Personal stories, reports, notes
Bolton Joyce and Jim, Sailing in the Bahamas (1999), Navigation in the Bahamas, Cruising with Cats etc.
! capkool - Crossing the Gulf Stream and Island Hopping, A Guide for the Inexperienced Cruiser
Chip & Kelly Giles "Wild Hair" / Crossing to the Bahamas, lots of links
XX June 04 broken Clow Wes Story
XX June 04 broken Clow Wes Andros sailing links -
! Dietrich Bill  Bahamas page (and lots of other info about living on a boat)
Estabrook Sandy, Sailing in the Abacos, stories and maps
Godfrey D

Janeyzee: The Abacos, Bahamas
Kresge David : Crossing to Gulf Stream (to Bimini)
Kresge David : Cruising in The Bahamas Safety and Communication Gear
McRory's Logbook (1996)
Pelorus Jack, Sailboat (incl. 3 cats!) in the Bahamas - about the cats
Pescis in the Abacos
Potter - Cruising the Bahamas in a "Potter 19"
PGSC 2003 (for 3 months) Bahamas Cruise
! Rosalie B. grandmaR , 2002 (incl Bob's heart attack & recovery)
Swartz Donald A, New Jersey to Bahamas "No one knows that I just spent over two weeks at sea discovering some of the many unknown people and places of the Bahamas. Something that they will never do!  To them, I'm some strange guy with just too much scruffy facial hair and a duffle bag that stinks!")
Theisen Family, live aboard
Timpe Family Story
Turtlebones (plans for Bahamas in Oct. 2003)
! Veleda - Cruise of The Veleda, Bahamas 1999
Windom, a Bahamian guide

Cruising notes Abaco
and cruising log - log2
Cruisenews, some Bahamas cruising stories


see also comment here
see also Message boards here

FRIENDS Bahamian Fishing/Diving Rules
Game Fish Charts of The Bahamas (H&S Fishing Charters Abacos) > scroll down to chart
Salt Water Fishing Links Bahamas (World Fishing Rep)
! Dr. Ralph: Fishing in Abaco
Fishing and Diving Regulations
Fine Fishing Magazine - salt water temp -
Bahamas Wahoo Fishing Championship
+Book: Vletas Stephen, Vletas Kim, Bahamas Fly-Fishing Guide (1999) Amazon

Frommer's, best fishing sites
Geographia List of Fishing / Sailing charters

!! SCC Lil B (Freeport) reef fishing with Captain Les (Janice), personalized attention,

SCC Captain A.J. Exotic Adventures (Freeport)
++Discussion on Captain A.J. started by Murray on 23.08.04 Geographia/GBI Board
SCC Trek International Safaris, description of various islands
SCC Bimini - deep sea fishing
SCC Bimini - World Fishing Report
SCC Bimini Big Game Club
SCC Crooked Island Fishing
SCC Fine Fishing Magazine
SCC Fine Fishing Magazine
SCC Idaho Angler
XX 14.4.04 broken SCC Ragged Island Bonefish Club

Fishing / Equipment QA-Source:
Q From: susan Date: 10/14/03 / Are you allowed to bring your poles from home to the island? Do you need a license to fish from the shorelines? can you even fish from the shore due to the shallow waters? any places with docks for fishing and gear rental for a fee? appreciate someone replying asap as we leave tomorrow morning for island.....thanks for all the help we received on newsgroup, before our excursion to the islands! A From: kalik mike Date: 10/14/03 Yes you can bring your fishing poles to the island. Twice I took a pole as "carry on" luggage without any questions - at least one, if not both times were post 9/11 security changes. No fishing license needed. Yes you can fish from the shore or shoreline. The old air force tracking station in Freetown has an old pier I've fished from many times. I'm unaware of any places to rent fishing equipment for use on the shore but I'm no expert - they may exist. A From: Cal Date: 10/14/03 All the comments posted are good. If you want to have a great charter, check with LilB Charters. Captain Les offers a affordable personalized charter and you will catch fish. His phone number is 242-373-8248. His WEB site is A From: kalik mike Date: 10/14/03 I second Cals recommendation of Captain Les and "Whatever Bites". He's a ton of fun, inexpensive, you'll definitely catch fish and if you want he'll clean them for you! Q/A From: Flamingo, Date: 10/14/03 kalik mike: Thanks for the info!! I always wish I had my fishing pole after I get there...not this time, I am gonna try the carry-on idea myself! Did you wrap it with anything or just straight up? I'm leaving Friday AM!! Can't wait! Peace, Flamingo A From: kalik mike Date: 10/14/03 Of course I wrapped it - in 2 rubber bands. Seriously, I just carried it on in the open - I think it is easier if security can see exactly what it is.


What is Bonefishing QA-Source: Geographia/GBI Board
Q From Steve 13.8.04: I've seen it talked about on here and other places. What exaclty is it? 
A From Carrie 13.8.04: 
Bonefishing is a specialized type of sport fishing. A catch and release policy is strictly maintained. Bone fishing is expensive - it can cost anywhere from about $250-$280 per half day and about $300-$350 per full day. Bonefishing is done in shallow water either wading or it's done from a boat with a spinning tackle or a fly fishing rod. The trend is to release the fish after estimating the length and weight of it. 
A From Cal 13.8.04: 
The bonefish is a long slender fish that is very elusiveand fights very hard for their size. Thus, they prized gamefish. They roam the shallow sand flats. They have a lot of bones in them (thus the name bonefish). due to the bones, they are not very edible, so they are caught and released. Purist bonefishermen usually use flyrods. Bonefish guides charge large fees to guide fishing trips. You can also catch them with spinning tackle and bait. I went fishing with Captain Les Treco of LilB charter in May and we caught about 15 bonefish in about a hour, at night with squidd for bait. 

Diving, Snorkeling etc.

see also "HELP - afraid of sharks!" - snorkel near port / off shore
see also scuba board forum
see here for diving medicine
see here for dolphins, sharks, whales etc.

22.06.04 "Abaco — An emerging cave diving destination" Nassau Guardian

Frommer's, best dive sites
Frommer's, best snorkeling sites
Scuba Diving Links - Bahamas

The Rob Palmer Blueholes Foundation
see also The unique, underground waterworlds of Bahamiam blue holes
Diving in the Blue Holes with scientist Steffi Shwabe
Best Dives of The Bahamas and Bermuda (dated?) - by Hunter Publishing

TOTO Tongue of the ocean NASA satellite picture

Dive Centers, Dive Shops, Snorkeling
! Bahamas Diving Association, links to dive shops on all islands, dive videos!!
! BVG Bahamas Vacation Guide, links to dive centers on all islands
Scuba Yellow Pages - Bahamas

Grand Bahama
! SCC Unexco Diving
SCC Xanadu (mention nitrox), Dive Shop & Trips, Freeport
SCC Paradise Cove Freeport
SCC Sunn Odyssey Divers

SCC Grand Bahama Scuba

Rick 16.8.04 as an answer to Jeff 11.8.04 source Geographia/GBI board
We use Fred Riger at Grand Bahama Scuba. He has nitrox (no other on the island that I'm aware), and is a great dive op. Friendly, laid back, no "pre-set" dives, he just asks everybody in the morning what they'd like to do, shallow (NO please), med (40-60fsw) or deep (70-105fsw). Very reasonable rates, we've been down 3-4 times a year for the last 4 and have used him since we found him. Also used UNEXSO (short dives, beg for tips), and Xanadu.. 



! SCC Stuart Cove's (mention nitrox) - review about Stuart Cove's snorkeling on cruisecritics
Stuart Cove's interactive dive site map
Stevesan 6.8.04: If the "Stuart's Cove" excursion is too much for you, I can recommend the "Athol Island" snorkel, but it's no match for Stuart's Cove. cruisecritics

XX 7.04 link broken SCC Diver's Haven

++Discussion 15.09.04 started by fiscerv "Snorkeling, Stuarts Cove or Pearl Island" cruisecritics

SCC Bahama Divers
Diving trip - but only 1/2 day in Nassau? QA-source: fodors board
Q From tanger 14.10.04
could anyone give me some advice, we are docking for 1/2 day (8-2pm) in Nassau in Nov. Have 3 children 2,8,12 (2yr just along for ride); looking to see if it is feasible to go with a snorkel outfit that goes to a shallow reef for snorkeling. or just go to a local beach and let them play/snorkel? or s/we go & visit Atlantis - with a tour or just take a taxi there and explore on our own? thanks.
A From Robert 14.10.04
Tanger; I usually don't offer specific dive ops, but in your condensed time, I will. Bahama Divers is the oldest dive operation in Nassau. They offer snorkeling trips in the morning, from 9 a.m., arriving back on East Bay Street around 12:30- 1 p.m. They are closer to the cruise ship dock. You can take a 3-5 minute taxi ride to where their located, underneath the Poop Deck restaurant. They will drive you back to the cruise ship dock in their van. You should have no problem getting back to the ship by 2 p.m. They have a U.S. toll free number to find out the details, and to book in reservations beforehand, so they will be ready for you: 800-398-3483. I do scuba diving and conduct reef surveys around New Providence, but there are beautiful shallow snorkeling reefs as well. Barracuda Shoals, Thunderball and Cannonball Reefs are all in about 20 feet of water and are where the James Bond films were made. Beautiful sponge and healthy coral formations. So many snorkeling spots around Nassau! The Fish Hotel and Angel Fish reefs are beautiful, too. Bahama Divers will stress safety, and will determine which reef you go to, depending upon water conditions.The Bahamas are great diving and snorkeling islands, because there are no rivers spewing out silt, and the Gulf Stream constantly purifies the waters. Thus, visibility is up to 90 feet or more on good days. Have fun!! Robert


More dive centers etc.
SCC Ocean Explorer Charters (Bimini etc)
SCC Brendal's Dive Center, Green Turtle Cay (Abaco)
SCC Smallhope Bay Lodge (Andros), mention nitrox (according to Nicole, the Marketing Director: We are a dive resort with 20 cottages right on the beach, all-inclusive rates, and amazing diving diversity)

SCC Seafever Dive Trips - see also review below (Bimini, Thomson)
SCC Dive Dive Dive! (mentions nitrox)

SCC Bimini "Keefe's Undersea"
SCC Hartley's Undersea Walk
SCC Seaworld Explorer (Semi-Submarine) - in Nassau: in Freeport (run by Superior Watersports) - is it the same company? (same photos...)
SCC Peter Hughes - 4.2004 no Bahamas plans anymore?

Personal stories, reports, notes
!! Bahamas diving trip reports
Dive Atlas - a few dive trip reports
Links to Scuba diving trip reports
Grand Bahama Juni/July 2001, Jason Poynting
Bimini, Stephane's "Where in the World is..... Bahamas"

Bimini, Thompson, M/V Sea Fever (Dec2001/Jan2002)

!! Lots of interesting reports & comments by Robert about diving in various places in the Bahama and about the Bahamas (and Carribbean) in general on Fodors Forum - e.g. long report about Wild Dolphin Encounter with Keefe's Undersea Adventure (Bimini) - for the latter click on Robert and search for Robert's answer to posting "Need info on Bimini or other out islands..." on 22nd April 2004.
Marriage Weddings Honeymoon

Min. of Tourism: Marriage / Honeymoon / Weddings  (see also regulations) website 42586
Requirements for Swiss citizens

02.06.04 "Perfect Wedding and Great Time Had By All 5/23-5/30 2004" Curt's Wedding in Freeport, Group of 38

Wedding coordinators, photographers etc.
BVG list
Frommer's, best honeymoon resorts
Wedding Photographer (lots of pictures) and large list of wedding planners
Wedding coordinators (list)
Wedding Circle
Wedding Channel

Bahamas Dream Wedding (Freeport), Janice - Coordinator and Jennifer - Photographer
++KathyP's comment 01.11.04 Geographia/GBI board

My Harbour Island
Getting Married on Eleuthera
Out-island-wedding - coordinators
Bahamian athlets etc.


Berlin Golden-League-Meeting (12.09.04)
Women 100m: Ferguson wins gold
Women 400m: Tonique Williams-Darling wins gold and gets half of the Golden League jackpot, a $500,000 cheque for winning all six meets in the series
Amertil finishes fifth
+++ Articles
13.09.04 "Tonique wins IAAF JACKPOT!" Nassau Guardian
13.09.04 "Tonique's tremendous time! - Williams-Darling is 11th fastest woman ever" Nassau Guardian

Olympiade Athens 2004
24.08.04 Tonique Williams-Darling wins the gold medal in the 400-meter run, Amertil finishes seventh
++Discussion on Bahamasissues with !pictures
25.08.04 Debbie Ferguson wins bronze medal in Women's 200m

Full list of Bahamian participants (54, sports: Swimming - Athletics - Boxing - Tennis)  - SUI
Schedule - Results
Medals per country
NOC Bahamas
All Olympic Medal Winners, database, e.g. search for Bahamas
16.08.04 "Bahamian Olympic Shorts" Nassau Guardian
17.08.04 "Knowles finishes 7th in specialty event" Nassau Guardian
17.08.04 "Bell happy for Vythoulkas - Swimming head coach says Chris did well" Nassau Guardian
24.08.04 "Tonique Williams-Darling (incl biography)" Nassau Guardian
24.08.04 "Williams forges golden run" BBC Caribbean
24.08.04 "Williams claims 400m gold" BBC Sports
26.08.04 "A new Golden Girl - Tonique wins GOLD in Athens" Nassau Guardian
27.08.04 "Forget U.S. Team; Bahamas Rules" Washington Post
26.08.04 "More Metal - Debbie brings home BRONZE" Nassau Guardian
30.08.04 "Eye on the Olympics - Well done team" Nassau Guardian
16.09.04 "The Bahamas is number ONE! Per Capita Champions of the world" Nassau Guardian

Weltklasse Zurich (ending 6th August 2004)
400m Williams-Tonique and Amertil - Tonique Williams-Darling won gold - click here: "21.50 100m Frauen"
100m Ferguson und Sturrup - Debbie Ferguson won silver - click here "22.25 400m Frauen"


Mark Knowles biographical data

12.10.04 "Mark, Danny go after title in Vienna - Merklein is in Paris" Nassau Guardian
23.0.04 "Serena Williams to play in Mark Knowles Charity Invitational" Nassau Guardian
25.10.04 "It's title number five - Mark Knowles captures Madrid title" Nassau Guardian

US Open 2004 (10.09.04)
10.09.04 "Double-Double: Knowles-Nestor Win Second Slam" US Open report
Bahamian tennis ace Mark Knowles and his Canadian Doubles partner Daniel Nestor have won their second career Grand Slam title

Boxrec - Match=Bahamas (Okt 04: 78 listed, 7 of them are active)
see also books: The Fight Goes On, an autobiography by former Bahamas heavyweight boxing champion Bert Perry.

05.09.03 "Bahamas to battle again - Amateur boxers face new challenge" Nassau Guardian
09.12.03 "Tanked up for more fighting - Williams hopes historic fight is just the beginning [Sherman 'Tank' Williams]" Nassau Guardian
30.01.04 "Zoo to host local boxing - 'Major Pain' to highlight historic card" Nassau Guardian
07.10.04 see article from/about Bert Perry here

Miscellaneous - local sports
Commonwealth Games Federation (Bahamas)
BAAA Bahamas Amateur Athletic Association
Bahamas Football Association
Bahamas Swimming Federation (unofficial website)
Bahamas Tennis (Grand Bahama)
Conchman Triathlon Lucaya
Freeport Rugby Football Club
Nassau Baseball League
New Providence Basketball Association
XX 16.4.04 no link available anymore Tennis Bahamas (neither freeserve nor virtualave links work)
Track and Field Alpheus Finlayson
Caribbean Age Group Championships
SCC (lots of info but also lots of pop-up ads . . .) Bahamas Cycling & Triathlon News
XX (still valid?) Bahamas Hockey Association (no website), Greg Thompson, P.O. Box N669. Nassau - Bahamas, Tel: +1-242-3777040, E-mail : Delsislegreg at / Delsislegreg at
Bahamas Raquetball Federation (not much content)

09.12.03 "Big Games Soon?" Nassau Guardian
17.08.04 "$30 million Chinese gift - to design and construct a 15,000-seat state-of-the-art national stadium on New Providence" Nassau Guardian

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