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update: 14.12.2012
Picture: NASANASA Satellite Picture of the Bahamas

Sine sole sileo
Nulla sine sole umbra

Bahamas - Links to background information
The purpose of this website is to provide links to useful sites for finding background information about The Bahamas.

. . . such as arawaks & columbus - jaws & jumps - private & public - eyes & walls - pleasure & anger - facts & figures - potcake & taino - boxers & runners - politics & ... more politics - past & present - Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!

Search Tip 1: start your search here. Tip 2: Use the arrow buttons in the navigation bar to make a round tour of all the pages. Feedback is welcome ! There are more than 2000 links listed on this website. To present them in an optimal way is a constant struggle and not everybody will agree with my logic. Do you miss a subject, know some interesting links or have suggestions, want to report broken links & typos on this website? Just send me an e-mail or leave a note in my guestbook write /read. 
Thanks, Johanna

SORRY: *sittingsomewhatsadwithhangingears* I know I will be spared again this year's award for the website with the most up-to-date links about the Bahamas, just as in previous years.... I could only compete if a historical context would be of value - such as the largest collection of Bahamas links gathered at a time when reliable links for interesting (and sometimes weird) topics were really hard to find... (P.S.: in short: I have currently other priorities)
Please don't hesitate to report broken links anyway, I'll do my best :)
*schuldbewusstdieOhrengelampt* ja, der Preis für die Webseite mit den aktuellsten Links wird dieses Jahr leider an mir vorbeigehen, wie schon die letzen paar Jahre.... Der einzige Preis, auf den ich hoffen kann, müsste einen historischen Bezug haben, so in etwa, die grösste Linksammlung über die Bahamas, gesammelt zu Zeiten, als es wirklich schwierig war, zuverlässige Links zu interessanten (oder auch schrägen) Themen zu finden..... (P.S.: ich brauche meine Zeit zur Zeit für anderes)

special page about Hurricanes Frances & Jeanne

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Some of my favorite latest additions:
great photos of marine mammals
McFayden Michael: story behing Open Waters
After the Sunset - Brosnan/Hayek, "promoting" The Bahamas
great aerial and sat pictures:
hurricane damage on San Salvador Isl:
 GERACE pictures - more pictures and assessment
Glass Window:
Just another sailing report?! but told with a smile:
great design:
"Holla" Bahama Men's Garfield the movie tune:
Not enough waves?! Surfing in the Bahamas: